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Tom Cruise Graces the cover of DETAILS magazine’s Power Issue - December 2008


Tom Cruise
graces the cover of DETAILS magazine’s Power Issue, on sale December 2nd. He’s #7 on our DETAILS Power List- the 40 Most Influential Men in the World. Who’s #1? Obama’s Secret Service Agent claims the #1 spot on the DETAILS Power List, who, according to DETAILS, is “the only thing standing between the free world and a catastrophe.” Also on the list, Press Whore John Mayer, A-Rod for breaking up Madonna’s marriage, Nick Jonas, the Pregnant Man and the Palin Boys.


Tom Cruise Graces the cover of DETAILS magazine’s Power Issue - December 2008

DETAILS magazine’s December issue unveils the DETAILS Power 40 list, ranking the 40 most influential men in the world. These power players—all under the age of 47, not all of them liked—are the ones leading us through this unprecedented time of transformation, and they’re not just the usual suspects.

Most people would assume the accomplished president-elect would win the #1 spot, but instead it’s the men charged with keeping Barack Obama protected, the Secret Service agents, who hold the top spot on the DETAILS Power 40 list. And the leading man who landed the cover? That would be scene-stealing Tom Cruise, who continues to keep moviegoers guessing about what he’s going to do next.

First introduced in 2002, the DETAILS Power 40 List covers it all: this year, bipolar brokers rub shoulders with scene-stealer Tom Cruise; the broken soldier with the Palin boys; and Nick Jonas with Thomas Beatie, the pregnant man. The DETAILS Power Issue goes on sale December 2.

The list includes:

#1 The United States Secret Service Agent (age: forties): Let’s face it: The audacity of hope is about to be tested by the tenacity of fear. Yes, it’s amazing to witness the historic, anything-can-happen triumph of Barack Obama, but “anything can happen” is precisely what we need to be worried about. As America’s first black president-elect, Obama is a walking provocation to racists everywhere.

#2 Neel Kashkari, Bailout Czar (age: 35): Thanks to the near collapse of our financial system, a recent M.B.A. has been thrust into the unprecedented position of having to dole out more than $700 billion of our tax dollars.

#3 The National Enquirer Reporter (age: late thirties): The garbage-sifting hacks at the National Enquirer know you don’t think much of them, but just ask John Edwards, Jamie Lynn Spears, and Sarah Palin about these reporters’ sleuthing.

#4 Baitullah Mehsud, Commander, Pakistani Taliban (age: 35): Baitullah Mehsud goaded the United States into an unofficial shooting war with Pakistan, one of our “strong allies.” But it’s not just the U.S. he’s attacking. His efforts against the teetering Pakistani government are just as unsettling.

#5 The Palin Bunch (ages: 7 months, 18, 19, 44): Admit it: Were they not an unfortunate reality of the recent presidential race, they might have been the ultimate reality show cast. Todd, Track, young Trig, and baby-daddy Levi Johnston represented the American male to the rest of the world.

#6 The Bipolar Broker (age: 30 1/8 [53¼]): Krazy Glued to CNBC and hardwired to treat every utterance from Hank Paulson as a signal flare from the end of days, the Bipolar Broker and his twitchy trader friends are determined to turn your retirement savings into chicken feed.

#7 Tom Cruise (age: 46): He’s the man we all love to hate. There’s always something sinister lurking behind his sunny demeanor, absurd good looks, and, most of all, his aggressive sincerity. But there’s no denying he’s the most quintessentially all-American movie star since John Wayne. Now, with his upcoming WWII film Valkyrie, Mr. All The Rights Moves wants to make you rethink some fundamental assumptions about good and evil.

#8 David Plouffe and Jon Favreau, Barack’s Boys (ages: 44, 27; Plouffe’s rank last year: 26): Obama’s campaign manager David Plouffe and chief speechwriter Jon Favreau deserve credit for November’s win. Plouffe turned Obama’s nomination clinch into a flawless general election strategy, and Favreau helped “That One” craft the soaring speeches that inspired a nation. Thanks to these two juggernauts, Team Obama proved impossible to beat.

#9 The Greenwashers (age: 40, 41, 42): Christopher Barger, Director of Global Communications Technology for GM, David Jones, CEO of Euro RSCG, and Matt Kistler, Senior Vice President of Sustainability for Wal-Mart, are helping some of the country’s most unlikely corporations embrace the environmental movement.

#10 Frenando Sánchez Arellano and Heriberto Lazcano (ages: 34 and 29): The War on Terror has eclipsed the War on Drugs, but Mexico’s escalating narcotics conflict, which is being fought within spitting distance of the U.S., may change that. These two reputed drug kingpins may not last long, but right now their brutal control is making them king for a day.

#11 John Mayer (age: 31): Singer/songwriter John Mayer seems too smart, too sweet, and too self-aware to revel in celebrity climbing. But the proof is in the photo op. Between his anti-paparazzi lobbying efforts and shameless impromptu press conferences addressing his dating life, press-seeking Mayer is deftly working the media to his advantage.

#12 The Hipster Farmer (age: 29): At that murky intersection where your green guilt meets your love for balsamic-marinated beets, you’ll find the Hipster Farmer. And he’ll convince you that buying local and organic isn’t enough. You’ll join the produce co-op before you know what hit you.

#13 The Comic-Book Geek (age: 19): Only one person can make or break a potential blockbuster before it hits theaters. Say hello to the teenage comic-book geek.

#14 Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla, Scrabulous (ages: 27 and 22): These brothers made Scrabble cool again thanks to the online word game Scrabulous. Although Hasbro sued the brothers over the online knockoff’s name, the Agarwallas deserve all the credit for creating the ultimate time-waster.

#15 Michael Rapino, Live Nation (age: 43; last year’s rank: 47): Live Nation, the largest concert promoter in the world, is considered the industry’s sugar daddy. Transcending basic concert promotion and merchandising, Rapino’s Live Nation is now moving in on ticketing services.

#16 The Broken Soldier (average age: 31): Physical wounds are only the beginning. The number of Iraq veterans returning with psychological or physical problems—or both—will make the cost of war higher than ever imagined.

#17 Larry Rudolph, Britney Spears’ Manager (age: 45): Britney Spears’ biggest mistake wasn’t marrying K-Fed. It was dumping longtime manager Larry Rudolph. Now that he’s driving the Spears train again, Brit’s comeback is inevitable.

#18 Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey, Twitter (ages: 36 and 31): Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has signed up more than 3 million users and is poised to make IMing as relevant as being on Friendster.

#19 Robert Downey Jr. (age: 43): Things haven’t just straightened out for the rehab recidivist, they now appear to be set on a vertical trajectory that has seen him become the hottest commodity in Hollywood.

#20 The Fat Boy (age: 12): Thanks to a diet of Cool Ranch Doritos, a sedentary lifestyle, and generally absent parenting, 9 million kids are overweight. And from trans-fat bans to active video games, you can bet it’s impacting your life.

#21 Joel Osteen (age 45; last year’s rank: 16): Every spiritual leader in America seeks to make God more accessible, but Joel Osteen presents the Almighty as a stand-up suburban dad who throws great barbecues.

#22 The Hollywood Strikers (average age: late thirties): The effects of the writers’ strike are still being felt, and with the Screen Actors Guild facing negotiations as well, SAG members risk more than opening a few wounds.

#23 The Badass Buddhists (ages: twenties and thirties): When fist-pumping Buddhist monks inspired hundreds of thousands to defy Myanmar’s military junta last year it was merely the prologue to a group of lamas’ challenging China’s rulers in a way not seen since Tiananmen Square in 1989.
#24 Nick Jonas (age: 16): While the sibling trio of the Jonas Brothers may be on a serious roll, it’s Nick who will be standing long after the purity rings have been chucked.

#25 Alex Rodriguez (age: 33): He ‘s no stranger to attention, but A-Rod’s ability to pull Madonna from her English accent back to her dirty-girl bona fides makes him a powerful force indeed.

#26 The Hacktivists (ages: usually unknown): It’s not all jokes and infectious ideas on the Internet. Young computer dorks are taking aim via online attacks at politicians, TV hosts, and the Church of Scientology.

#27 Bobby Jindal (age: 37; last year’s rank: 34): Even before Election Day, political pundits were fantasizing about the “Republican Obama.” The Republican governor of Louisiana is the new face of the GOP.

#28 The Preppy (age: 28): The buttoned-down, madras-clad prepster is a classic American export, and it’s in times like these, when everything seems to be in flux, that we always come back to him.

#29 Lil Wayne (age: 26): In June, the diminutive MC defied a decade of nose-diving music sales by moving more than 1 million copies of his new album in its first week. Get used to Wayne’s world. He isn’t going away anytime soon.

#30 Chinese Democracy (age: 14): Chinese Democracy, the insanely delayed opus from Guns N’ Roses, owns you. You don’t want to care, but you simply can’t help yourself.

#31 The Space Invaders (age: 42): The real proof of China’s exploding superpower status is these three taikonauts: Zhai Zhigang, Jing Haipeng, and Liu Boming. Their three-day mission reignited the space race.

#32 Nate Silver (age: 30): Until recently, Silver was known as the sports-betting statistical whiz kid. Now he’s predicting political races and political junkies are taking notice.

#33 Andrew Stanton (age: 43): WALL-E is the perfect example of Andrew Stanton’s Midas touch: the ability to make kid-friendly fare that adults are happy to see.

#34 Rock Band Brothers and The Guitar Hero: Kai Huang (age: 36) and Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy (ages: 39 and 37): When Kai Huang invented the faux-six-string controller and Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy dreamed up the games for Guitar Hero and Rock Band, they created the future of rock and roll.

#35 Tobias Meyer, Worldwide Head of Contemporary Arts, Sotherby’s (age: 45): While pretty much the entire economic landscape is in ruins, one gilded corner remains: the soaring art market. Thank Tobias Meyer, who has established himself as the art world’s most dynamic deal-maker.

#36 The Cold Warriors: Mikheil Saakashvili, President of Georgia (age: 40) and Dmitry Medvedev, President of Russia (age: 43): The Georgia-Russia showdown pulverized Georgia, brought the oil-rich Caucasus region to the brink of all-out war, and pulled the U.S. and Russia into a tense standoff full of Cold War rhetoric.
#37 Justin Gaston (age: 20): If Miley Cyrus’ baring her shoulders was deemed scandalous by the parents of her tweenage fan base, what kind of effect will her running around with a 20-year-old underwear model have?

#38 R. Kelly (age: 41): Despite R. Kelly’s six-year-long case involving sex, minors, and videotape, the singer has become infinitely more culturally relevant, releasing four No. 1 albums.

#39 Clay Aiken (age: 30): When Clay Aiken made the least surprising “I’m gay” announcement on the cover of People, he opened the closet door for shameless, publicity-seeking D-listers.

#40 The Pregnant Man: Thomas Beatie (age: 34): Thomas Beatie, technically speaking the world’s first pregnant man, forced us to glimpse what male motherhood is like. Now pregnant with his second child, he’s asking us to do it all over again.




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