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CringeWorthy: Ryan O'Neal Plans For Retirement With Marriage

Who else but a druggie and low-life would view a dying woman, one he has lived with on and off for the last twenty or so years, as a marketable commodity? And if he can't sell it now, best to marry her so anything from her estate goes to him after she's gone ... is no one looking out for Farrah these days?

I was skeptical when I heard there would be a tele-movie documentary about Farrah's battle with cancer. Farrah was never a tabloid whore like a lot of today's young stars. She lived in peace and dignity throughout her life. Why now, when she was in the fight of her life for her life, would she allow cameras to invade her world?

My skepticism was confirmed when I read a story about how one of the original producers was pushed out at the last minute so that one of Farrah's alleged friends could nab a producer credit and a fat paycheck. Then came the news that Ryan was trying to shop a sequel to the movie for a ridiculous amount of money. Thankfully there were no takers. Farrah is a legend, and beloved by many, but enough's enough.

Now comes news that Ryan is seeking to marry Farrah now, after all these years. Why? To show his eternal love for her, his deep commitment? No, he already did that when he and Redmond got popped for drug possession in the very house where she lay resting after her trip to Germany. I hope she puts him off like he's put her off all these years. She's way too good for him and should have shown him the door a long, long time ago.













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