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In an exclusive chat with In Touch, Larry Birkhead talks about Anna Nicole Smith - and lays some rumors to rest

In Touch Weekly (ITW): Was Anna Nicole a good mother?

Larry Birkhead (L.B.): Anna was a good mother. Anna wanted Dannielynn to never want for anything — she wanted her to be a little princess.

ITW: What do you miss about Anna?

L.B.: I miss everything about her. I dream of her almost every night. I can almost hear her voice during the day when I am making decisions for Dannielynn. I really still feel like she is going to walk in the door any day. It’s extremely hard for me to deal with because I miss her so much.

ITW: Did you talk to Anna about her drug-taking?

L.B.: Anna knew that I felt there were problems but she always thought because she was taking prescription drugs it was all right. I have a different opinion. I always wanted Anna to be healthy and happy, and definitely when it came to Dannielynn, I wanted a healthy baby. Anna wasn’t always on medication. She actually stopped taking things at times, and also weaned herself off of things.

ITW: Do you believe Anna’s son, Daniel, was poisoned?

L.B.: No, I do not.

ITW: What do you think of the book written by Rita Cosby, Blonde Ambition, which claims you and Howard K. Stern had a gay affair and plotted to get money from Anna’s estate?

L.B.: That is absolutely false. That is all I can say about that because my attorney is preparing a huge multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Rita for the lies in her book.

ITW: Were you and Howard lovers? Is there a sex tape?

L.B.: Absolutely false. There is no sex tape. No one has produced it because it doesn’t exist. It is another lie to make money.

ITW: How often do you see Howard?

L.B.: Very rarely. Contrary to reports, Howard and I are not best friends or anything else. I speak to him as it relates to Anna’s estate. He asks about Dannielynn and that is it.

ITW: How’s being a single dad?

L.B.: It is very hard not to have Anna to share the joy of parenthood. I will never have the one picture that I wanted — a family portrait. I will never have that opportunity to see Anna, myself and Dannielynn together as a happy family. Anna will never get to see her child grow up and Dannielynn will never know her mother and brother. It is a lot to digest. I sometimes feel guilty that Anna and Daniel are not here to join us, guilty that we are the survivors. But Dannielynn makes me happy and gives me the energy to maneuver through the day.













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