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Kevin Federline to blackmail Britney Spears?

Kevin Federline to blackmail Britney Spears?

Failed rapper, Kevin Federline may pen a tell-all book about life with 24-year-old Britney Spears. According to gossips spilling to China Daily Kevin Federline plans to expose a side of Britney Spears, fans have never before seen.

The failed rapper has been with pop babe Britney for two years and knows things she probably doesn't want to go public. The details would probably get huge media play, and Kevin knows it, reports TMZ.

He aims to paint a bad picture of Britney's visits to gay bars and her physical encounters with other women...discuss her reported use of cocaine and marijuana...her plastic surgery and embarrassing physical problems, reports ChinaDaily

Kevin Federline has filed for the custody of the couple's two children to just extort money from Spears. Thanks to Laura Wasser, Britney's legal person who drafted an air-tight prenup, K-Fed will get less than $250,000 (a one-time spousal support payment), around $2.5 million (his share of the Malibu house) and that's pretty much it.

A source close to Kevin said: "He has a lot to figure out, but nobody liked
him anyway, and now they have reason not to. I'm afraid he's going to have
to go back to delivering pizzas."

Federline has been an absentee dad from the get go. He's shown no interest in parenting his kids reports TMZ. On the other hand, people who are around Britney all the time say she's an amazing mother.

Gossips say Federline is playing every angle in an attempt to get more money.

A source close to Britney reveals that Kevin lavishly spent her money, which usually triggered fights. He blew about 7,000 dollars a month on shoes, hats, and clothing. And when in Las Vegas, he would lose a minimum of 50,000 dollars at the craps table.

In other news, Kevin Federline has been blasted by Courtney Love and 'Jackass' star
The wannabe rapper, was slammed by the outspoken stars who claim he is "hated"
and failed to support Britney after she gave birth to second son Jayden
Courtney told In Touch Weekly magazine: "Everybody hated him. I mean
everyone! I feel bad for him. But he was bad for business."
Daredevil Steve-O claims Kevin was partying with him when he should have
been at home with Britney helping to look after their newborn son.
Steve-O said: "I thought it was funny that I heard he just had a kid, but he
was out with us getting wasted in Las Vegas."













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