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Kiefer Sutherland is refusing to sign autographs

Kiefer Sutherland is refusing to sign autographs

Kiefer Sutherland is refusing to sign autographs after fans posted photographs of his DUI (driving under the influence) arrest on the internet.

The '24' star was furious when fans started snapping away at him when he was stopped by police for making an illegal U-turn in Hollywood on September 25.
Photographs of the actor looking "tired and emotional" quickly appeared on several websites following his arrest and Sutherland has now decided to snub fans in the future.
Autograph collector Michael Wehrmann told the New York Post newspaper: "He was one of the best. He would always stand and sign for a half hour, but since his arrest, he's been telling collectors, 'I don't do that anymore. You guys screwed me.' "




I think the point is being lost here, Kiefer (note the spelling good people!), is not blaming anyone but himself for his behaviour; and is truly stepping up to the plate to take his punishment in that the prison time he is going to serve is, possibly, more than, would have been inflicted on him had he fought the charges, simply so that a deal could be arranged for him to serve his time without the shooting of “24��? being disrupted. His admission of his behaviour, rather than the whining denials, finding God or being dragged screaming from their house behaviour of other so-called ‘celebrities’ meant that all of the people involved in the production of “24��? were not affected in any way by his arrest or imprisonment, and, in the bigger scheme of things, that the people who love “24��? weren’t affected either.

Kiefer is not annoyed with real fans; he is furious, and not surprisingly so, by professional autograph hunters who regularly take photos of the celebrity signing the autograph so as to be able to provide the all important (to their sale price) Certificate Of Authenticity. These people took photos of him when he was quite obviously incapacitated and continued to do so, with no thought for his welfare – and, after all, he is, in a way, their meal ticket, so protecting him is in their best interests – simply and only to ensure that these leeches of people could get a good price for their autographed photos.

Their behaviour is reprehensible and I would have thought he would have had the backing of most people for making sure that they do not continue to make money from him. His behaviour has been reasonable in this respect, theirs was simply a case of an utter and total lack of humanity; their loss is in the only way anything would affect them; the loss of the mighty dollar.

This story is incorrect. Mr. Sutherland spent Friday evening, Nov. 2nd enjoying himself with fans, signing autographs, and having dinner at a location shoot in Washington, DC. I was there at the shoot.

He had lunch with fans on Sunday afternoon, November 4th, and did the same.

Mr. Sutherland was referring to professional autograph seekers, who have made a living off his signature for many years and for whom he did stand around man times to help them make their living with no money being given to him. His difficulties that night have been used by them. There are NO photos, however, of him after the arrest. The police, via officer Karen Smith, have made public comments that he was very much alone and extremely cooperative.

The quote for this article, a Mr. Wehrmann is a man who makes six figures a year on other people's fame and hard work. The report of this is being distributed via World Entertainment News Network, WENN, and picked up all over the place in its twisted form. Please disregard it completely. Sutherland Not Signing for Fans is simply a MUCH Juicier headline to reprint regardless of the truth. He has every reason to appreciate even more those fans who are sticking with him at a difficult time.














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