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Sienna Miller and her co-star get "cozy"

Sienna Miller and her co-star get "cozy"

Sienna Miller recently complained about her public depiction as a "slut." But her recent exploits are certainly not helping to depict her in any other light. The actress, who has often been linked to her co-stars like Jude Law, Daniel Craig and Hayden Christensen, had been dating musician Jamie Burke for the past few months. Now it appears that she has moved on to yet another co-star, Matthew Rhys, who appears in The Best Times of Our Lives with her.

Sienna%20Miller%20has%20brunch%20at%20a%20restaurant%20near%20her%20London%20home%20%281%29.jpg Sienna%20Miller%20has%20brunch%20at%20a%20restaurant%20near%20her%20London%20home%20%282%29.jpg Sienna%20Miller%20has%20brunch%20at%20a%20restaurant%20near%20her%20London%20home%20%283%29.jpg

Sienna%20Miller%20has%20brunch%20at%20a%20restaurant%20near%20her%20London%20home%20%284%29.jpg Sienna%20Miller%20has%20brunch%20at%20a%20restaurant%20near%20her%20London%20home%20%285%29.jpg Sienna%20Miller%20has%20brunch%20at%20a%20restaurant%20near%20her%20London%20home%20%286%29.jpg



Last week, Miller and Rhys went out to a pub in London's Notting Hill and then shared "an intimate meal" at La Cantina, reports the Daily Mail. A witness to the dinner said, "The pair looked very cozy as they sipped champagne together. At one point, Sienna gave him a small wrapped present. After their meal, they went to the restaurant across the road, Da Paulo, where they continued to drink until 11.30pm."

Sienna and Matthew clearly did not want the night to end there, but they did not want their late night plans captured on film. Says the source, "When they spotted photographers, they left the restaurant separately while keeping in touch with each other on their mobile phones. After trying to evade the paparazzi for 20 minutes, Sienna ducked into the Charlotte Street Hotel. Matthew managed to give them the slip."

This was not Sienna's first outing with Matthew. The pair went out with their fellow Best Times of Our Lives co-star, Keira Knightley and her boyfriend, actor Rupert Friend, the week before. During that evening, Miller and Rhys were photographed holding hands.




Right! Those are some pretty racey pictures. [snerk]

And she's dating! Heaven forbid. [double snerk]

This reminds me of the nun who called my mother because I was *holding hands* with a boy at a basketball game when I was a senior in high school. I was such a slut. LOL

WTF is a "snerk"? Did I miss this somewhere? Only thing I can guess, is, it's a cross between a sneer, and a smirk.....am I right?














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