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Jerry Lewis Reveals His Nasty Side To The World

How is it that someone who has done so much over the years for the disadvantaged gets caught uttering a nasty homophobic slur during his annual telethon? News flash: Jerry Lewis has always been a nasty man with a sharp tongue - He just forgot we were all watching.

The fact that he's getting downright ancient probably doesn't help. I'd assume his mental facilities are in decline along with his physical health, which has brought him to the brink of death more than once over the last few years.

During his annual telethon, Jerry was heard making a homophobic slur to a member of his production crew. The phrase in question? He called someone an "illiterate fag". On live TV. He said it in front of millions of people. Will he lose his job? Hell, no. Jerry's Kids is his brainchild. He nurtured it from a small regional event to a worldwide weekend-long crusade, and his efforts have probably helped thousands, if not millions. No matter what shape he was in, Jerry always did the telethon. He probably cursed and ranted to everyone on the set each time they'd break for commercial, and by the time they came back, he was back to sweet, kind Jerry again.


Before you think I'm being harsh, this is the guy who said that Merv Griffin deserved to die because he didn't get treated for prostate cancer until it was too late. Let's see ... you can raise millions to help disabled people all over the world, but you can't be bothered to take your friend to the doctor? Merv probably hated his guts anyway.













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