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More Angelina Jolie Pregnant Gossip

More Angelina Jolie Pregnant Gossip

Angelina Jolie has hinted to pals she may already be pregnant again to Brad Pitt, and insiders are wondering if this child will save the couple's often tumultuous relationship or end it once and for all reports NW Magazine

Speculation about Angelina Jolie's pregnancy has been growing for weeks. Although the actress lost her baby weight quickly after giving birth to daughter Shiloh in late May, recently she's begun to look heavier around the tummy again.

"Angie has been looking extremely big around the mid section," says a source. "She lost a ton of weight after Shiloh was born, and now she seems to have gained it back plus some."

Adds the source, "Pals are buzzing the reason for the expanded waistline is she's carrying another baby."

In Touch is also reporting that Angelina Jolie maybe pregnant

"Angelina Looks Pregnant Again!" reads In Touch Weekly's latest headline. According to the Daily News, the editors at In Touch are basing their story on one photo of Ms. Jolie with a "telltale bump," reports Just Jared

One source claims: "Angie has been looking extremely big around the mid section. She lost a ton of weight after Shiloh was born, and now she seems to have gained it back plus some. Pals are buzzing the reason for the expanded waistline is she's carrying another baby."

Brad Pitt's rep was amused by the latest cover story: "It's so stupid. That magazine is a joke."

Earlier this week, gossips reported that Angelina Jolie was boozing it up at Maddox's birthday party.




Zahara looks so pretty in that big picture. What a cutie.

Love those kids.

She's a nasty fished-lip freak ho with a hunched over body, lanky limbs with vains - and weird and psychotic to boot. Then add ugly tatoos. I've seen prison tatoos that look better. What's appealing about her? That she is a slut who will screw you with no morals. she steals men - billy bob was engaged to laura dern - and she doesn't have a conscience - that is like a psychopath. no wonder her dad begged her to get mental help. she was already committed before. don't forget the drug use, the lesbian girlfriend she had for years, the blood fascination with all her men, the making out with her brother, knife loving, suicide committing... and that's just what we know about her!! ahahahahhaaa!! Brad, you are stupid! you got taken you hick from missouri can't handle hollywood crazy people. SUCKER! you deserve all the problems you have coming because you are shallow and should've stayed in a normal thing you had with a sweet normal girl. Dumbass! I guess millions can't buy you brain cells. go smoke another bowl.

Come on, who believe InTouch ? That's one of the trashiest tabiold who has over stimulated fan fiction writers working there , alongside with the Enquirer, Star and Life & style.

By the way, Brad Pitt's rep was amused by the latest cover story: "It's so stupid. That magazine is a joke."

Anyway Angelina Jolie is the best kept secret, and Brad Pitt is lucky and smart to have found out. People identify Angelina with the characters she played in her movie roles, just like they mistaken Jennifer Aniston for her fake "girl next door" character on tv.

If people really pay attention, and read or watch both their interviews, they would have a better understanding of who those women really are. Brad Pitt is the only person to know both of them intimately, and he picked Angelina.

That fact tells me something. Remember what he said to Diane Sawyer? "Angelina is the most misconceived person in the industry" = The best kept secret. Lucky guy.

Angie does not look pregnant yet but will in the future (I think they will adopt next and then have another child);

Brad has not told Angie that "he still loves and misses Jen" yet but will in the future; and "they will be fighting with each other" in the future. See how easy it is to compose , make up and print anything one wants to in a tab!

Whatever happens to responsible reporting ?

Everyone these days will just print whatever lies are thought to help sell copies and some people will actually believe that fiction. How sad.

In the meantime the Jolie-Pitts keep on living their lives for themselves, they know their truth.

What I see is a beautiful compassionate caring woman in Angelina. She is wonderful mother, strong advocate for the cause she supports and raising a beautiful family with Brad.

I love Angelina she is a women woman. She has a good heart. Brad and angie are happy together This is all those pity addicted jen fans and those tabolid megazines who buy them makes stories to break them up. They are happy and beautiful and royality of holywood as usual. Deal with it.

Angie looks beautiful as usual. So is little Zahara. Maddox too. What a beautiful family they have. I am happy for them. Keep up the good work don't pay attetion to all this jA feeling sorry for her people.

no one is telling tale of angelina jolie life she let IT be known herself! angelina is ashamed of and she should! she bought the un ambassor role! and made it be known to all that she gives 1/4 % of her salary to charity . and now all her fans wants us to believe that she is some do gooder! that has a heart! she has issues with her father for telling the people she has mental issues and needs help! she has said it before so tell me where and what is the problem?

I guess nobody has considered that she may not be pregnant, but have some kind of infection from the C-section. It can make one's stomach puff out. Don't mean to gross anyone out by that comment, but it could be something like that which is causing the "bump".














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