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justin bobby cuts hair, models , cheats on Audrina Patridge, starts motorcycle clan?


we received this steamy justin bobby update. here is the unedited version.

The Hills bonus episodes features Audrina Patridge and Justin Bobby
rekindling their little Season 3 romance in the upcoming
episodes next Monday and the following Monday. Justin Bobby Bresia
has been featured as a new model for Orthodox clothing as well as on
the cover of the new magazine, Damsel Magazine's May issue.

Justin Bobby Bresica sports his new short hair cut in the new Damsel
cover. The real story here though is that Justin Bobby Brescia in his
defense has yet to be seen with any other female on his arm other than
Audrina Patridge since he started The Hills last June 2007. Although,
Audrina has been seen with many male partners at different events and
has even recently had a boyfriend. Well... in this mondays (April
21st) episode of The Hills Justin Bobby seemed eager to stress to
Audrina that he has not had any other person on his bike and got a
single seater.. however this is only to prevent Audrina from thinking
about him being with other females during their 3 month break from one
another. Yet, he has been seen with 2 females since Audrina or maybe
possibly during his time with Audrina... (model) Alaina Etue as well as (model)
Tessa Rayanne Denham whom Justin Bobby Brescia has not only been spotted with but has had obvious relations with over the past few recent months. This is
valuable information because in the up coming episodes of The Hills
Justin Bobby and Audrina share their first on tv kiss (says an inside
source) and rekindle their romance before the audiences' eyes but the
catch here is,... Audrina has no idea about his other romances that (a
source says,...) still continue...still exist! Also, another fun
filled fact, Justin Bobby has started his own little motorcycle clan
or club... The Los Angeles Hooligans, as he has sported even on the
recent (monday night, April 21st) episode of the Hills on his leather
jacket...although Justin Bobby has been said to now live in Venice and
no longer living in Los Angeles.. or is he?? ANother thing to
notice.. Justin Bobby isn't that great at keeping his little 'outside
of Audrina love interests' a secret..look in the photos with him and
Alaina Etue and that other guy, that other guy is also spotted in a
photo with Audrina Patridge and her sister Casey Patridge recently in
Las Vegas when she hosted Pussycat dolls at Pure night club... but
yet, the guy did not tell Audrina obviously about the other girl.. big
secret behind Audrina's back.. is she the only one that doesnt

thanks S

alaina004.jpg justin%20bobby%20cheating%20on%20Audrina.jpg justin%20bobby%20cheating%20on%20Audrina%2011.jpg justin%20bobby%20cheating%20on%20Audrina%20%281%29.jpg justin%20bobby%20cheating%20on%20Audrina%20%282%29.jpg justin%20bobby%20cheating%20on%20Audrina%20%283%29.jpg justin%20bobby%20cheating%20on%20Audrina%20%284%29.jpg justin%20bobby%20cheating%20on%20Audrina%20%286%29.jpg justin%20bobby%20cheating%20on%20Audrina%20%285%29.jpg justin%20bobby%20cheating%20on%20Audrina%20%287%29.jpg justin%20bobby%20cheating%20on%20Audrina%20%288%29.jpg justin%20bobby%20cheating%20on%20Audrina%20%289%29.jpg justin%20bobby%20cheating%20on%20Audrina%20%2810%29.jpg justin_bobby_3.jpg justin-bobby-picture.jpg justin-brescia.jpg picture1.jpg Picture2.png picture3.jpg













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