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New John Travolta Gay Rumors

New John Travolta Gay Rumors

Following new claims he's gay after being spotted kissing another man while boarding a plane in Canada, an angry John Travolta has denied the latest round of rumors reports NW Magazine.

Pals close to the actor say he's had enough of the ongoing speculation about his sexuality and will fight these latest stories until they go away.

"John is furious about these new gay claims," says a friend. "It's ridiculous — he's answered this over and over and he denies being gay."




The John Travolta rumor doesn't surprise me. One of my friends parents, very upstanding, religious people in their 70s now, claim that Travolta and his boyfriend used to share an apartment in the same complex as theirs in Florida. They figured that the former boyfriend had been paid off.

If he wants to stop the gay rumors he should stop making out with men in public.

I am the guy in the photo, and all I can say is, it was just one of those moments. I slipped on the step and stood on John's foot.
He cried, "Motherfucker!"
You can see his mouth forming the "m" just as I landed on his foot.
Of course, the papparazzi don't care - they probably put the banana peel on the steps as a setup. Actually, as I fell I grabbed John's crotch for support. I'm just glad they didn't snap that shot :D

photo speaks for itself. he should just come out and admit that he's gay. what's the big deal? he wouldn't be the first hollywood star to be gay.

Hey travolta, ur busted and now its official U R GAY!!
Not that there's anything wrong w that. hehe

Ok I'm not saying he's gay or str8 but, who cares?, unless you are a crazy woman/fan besides I dont even see a "making out" who knows what the were doing, if thats true where is the video?

I'm sure he's just giving a friend a good-bye kiss or something, (no really) He and Kelly have a solid relationship, maybe earlier in his life this may have gone on, but, I really believe it's his wife and noone else-

If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and acts like a duck, it must be a duck!

Or maybe he is a double dipper! Takes on both sexes. Spicy!


stop being in denial.. to john and all of his fans..just admit it : john transvolta is gay! i'll never look at grease the same again. Maybe they should've called that movie "lubricant"
Don't worry john, ur career's not over...there's a whole market for queers like u in tv land.

Most everyone here in Hollywood knows. I know of a few men who have been with Travolta (both friends of mine). He is very good friends with his wife. These arrangements have been going on for about 80 years in this town. It looks to me, like he is tiring of hiding.

hey! what's next..? is Tom Cruise coming out too? hehehe.. so Travolta's gay.. it's not a big deal!

Re Tom Cruise, its pretty well known in Soho London that he rents toy boys when he is there.

Hold it folks; if he is gay, bi, straight, confused, whatever...so what. I have a very dear friend, both of us married with kids, and we will occasionally kiss each other on the lips when we say hello or goodbye. Did so at his second marriage recently, in front of the whole wedding party. The culture is changing on this issue. We are all sexual beings and attractions vary all over the spectrum. I hate the concept that if a guy is the least bit 'out of the norm' he gets labeled. I am bisexual and proud and out about it. Best of both.

Hope John is happy, that's all.

Another one bites the dust.....Vinnie Barbarino was gay after all!! Travolta took on a strange look when he did Pulp Fiction...not seeing him in the movie just on mag covers made me think....something is not right...and then we had to endure the haircut buzz job...just too strange looking for him...so now I see his boyfriend has the same hair...go figure!

Travolta? You guys only see the kissy kissy. Take another look see and wtch the sparks shooting out of Johnny Boys crotch. Hoo hoo hoo uh uh mm mm

Next time you want to know FOR SURE whether a man is a homosexual or not, just take a look at his jaw muscles. Because of all the oral sex, those muscles become VERY well-developed. This is an extremely obvious, proven physical sign which simply cannot be ignored. Think Steve Martin, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, etc., etc., etc. Travolta's got some pretty "well-rounded" jaw muscles, which speak for themselves.

John is DEFINTELY not gay. He was passing the spirit of L. Ron Hubbard to his friend and fellow Scientologist. Travolta had signed out the spirit for a week and had to give it back to the guy or face hefty overdue fines from the Scientology library.

hey,folks just leave him alone whas the big deal john is gay or not.its his life,let him decide abo his pleasures anyways john if are not a gay you need not vanswer these queries.god bless.

STEPHY-OMG I can't believe I just read what you posted! You are so full of crap! Whoever in the hell told you this, or for you to even buy into it, just astounds me! What a flipp'in JOKE! You should be ashamed of yourself to be so naive'...........

John is 'obviously' just testing that man's 'Thetan' levels (the naughty lost brainwashed alien souls that scientologists believe inhabit our bodies!!)

This is the standard scientologist greeting!

Seems to me only high profile closeted homosexuals are promoting this inane excuse for a religion..

If only they know about all the great man to man sex they were missing!!!

I totally agree Daman. What is the big deal? What would you think if a paparazzi took a picture of you and your boy/girlfriend and published it in a newpaper? And what are these curious reactions about being gay or not? Everyone can leave his sexuality and be in love without others sarcasms.
Mathieu from France.

ooo i am so glad to hear this cos john is so sexy i would love to be that other guy.

How atrocious & obvious!
Come on people why speculate, this picture speaks for itself. If not GAY at least Bi, so don't refute.
Just come out of the closetttt Johnny BOY already you've stayed a little too long nothing to be ashamed of its only human nature

...nothing to be ashamed of its only HUMAN NATURE

Dude, I think Travolta is a damn closet case, If your queer, just say it, no-one gives a shi*. (Damned fudge packers!)

Who really cares if the guy is gay or not? Why do you guys care so much? Are your insecurities catching up with you? Maybe you're gay and your jealous that someone has the balls to kiss someone of the opposite sex in public. "Oh gosh! Someone gave a friend a goodbye kiss. He must be gay." Are you stupid? This is crazy. Why am I even writing this...I don't really give a damn...you guys get on my damn nerves...I'm going to go watch Grease now and maybe later..I'll watch Look whose talking...What A delima...but I know for sure while I'm watching I'm not going to waste an hour and a half of my time questioning somebodies sexuality...I DON'T CARE...YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER...GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


forget the whole idea of being gay or not gay for a minute, hes married and kissing someone else in public if i was kelly id be so embarassed and hurt.

I knew John was a faggot all along!

John was in the sauna at a private club he joined while in Toronto for three months. John was asking where do "guys" go in T.O. for some fun. He was being very friendly and open towel about it. No doubt in my mind there is more than just a kiss going on behind the scenes. Whomever it is, they are enjoying it. The man is well endowed.

Who really cares. He is one heck of an actor, I love his work and enjoy all of his movies. That is completely personal and invasion of his privacy not matter true or not. Really! Who cares. Judge not lest ye be judged. To each his own. What is worse, gay or murder. Madoff is not gay and look what he did. So stupid and people who judge should let their lives be an open book. More important things going on in the world

Well the homophobes are out in force.
Reminds me of elementary school when everyone would jump on the "different " kid to make themselves feel like they are "all right". But this "right", as those closed minded individuals who like to identify themselves as such is
I don't care if Travolta is gay or a stud. The ONLY people who have a right to any opinion about it is John and his wife. I kiss my dad and brother when I see them, and when we part, and my best friends as well- male and female. Call me a fag too. My wife of thirty years, our four kids, and several grand kids might disagree.

He is no more gay now than he was the FIRST time these same pictures were shown back when his son passed away. Somebody equally disgusting tried to make something out of nothing with them then....Get a life folks!!!

Look at what he & his wife went through, I know how hard it is to lose a child, to me his is not gay nor straight to me he is a great actor and to me that is what counts.

if being "gay" wasnt such a big deal as you people suggest then he wouldnt be tryin to hide. Do i care? no. As do many ppl but it IS BIG NEWS!@














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