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Gay Republican Scandal: Another One Bites the Dust

How many gay Republicans can you fit in a tube of toothpaste? According to Detective Tim Madsen of the Spokane, WA police force, not too many, if you leave the cap off. Larry Craig can rest easy tonight; another married Senator has eclipsed his bathroom dance routine ... and this one likes to wear black lingerie with red stockings.

Richard Curtis is just the latest politician to be exposed as a rump-wrangling phony. Curtis had a little hotel romp with a simple working boy named Cody Castagna. The two met at a porn store and had the sense to get a room instead of risking exposure by doing it in a public bathroom. Curtis gave young Cody $100 and had sex with him, but made it clear he wasn't paying for sex, he was just in a really giving mood.


According to Cody, Curtis was a "freak" who got off wearing women's lingerie, including a black sequined top and red stockings. The venerable Senator then let Cody poke him in the coolie. After consummating their act, Cody somehow saw Curtis's Senate ID, and threatened to tell his wife about their liaison unless Curtis paid him $1,000. Because no one likes to pay for it twice, Curtis went to the police and spilled his sordid tale. Only trouble is the PD leaked the tale to the media in all its illicit glory.

Detective Madsen said Curtis went to the police in hope of clearing up the problem quietly. Said Madsen, "The toothpaste was already out of the tube. Curtis told me he was just trying to put the cap back on the tube." Interesting analogy. Cody denies ever cornholing Mr. Curtis, most likely to avoid any legal repercussions. Unless someone saw them checking in together, the only thing the cops can possibly charge him with would be extortion, and that's iffy at best. Curtis, meanwhile, is up the proverbial ... channel ... without a ... raincoat. He has publicly apologized and resigned his position, and now has to explain to his wife what he was doing in her knickers.













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