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Britney Spears to divorce Kevin Federline for partying with three strippers?

Britney Spears to divorce Kevin Federline for partying with three strippers?

UPDATE . NOV 7 2006. Britney Spears Files For Divorce

New mum Britney Spears is set to divorce wayward husband Kevin Federline after he was busted with three strippers in his Las Vegas hotel room reports NW Magazine.

Federline left Britney and the kids at home to party the weekend away with pals and random women at Tao nightclub in Las Vegas where his bodyguard reportedly slammed a camera into the face of a photographer who tried to take a snap of the partying Kevin Federline.

Britney told a pal, "I've had it with him. When I've threatened divorce before, he told me, 'You haven't got the guts.'

Well, we'll see about that."

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The news might be exactly want Kevin Federline wants, gossips say the aspiring rapper stands to gain a reported $10 million dollars of Britney’s fortune with a divorce.

A frustrated family friend revealed that the ‘Toxic’ singer had been ready to leave Federline. However, those plans fell apart when she realized that she was pregnant with the couple’s second child, and that if she had walked away, Federline would have gotten 10 million dollars out of her hard earned money.

"Britney was leaving Kevin but then got pregnant again. He would have gotten $10 million," the New York Post quoted the pal, as saying.




She should have not married him in the first place. Yea, we can't turn back the time. And now is the time she should really divorce him.



Mmmmm,Mmmmm,Mmmmhh, Britney looks fine!! Kevin is out of his damn mind for not hitting that ass up proper. One day Britney will meet a man like me who wants to fuck all the time, and doesn't want anything in return. Kevin can't even say "I love you" To her? I would tell her Morning, Noon, After Noon, Evening and night time. Hell, I would tap her on the shoulder while she was sleeping, wake her and tell her "I love you girl!" just to make sure she knew it.

IT WAS ABOU TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's a shame, cause it really seemed like thru all this, she cares for him and wanted to make it work, (why was beyond me) but sometimes love is blind. it always seemed like he was in it for other reasons than she was. now, here she is, home with 2 babies, juggling that, a career, her man, the gossip, and he's out partying like he's the celebrity? it sounds like this has gone on for a long time, and i would agree.... for the little bit i've heard. seems like he can't grow up and hopefully she can. she probably doesn't have a choice now with those kids, and so hoopefully she can make better decisions in the future. God help you, britney, and those kids.

As much as I like her, she's only reaping what she sowed. She took him from Shar (I'm sure it didn't take much with that moocher!) and now she paying for it. I do feel sorry for her though.

Yeah, leave him, Britney. You can do so much better without him. You're a GREAT mom and will do fine without him!

Nuff 'Z Nuff! I don't want to smack him anymore for being a T-total degenerate.....I want to smack her for being with him! Partying with strippers is not offensive, heel I have down on Harry Hines Blvd. in TX, it's having a son and newborn at home and a woman who's try'in to be a good mom. Think she could use a little help now? He's just scum. Britney, Char, it doesn't matter, he'll never change. I can't wait til this guys just a bad memory-

He can't do no more than she let him. I don't think he ever wanted the marriage from the start. He saw Britney as a dollar sign and he took it all for what it was worth. Now he trying to act as if he want a rap career when I think it's all a front. Now with him knowing he stands to gain money from a divorce she's really going to have problems out of him now. Watch and see.

ARG!..someone please tell that dipSH*T that he looks like a dork with that large white cap on that tiny pointed head....GEEZE..look in the mirror fugly! makeover please!

It sux. Britney and Kevin are my favorite couple EVER. =(

If kevin cheats on brit then she can divorce him and he wont get a dime!!!

that guy us a golddigger, seriously , after the divorce hiz probally go to magazines and say bad stuff bout britney just to get money.!!

I never liked Kevin. He lookd and acted like a total punk. He thought being married to Britney would help his career, but nepotism can't replace talent! I'm glad she is leaving that ding-dong! And maybe now she will be a little smarter about her choices in men. It would be good to see her just make herself over and start singing some more mature material, no more snakes and OOPS!is or stupid wedding gowns. Show them your class Britney! And Kevin, you're a bad, bad man.

I'll bet she doesn't get her act together - it's all been handed to her and she only knows how to throw it away! She put herself on his level all by herself.

it's sad to have to say i told u so, but brit made her own bed and she's now lying in it. she only got with a man who left his then pregnant girlfriend for her. she'll be alright she has lots and lots on money.

hey I am wondering why they hell did she marry him in the first place and then let him haev two kids dumbass!!

Kevin is sick!~= nNow he wants to sell porn tape. What a deadbeat scumbucket. Anyone who dates this scumbag after all this deserves what they get. HE IS A LOSER!














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