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Justin Bobby Moves On From Audrina Patridge


Justin Bobby Moves On From Audrina Patridge


Justin Bobby Moves On From Audrina Patridge

Over the past 2 weeks there have been several celebrity blogs posting that Audrina Patridge cheated on Justin Bobby. The next week a blog posted that Audrina came out saying her and Justin were not in item any longer. A few days later news breaks out that Audrina is now dating Benji Madden! Well, here is another slammer.... Justin Bobby has moved on as well. We can't really see who the new beau is but we are pretty sure it is not Audrina. A on-looker snapped this photo and sent it in a few weeks ago but we weren't sure about the full scoop. Now we know, the news is true! Audrina Patridge and Justin Bobby are over for good...they've both went their separate ways and the proof is in the pudding. Now all thats left is to figure out who the mystery Audrina look-a-like is? And whats with her picking such winners?!

- Here's a lesson in relationships: Dating either Paris Hilton or Benji Madden will make you head for "The Hills." The recent exes are moving on with new partners, both of whom appear on the MTV unreality show. Sources say Benji (below) has upped his friendship with Audrina Patridge to "relationship" status in the last two weeks, though her rep denies it. Paris is now playing nice with Lauren Conrad's sloppy seconds, Doug Reinhardt.
Audrina Clears the Air: It's Ovah With Justin Bobby!
The Hills star Audrina Patridge wants to "set the record straight."She and on/off boyfriend Justin Bobby are done, she says. Finished. No more.
"I keep reading on blogs that I'm cheating on Justin, and we're not even together anymore!" Audrina tells Us Weekly. "The last time I saw him was at The Hills finale in New York in December."She said they split because,"…he doesn't want to give 110 percent."
Did she just figure this out????Ceiling Eyes also says that she thinks this is the final season of The Hills.Uh oh! Did you clear this with Lauren Conrad?? Audrina went on to say, "At this point, we've all matured so much, and everyone kind of wants to break off and do their own thing."
Here's a lesson in relationships, at least according to the New York Daily News: Dating either Paris Hilton or Benji Madden will make you head for The Hills.
Recent exes Paris Hilton and Benji Madden are both moving on with new partners, both of whom appear on the MTV quasi-reality show. Ready for this?
Sources say Benji Madden has upped his friendship with Audrina Patridge to "relationship" status in the last two weeks, though Audzo's rep denies that.
Benji and Audrina have been friends for some time - she was dating his BFF Tal Cooperman for awhile - so there may not be anything to report there.
Paris, meanwhile, is supposedly getting her freak on with Lauren Conrad's and Amanda Bynes' sloppy thirds. Yes, we mean the great Doug Reinhardt.

Audrina Patridge: Cheating on Justin-Bobby?

We've documented the revealing statement made by the shirt of Audrina Patridge the other night - but that wasn't the only noteworthy thing about the inauguration party attended by the celeb at West Hollywood hot spot Coco de Ville.

Reports says Audrina was enjoying kissy-time with some mystery man in a red plaid shirt - and while he would definitely wear that, it wasn't her usual beau.

Justin-Bobby (real name Justin Brescia) is certainly not gonna like it when he reads this. Assuming he's even literate, that is. The jury's still out on that one.

Throughout the night, the unnamed fella smooched The Hills star on her neck and, at one point, even picked her up - or at least tried. The smooth one stumbled and then dropped her. Ow. Fortunately, Audrina Patridge didn't miss a beat.

Picking herself up and smiling ear-to-ear, Audzo threw up her hands as the DJ played Barack Obama-related tunes. The reality star proceeded to grab a couple of drinks and chat with her female friends before calling it a night.

It's getting hard to keep track of how many times she and J-Bobby break up, but we're sure he'll turn up eventually. In other Hills couple news you won't see on TV, Lauren Conrad and Kyle Howard appear to be going strong!

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