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November 2, 2007

Nicole Richie struggling to abide by pregnancy rules

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Nicole Richie struggling to abide by pregnancy rules

Nicole Richie has always been a rebel, but after getting a second DUI conviction and becoming pregnant with her first child, the starlet swore she'd given up her wild ways. Still, pregnancy has done little to keep Nicole from doing exactly what she wants - even if it might be harmful to her child.

An insider told Star magazine, "Nicole feels like she's been pregnant for years, not months...She's being very careless. She just doesn't want to be pregnant anymore. She's tired of it. The thrill has definitely worn off."

While her boyfriend Joel Madden has been preparing their own for their new arrival, Nicole has been sunbathing, hot tubbing and dyeing her hair - all things that pregnant women are advised not to do. Says the source, "Nicole could be doing real damage to the child, without even knowing it. Nicole was out sunbathing in Hawaii three days in a row when she was there for her birthday. She also relaxed in the Jacuzzi…Most hairdressers and doctors tell women not to dye their hair while they are expecting. But Nicole doesn't seem to think the advice applies to her."

To top it off, Richie isn't giving the baby the nourishment it needs to grow. The snitch said, "She's just not eating enough…She had body image issues before she was pregnant. She's tired of her body growing…She wants to have a normal body, be able to eat sushi and have a drink without everyone giving a hard time about it."



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So, I'm 33 weeks pregnant and have always hated most of hollywoods socialites for various reasons, so when I found out Nicole Richie and I were due around the same time, I was naturally mortified. However, your Nicole bashing article did have some falsities I thought the public should be aware of. One, dyeing your hair when you're pregnant is TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE when you're pregnant. It is as precaution given by most obstretricians ((baby doctors for those not in the know)) not to dye your hair for the first 3 months of pregnancy out of 10((again, for the rest of you)) known as the first trimester. After the first 3 months, it is deemed perfectly fine by 95% of obs, because with the advances in hair products, little or none of the dye is actually absorbed into your scalp/bloodstream, making it perfectly safe for your unborn. I myself dyed my hair at 5 months. Second, hot-tubbing is fine as long as you have limits. The water should never be more than 98-99 degrees. If it's 99 degrees, you should be cautious about time, and limit yourself accordingly, but as long as it's below 99 you can stay in all day. Finally, sun-bathing is fine in moderation, as long as she was cooling off for at least 5 minutes, the sun bathing is perfectly fine, and I'm sure that airhead couldn't resist the sparkling hawaii water. So please, to whoever wrote this article, bash Nicole as much as you want, just make sure that you know what you're talking about before you write it. I'm saying this as a med student for obstetric medicine and a fellow preggo, don't put out fake knowledge for your readers to freak out about to me, because they went sunbathing one day at the beach, the uneducated public will be much more content.

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