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CringeWorthy: Gordon Ramsay Can't Keep It In His Pants

Which we all knew. Well, everyone except for his wife, Tana. Unfortunately for the chef with the wandering wank, she does now - at least as much as he's willing to admit.

Gordon Ramsay is Britain's chef du jour. He's attractive, somewhat funny, and wildly entertaining to watch because of his potty mouth. He always tries to promote himself as a dedicated husband and father despite the fact that he was well-known for his promiscuity. Until recently he was able to get away with it. Not any more.

Recently his alleged "professional mistress" Sarah Symonds has chosen to speak out to the tabloids about their lengthy affair, claiming to have knowledge of intimate details of Ramsay's anatomy. This has caused Gordon to admit that yes, he did see her ... but only four times. He means in the last week. If he's admitting to four trysts, there have been 40. Or 400. With Sarah or whomever else was available.
Tana has chosen to take the high road, keeping up a good front and going about her business as usual with a smile on her face. Her weasel of a husband is making a big show of his love for her, holding her hand and leaking words of contrition for what he's put her through. Oh, please. He's just sorry he got caught. If she's smart she'll drop him and make him pay dearly. If not, she better be willing to endure such public humiliation again ... because he will do it again.













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