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Taylor Lautner GQ Magazine July 2010

Taylor Lautner GQ Magazine July 2010


Taylor Lautner GQ Magazine July 2010

At 18 years old, Taylor Lautner has found himself to be the heartthrob of millions of teens around the world, despite his short acting resume. His loyal Twilight fans have propelled him into the spotlight for his role as Jacob Black, (once a mob of rabid “Team Jacob” members swarmed him in a Brazil, forcing him and co-star, Kristen Stewart, to lock themselves in a small room until the SWAT team arrived). But this level of fame, as GQ senior editor Mickey Rapkin discovers (over lunch at the Olive Garden), comes from an extremely humble and oddly fortuitous beginning – one that involves a karate program, the Blue Power Ranger, and his pilot father. And while Lautner seems to have learned to cope better with his popularity, the young star demonstrates an impressive level of modesty and a sincere appreciation for his comparably quiet home-life for someone experiencing such success so early on.

Taylor Lautner on what it felt like to present at the Oscars, with Kristen Stewart:
“I would have passed out if she wasn’t there!” Lautner says. “You’re looking down and you’re talking to George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio—and they’re listening to you!”

...on having to audition a second time for the role of Jacob Black:
“I’m in the gym, and I’m doing reps, and I’m reading the books, and I’m studying the character. I’m just saying to myself, ‘I want this role. I love this role. I’m not gonna lose it. And I’m gonna know it better than anybody, and I’m gonna do that extra
rep, because I’m gonna be Jacob Black.’ ”

...on if he’s considered getting his own place:
“Um, you know, not so much. There’s really no point. I’m so busy. I really haven’t thought about it.... The thing I love is that my home life hasn’t changed. I still help out with the garbage. I still help out with the lawn.”

…on being careful about his rep as a “beefcake”:
“Originally I was supposed to take off my shirt. The script [of Valentine’s Day] said we were walking into school and Willy takes off his shirt. I said, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa. Time out. He’s gonna take off his shirt in the middle of school? No, no, no. The reason I took off my shirt for New Moon is because it’s written in the book that way. And there’s reasons behind it.”

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