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Jessica Alba talks dark side of fame

Jessica Alba talks to PARADE about darker side of fame

Actress Jessica Alba talks to PARADE about her frustrations with the darker side of fame.

On playing the role of Sue Storm…
“People in the business made me feel that it was going to be a problem that I was playing Sue Storm, a blue-eyed blonde, but I didn't see any problem with it myself. Cate Blanchett dyes her hair any color that she needs to for her roles, and nobody cares. People transform themselves for roles everyday—it's called being an actor. It's no big deal—we play dress up for a living. We pretend—we tell stories for entertainment purposes. The only thing I did do was wear contacts to make my eyes blue. And as for most women in Hollywood? They're not real blondes, anyway!��?

The wild party girl…
“Sometimes I like to go out, but usually after work I just go home, take a bath, watch movies. Instead of going out, I’d rather have my friends over and play games at my house—stupid games like charades or Pictionary or Monopoly. Or maybe Between the Sheets—it’s an easy way to win your money back when you’ve lost it all in poker.��?

On the Beverly Hills Hotel (one of her favorite retreats)…
“I like it here because it reminds me of the old Hollywood. It’s nice and it’s comfortable, and it doesn’t seem like it’s trying to be the new, hip spot. It’s steady and good and classic, and while there are always families in here, there’s definitely an older crowd, too.��?

On her golf game…
“I like to play golf. Is that real dorky? When I’m chilled out and relaxed, my long game is better. I can drive the ball two hundred yards, and that’s not bad. It’s just a game for now, but when I’m on the senior tour, then we’ll have to talk again.��?

The Scotch connoiseur…
Robert Masello, who interviewed Alba for PARADE, says: “Our waiter at the Polo Lounge, a very friendly fellow named Jeremy, knew Jessica from her previous visits, and he also knew what she liked. He instantly brought her the house list of single malt scotches, and together they had quite a lengthy chat about the various brands, and their relative smoky or peaty flavors. I was intrigued to hear these two experts going at it—especially when one of them happened to be the lovely young Ms. Alba. I always thought it was crusty old men who drank these expensive scotches. Now I know better."

A not-so-surprising revelation from writer Robert Masello…
“I've been interviewing celebrities, off and on, for many years, but once I told my male friends I was interviewing Jessica Alba, I had more offers than ever before to (a) carry my tape recorder, (b) drive me to the appointment, (c) give me money. My professional ethics, of course, forbade me from accepting any of their offers, but I've got to say, this public response was overwhelming and unprecedented. There is indeed something about Ms. Alba that has captured the imagination of at least half of the population. That, or I've suddenly become way more popular.��?

















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