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Whitney cleans up with help from Courtney

Whitney cleans up with help from Courtney

Whitney Houston has found help coping with her divorce and drug problems from an unexpected source: Courtney Love. According to Us Weekly, Love sought to help out Houston when she saw a story in the National Enquirer that depicted "Whitney's Crack Den.��? Having dealt with her own addiction, Courtney did not want to see Whitney spiral any further down.

A source for Us said, "Courtney has been there and really understands [Whitney]." The former Hole frontwoman contacted Whitney’s mentor Clive Davis and advised that he get in touch with her addiction counselor, Warren Boyd to assist in getting Whitney clean. The magazine claims that Boyd and Owen staged an intervention for Houston five months ago. Now Whitney is living in the Los Angeles area where Boyd can keep tabs on her while she takes part in long-term outpatient rehab.

It was sobriety that allowed Houston to move on from her husband, Bobby Brown, who many believe is a bad influence on her. Said an insider, Whitney has "chosen to get well. She doesn't live her life in any way for [Bobby]." Another source agrees. “Getting sober has given her the clarity to move on from him. After all these years, she cleaned up and got smart. She didn’t need him and realized it,��? said the informant.




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Exactly! The blind leading the blind. If Axle Rose and Slash and maybe Kelly Osbourne would jump in and help, they could all rule the world. Yeh, rite!














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