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Drunky Love: Clooney Finds Another Waitress

What better way to turn 48 than to pick up another hot young brunette? George Clooney celebrated his birthday last week by a busty young waitress to Miami for drunken sexy times. How long will this one last?

I won't hide it. Like millions of other women, I love the Clooney, and even though he's pushing 50 I'd still hit that, and hit it hard. Having said that though, I will admit that his swashbuckling ways are becoming tiresome. When is the last man standing going to stand down?

Last week a new Sarah type made her debut with the Clooney. Her name is totally irrelevant; she'll be history before long. Unlike the original Sarah, this one came with a healthy rack - he won't have to buy her a set. She must be a real party girl - the two of them stumbled out of the bar and into his limo looking rode hard and put away wet. The seating arrangement said a lot too: George stuck her right in the front seat, subjected to the glare of the flashbulbs and leering paparazzi while he dove into the backseat, where he probably threw up on the floor before passing out.

There's such a double standard in Hollywood when it comes to aging stars. If the star in question was a woman going out getting plastered and picking up sweet young things it would be scandalous; people would be saying she needs to be rehabbed. Yet guys like my beloved George can go out and make asses of themselves and be thought charming. Look - I'm defending him at the same time I'm knocking him down. He always does that to me.













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