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Allman upsets Paris Hilton

Allman upsets Paris Hilton

Cher’s son, Elijah Blue Allman has upset Simple Life Star Paris Hilton.

Elijah Blue Allman went on the Howard Stern show last week and boasted that he had a fling with Hilton before she was famous. Allman, who is the lead singer and guitarist for the band Deadsy, said that after the encounter, he became so worried that he might have contracted a disease that he went downstairs and scrubbed his private parts with a household cleaner, probably Tilex.

According to MSNBC.com's The Scoop, a source claims Hilton is "not happy" about his comments, even though he described Hilton as a "sweet girl."

Alman also said he had sex years ago with Hilton’s reality show co-star and former best friend, Nicole Richie, and says they’re now friends.

In other news, British comic Ricky Gervais snubbed the blond heiress.

Hilton had asked to appear in an episode of "Extras" next season - and Gervais said no thanks.




umm ok? this guy is crazy saying this stuff now if it happened a long time ago. i doubt paris had sex with! if he had sex with nicole then he probably has a disease!

I think his comments are about as dumb as they come he should try drinking drano that'll stop the spread of his family err I mean disease..he probably used a Mars bar packet as a condom.

What, are you kidding? I feel bad for Elijah, I mean he didnt even seem all that wanting of her in the first place. and what with Paris Hilton only being where she is from sleeping around. Why wouldnt he clean himself? Shes been around town, this is something we allll know. so lets not jump on the band waggon of "oh shes great cause her face is on TV" Shes a tramp.
More power to Elijah, and less to the ugly girl I say.
"3 O' clock slop"














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