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July 12, 2006

Kate Bosworth desperate to start a family with boyfriend Orlando Bloom.

Kate Bosworth desperate to start a family with boyfriend Orlando Bloom.

Kate Bosworth is desperate to move to Australia and start a family with
boyfriend Orlando Bloom.
The 'Superman Returns' actress - who has been dating the 'Pirates of the
Caribbean' star for the last two years - says she wants to move Down Under,
because she feels at home there.

The couple have split up on several occasions but rekindled their romance in
Australia last year (05).
Since then, the 23-year-old actress has referred to the sun-drenched country
as the couple's "special place" and is convinced it is the place for her and
Orlando to settle down.
She is quoted in Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: "I loved
Australia. I would love to live there. I went there and thought, 'I would
love to raise children here.'
Bosworth admits she has grown tired of her hectic lifestyle and is ready to
swap the glitz and glamour of Hollywood for a quiet life.
She said: "I'm from Boston and live in Los Angeles now, and there are so
many choices. But Australia is the first place I really felt at home. I love
my family, friends and my partner more than my career."

Just days before revealing her desperating to move to Australia, Kate Bosworth said she wanted to live in England with boyfriend Orlando Bloom - so she can own a stable of horses.

The 'Superman Returns' actress revealed she would love to turn her back on the glitz and glamour of Hollywood for a quieter life in the UK with the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star.

Bosworth, 23, admits she is an equine enthusiast and dreams of owning a farm full of horses.

She confessed: "I love it in England, all those beautiful English houses with stables. When I was younger, when I wasn't at school, I was at the stables. Even now, whenever I smell leather or straw or anything that reminds me of horses, it makes me happy. I get all, like, 'Oh I love it!'"

She added: "I love London. When we are there it is good dinners and walking the dogs in Hyde Park."

Kate also revealed plans for marriage.
Bosworth says that, whilst the pair have not yet engaged, she fully intends to walk down the aisle with the Pirates Of The Caribbean star reports EntertainmentWise

“Marriage is certainly on the horizon. I'm not engaged - let's put it that way. I do know I'm happily in a relationship and there's nobody else I want to be with.

"We're equally supportive of one another which makes any relationship easier and less daunting."

The couple are currently preparing to start shooting their first film together, Seasons Of Dust.


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She's so pretty, the blue and brown eyes make her so unique-she's down to skin and bones now too

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I love Orlando And Kate! They are so cute together i hope they get married and stay together!

I hope that Orlando and Kate stay together, they make the perfect hollywood couple! It's great that she wants to settle down with him!

i am happy for them but i am also very sad now theres not a chance in hell he will be mine :-(

omg :-( i dont wont them to move stay in the u.k then i will fined him wen im older n marrie him hehe awwwww they kinda do luk happy but i whont him 2 be mine :-(

i think they would make a great couple but i dont want them 2 marry becuz then i'll never have a chance with orlando!!

i agree with both sides... i want them to b happy and at first, i HATED her... but i kinda like her now... but i still have hope for me! ^_^ and wut do u guys think of them filming a movie 2gether? i heard couples often split up when they film togethr or something.. idk

I think they look happy together but i think that she is pressuring him into settling down. She hasn't talked about what he wants at all. But then I'm just bitter cause i want him to be mine too ^_^

orlandos soooooooo cute! i want him 4 me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

orlando is a hunk..although i'm sad coz i really like orlando, i'm happy for them..they actually look together...i love you orlando..

omg i think that hey kinda cute and i used to love her and still do think that she is okay but i mean orlando is so totally mine so they will never get married because he is on love with me:P more like the other way around.. but i think it might work for them but i really seems like she is pressuring them.. even though they do look happy

Ya know what. I still dislike Kate. She's fake and I hope Orlando wakes up before she seriously hurts him, I admire him as an actor and as a person and I don't want to see him hurt like this.

When I first saw I was like,
"I can't believe it! I this to be fake! He said he'd wait for me, lol!" No but seriously,


Let them be happy :)

And yeah...people. Don't even think Orlando Bloom can be yours, okay? It's just stupid and unrealistic. There are other guys in the world.

She didn't say that stuff. In TeenVogue, she was hesitant to talk about their relationship. It's just the stuff magazines are saying. She also said she loves her career. I doubt she'd want to stop after Superman Returns. Stupid tabloids.

Kate Bosworth should put engagement before marriage on the horizon. Don't plan your wedding before your engaged.

I think that when they do a movie 2gether, they will probably end up splitting up, from spending more time 2gether than usual. They will have no time 4 themselves. Hey thats not a bad thing though 4 us gurlz, that'll mean he is free!!! Orlando is the most awesome hottie in the world 2 me!

How funny that she is so eager to "turn her back on hollywood" now that Superman Returns failed to be the Summer blockbuster they thought it'd be. Personally I think Orlando Bloom is too good for her but if that's what he wants then more power to him. I will say I hope there is truth to her turning her back on hollywood. That way there is no possibilty of having to stomach her awful acting ever again. Sounds to me like she is so desperate to move away and start a family with Orlando Bloom because she finally is starting to realize her career is a failure. Better cling to him real good Kate..

I think orlando can do WAY better than her! And that sucks if they get married!!
I seriously HOpe thats NOT true!!! :(

all u girls who r readin this listen carfully cause wut im about 2 tell u is very true.......kate bosworth is a totlal fake cuz i wus readin a magazine w/ her interveiw (i wont say wut magazine it wuz) and she said wuz sayin how she would love 2 marrie orli and everything and then she finished the interveiw sayin how she would be all rich and everythin and how she would be soo popular..........omg she want sweet orli 4 his money and fame!!!!!! she wants 2 be reconized more and even more famous even tho i think she cant act all....she is a totlal fake..i hope that our poor orli relizes it soon before he gets seriously hurt cuz i dont think that any1 of us wants to see him get hurt cuz he is gorgeus and he is really talented at wut he does and he deserves soo much better then her.....her career is a total falure so she needs to cling on 2 him 4 attention......thats really sad.besides i truly deeply love orlando bloom......its ok guys u dont have 2 beleive me ......cuz i know that i truley love that guy and i want wuts best 4 him and soo do u guys and kate is definetly not the one 4 him and we all now it....soo um i hope i made a point and if 4 some really weird reason orlando is readin this i have 2 things 2 say 2 him....1: break up w/ her!!! shes trouble....
2: I LOVE U!!!!!!

i dont really like them 2gether. i think both of them should date some1 thats not in the hollywood biz. they could end up like nick and jess

orlando and kate, i think u guys r really cute 2gether and there are a lot of people out there that are trying to break you gus up. i think you should stay 2gether and just enjoy eachothers company. you look like you are really in love and im glad that you've found someone special. thanks 4 ur time. God Bless

i just read all of the coments dogging on kate! thats such crap! i mean yeah, orlando is hot, but kate seems really sweet and nice 2. orlando, when you pop the question, i deftidently want 2 be at the wedding 2 congrat u guys. dont rush in2 nething, but i think you guys r perfect. you stay away from the tabs and that way you can keep your relationship out of your work. its weird looking at pictures of you, cuz you can totally tell you guys are for real. o yeah, by the way, kate, blue crush is my favorite movie!!! and orlando, pirates is #2 haha. love you guys! if ur ever in WA state, come over 2 puyallup foursquare church. its awesome. God Bless

i just read the comments again and it seems that ppl r still belevin that kate bosworth is a innocent girl or somthin and they r great toghether but its not true and u can beleive me on this one and if u dont.....oh well ur funeral....anyway she is a total bitch and she is not the girl orli thinks she is.....i saw this picture of her a few days ago on the internet were she wus possing naked in the picture and she had all theses retarded strings and stuff as her clothin....she is another 1 of those retarded porn stars and is definetly not orlis type but poor orli, he stills thinks shes great...well if he really wants 2 marrie her or wutever its his problem not ours.....so um yea

I love Orlando with all my heart but im happy for them.and hope that they are happy. and thats hard for me to say because i wish i could be with him but im not old enough but if anyone really loved him they would want him to be happy.

I love Orlando with all my heart but im happy for them.and hope that they are happy. and thats hard for me to say because i wish i could be with him but im not old enough but if anyone really loved him they would want him to be happy.

Hi guys, i understand all of you. We all have are own opinions. And its all up to Orlandos decision and whatever he wants do he should do it. As long as its what he wants to do. Because i really dont want him to get hurt if he picks the wrong one. I LOVE YOU ORLANDO! Do whats right.

Okay i just want to say that everything you say about Kate Bosworth is soo untrue. You people are just jealous of him being with someone who is perfect for him and exactly his type and who he actually loves. She isn't a porn star and she never posed naked. And she never said that crap in the nonexistant magazine. So you're making up shit just to fufill you're empty hearts. I hope they get married and stay together forever. Kate i think you are the best actress in time and i'm in love with your movies and Orlie i love u and i wish all the best for you two. And don't believe any of these stupid girls. You're ment for each other:)

Sarah... You make the assumption everyone is hating on Kate because of her relationship with Orlando Bloom. I personally couldn't care less if they were together. I think he is too good for her but like I said... if thats who makes him happy then so be it. I don't like her because all this buzz keeps going on about her and it is so undeserving. She isn't a good actress. Plain and simple. I don't care if she posed naked or didn't pose naked. Stop taking the focus off the fact that she sucks and put it on little girl jealousy over Orlando Bloom.

i totaly agree w/ heidi all the way!!! finally a girl who has acctally made a point.......sahrah u think that people hate kate cuz they love orli but half these girls couldnt possibly care less if they were 2geter cuz not every1 loves orlando bloom.....of course i do love him .....but anyway....and kate cant act or do anythin and she thinks that she needs orlano 2 keep her career goin or somthin....she is such a loser!!!!!!and ashely ur totlay rite....its his desition if he wants 2 stay with her or not.....i just dont want 2 see him get hurt.....soo really i dont care wut the girls who like kate think....so wutever sarah

Okay... i prsonaly don't care what you people think and i will never, but making up thing isn't the solution. I mean come on heidi you've seen her on superman returns and win a date with tad hamilton and even blue crush... weren't you blown out by her acting. I know everyone has opinions but look at her, she's great at what she does and she doesn't need orlando for stardom she already has it because of her amazing acting. I mean they wouldn't have made her an actress if she was bad at it. And she wouldnt have chosen her career. Come on you have to accept the truth :)

And the real reason these girls are saying all that about Kate is because they think that they are gonna be with him. Just ask yourself if she wasn't with Orlando and never met him would you think that way about her??? Come on....

guess again evil slut i will kill her before she can even get the chance to MARRY him well maybe not kill but hes mine!!!! i hate that slut!! she not even pretty!! she can dream on!!!!!

*Sincerly,Mrs.BLOOM* :D

Kate is already gave birth to Tom's daughter, Suri. I think the chances of getting Orlando single is 99.9%. I really suprise for that information which is given to me. But anywhere, I considered that Orlando might get another girlfriend or still single at all and he is actually want to climb the Mount Everest to release his tension of work. What a cool idea.. :)

Sarah... you say that Kate has to be a good actress or else why would they put her in movies? Im going to answer that with two words.. Paris Hilton. She has been cast in more than one movie and has undeniably terrible acting skills. I am not saying Kate is as bad as that because she isn't.. but she also isn't the academy award winning power hitting actress you say she is. Most of her emotional scenes are extremely contrived and just fake. I actually don't care how sucessful she is. I simply won't watch anything she is in. I only wrote into this page because I came across it googling something entirely different and read what she allegedly said about being desperate to move away and start a family with Orlando Bloom. Maybe that was made up I don't know. What I do know is if it is true, that's pretty damn pathetic. You don't accept a role in a "Summer Blockbuster" if you want to turn your back on hollywood and start a family. Logic just lends to the assumption that she wants to turn her back on acting now because Superman failed. And yes... it did fail. The movie didn't even break even with the amount it cost to make it in sales. Any hope of it becoming a franchise is over. It really does look like she wants to cling to him now that shes a failure. Maybe.. like I said.. that was all made up and she never said those things... but if she did... he definitely deserves better than that. I agree with you on one thing Sarah... most girls only hate her because shes with Orlando... but that isn't the case here. I don't like her because I don't think shes talented.


Okay for some reason my last comment wasn't posted which is pretty ridiculous. So let me try again, I hope I can remember everything I wrote. Sarah, you say that Kate must be a good actress or else noone would put her in movies? Paris Hilton can't act.. she's in more than one movie. It just really seems as if Kate Bosworth is clinging to Orlando Bloom now because her career has failed. You don't accept a role in a so-called summer blockbuster if you're wanting to turn your back on hollywood. Now that Superman Returns has failed, she suddenly wants to move away and start a family. Maybe you're right, maybe she never said that and it was all made up... if she DID say those things though, that's pretty pathetic. As I said before... I don't dislike her because she is wth Orlando Bloom. I dislike her because I don't think she is a good actress.

I hope they break up!! Kate is not good enough for Orlando. She's talking about how she's tired of the "Hollywood Glamour". She's done two freaking movies!!! (blue crush,superman) that were actually successful. She sucks at acting. Even though she's sort of pretty, she looks anorexic and pale!! Girl needs to gain some weight and go tanning!. Anywayz they should definetly split up because she just doesn't deserve Orlando.

I don't know how you're saying that Superman Returns is a failure. It's one of the best movies this year. Come on any movie this year that good. And i don't know why you hate her so much i mean if u think she's not talented then at least she's trying. I mean you can't hate someone just because she or he is bad at something. I mean why do you have so much hate towards her... what in the world did she did to you. Nothing. Now about Paris she doesn't even try to make an effort. She's not like Kate at all. Look at Paris's attitude she doesn't care and look at Kate's. I know you don't mean to say that Paris is like Kate. I know it's just a metaphore. And back to Kate, she can act.

And maybe the reason she wants to move away and start a family with Orlando is because she loves him and she's tired of being apart from him. I mean the first thought that comes to your mind is because Superman Returns is a failure which it's not and because she wants fame and fortune which once again she already has!!!!!

i totally agree with u sarah i mean she's so beautiful and i really think shes not fake at all shes so real and like u said sarah the reason she wants to settle down is because she loves him and misses him and all these girls who say that she wants him 4 fame and fortune its totally wrong

ok once again i agree w/ everythin heidi says ......yea i know alot of girls hate her just cuz shes w/ orlando bloom but alot of girls hate her cuz shes cant act and wants him 4 his fame and fortune.....i mean sarah think about it.....superman wus actually a failure cuz it didnt sell very many tickets and it wus not on the top ten in the box office or anythin.....soo she cant really act at all and she doesnt even have that many fans and i guess she is kinda good lookin but i mean not really .....there r sooo many better lookin "more scure" ppl out there.....and yea she is totaly clinginging onto orli cuz here career is a total falure!!!!soo sarah no body cares about ur oppinion and nobody cares about mine but im just tryin 2 get the message strait bout wut i think

half the ppl in the us dont even know that kate exists cuz she just isnt really that popular and her career is a falure and everybody knows who orlando is cuz hes a totlal succsess ......as 4 kate.....i dont think so........know 1 even knew kate exixted or cared about er retared career in hollywood till she somwhow managed 2 get 2 gether w/ orlando......fuck her

Sarah... I did not in any way attack you so I don't get why you felt you need to attack me. I'm not going to start a personal war on this site like a kid. I will say this though... if you're going to attack me, please at least TRY to sound intelligent and not like a little uneducated child. And yes Superman DID fail. It's been out for over a month in the US and STILL hasn't broken even with the amount it cost to make the movie. The franchise is ruined because of this movie. I don't hate Kate Bosworth and I NEVER said I hated her. Stop putting words in my mouth. I said she is an awful actress.. which she is... and I said that if she said the things this site claims she said, she is pathetic. Take the time to read my posts carefully before you start throwing out jibberish please.

omg!! heidi ur totlay rite again!!! sarah kate just cant act ....plain and simple shes a fake and needs 2 cling onto orlando now that her career is a total falure which is just plain sad. superman wus a failure....it didnt even make it 2 the top 10 in bow office or anythin....it totaly sucked. u know i know thsat alot of girls just hate kate cuz she some how managed 2 gett 2 gether w/ orli but thats not the case w/ me i dont like her cuz she cant act and is a total fake. shes just not good enough 4 orlando .....half the ppl in the us dint even now that kate exisisted before she got 2 gether w/ orlando cuz she just isnt popular in hollywood but every1 nows who orlando is cuz he cand acctually act and wus popular rite after lord of the rings cuz he is extremly talented....and kate............i dont think so.....no one cares about wut u think sarah and probley no 1 cares about wut i think but im just tryin 2 get the truth strait ......i have no idea how she hooked up w/ orland o cuz she she just doesnt deserve him......wut a horn

y arent my comments being posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok for this site to approve and post my lenghtier comments. Wether they post my last one or not, I just want to say that everyone here has a right to their opinion.. that is unless you disagree with Sarah. If you disagree with her be ready for her to start attacking you. Unlike Sarah, I am not off from school for the Summer. I have a job and a life so I won't be returning to this site. I got my opinion across. That's all I wanted to do. Peace!

ok heidi i'm not going to argue with you because you are being the kid!! And i didn't mean to attak you so you can dis me. I don't care what you people think and i know that she is a good person and didn't do anything you say she did and i don't care what you say about me too. Superman is one of the best movies, even if it didn't brake the amount of money it was done by. And everyone don't listen to heidi because the only thing i meant was that you shouldn't say things you're not sure about. So Goodbye....


i dont really like kate but her and orly look really cute together dontcha think

they're a good couple.....but if they stay together, Orly would never be mine>>>:(.......i luv u orly!!!!!

nobody here is ever going to be with orlando anyway so i dont see the point in hating kate about it. there are plenty of other reasons to hate her. i also agree with heidi. sarah needs to stop acting like a baby. if you are so confedint in your opinion than why did you attack heidi???? how do u know kate a good person? do u know her personaly i doubt it i bet even kate would never hang out with someone so stupid as you.

Okay. They are cute together. But Orlando is so totally hot I think I died and went to heaven when I saw Elizabethtown!!! But I would never have a chance with him...he and Kate are cute together...I have never seen anyone as gorgeous as him but I'm sure there are plenty more fish in the sea....

i think they're prefect together....they do deserve each other....i mean, it's not very possible that he'll let her go, he's totally in love....and yeah, it is unrealistic to think he'll fall in love with some faraway unknown city girl....

well, orlando and kate are happy right? as long as orlando is happy, im happy, though some people might not be. the important thing is that he is happy, and i think i can live with that.

I think that as long as Orlando is happy, I am happy. He's making the decision he thinks is best. I'm happy for him....there's a 99.9% chance they'll split up, but that's just me. There's 1% that Orlando will fall in love with an unknown and faraway 27 yr. old girl from the city....i think i can live as long as Orli's happy. I can live with that.

im crazy 4 orlando i wish they would break up and he would marry me hahaha no really (half joking) i lovvvve orlando

i think that they should get married and move to canberra in australia and live next door to me. I WUBOO ORLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the hottest guy on earth and i love u!!!!!

i luv orlando sooo much but im happy for them there so cute he's soo hot i wanna marry him but it wun't happen but bosworth is preety and hell lucky!!!!holy shit like she's gorgeous!!!!!!!!no wonder he likes her but i would sooo wanna be his wife or gf w.e!!i have everything of pirates including da medallion and purse and i cryed to go watch pirates 2 again!!!!well anyways chiao peopes orly if ur reading this i luv ya!!!!!!!!xoxoxooxoxoxand bosworth if u reading dis u r da luckiest girl eva!!!!UR SO DARN LUCKY!!!!!hope u and orly get married!!!!tell him jessi says hi

Orlando i luv ya!!!kate is preety and peopes hey he's human (a very very very hot human)and he has eyes and ears he would know if she was after him for his fame fortune and probably his hot body!!!!but she's human too and she'll get ditched for this crap and orlando should be wif me i luv him soo much i wish he was ma husband(lol hehehhhehe)kate like please let's be friends!!!!lol i wanna trade places wif bosworth for at least one day to spend time wif dat sexy hunk of sexy will turner!!!!!(a.k.a bloom hotness orlando i luv ya)i hope orlando and kate workout there soo cute together!!!!!!best wishes for da couple!

hello out there orlando im stuck in this sea of fans -hey guys i feel like people are starting to understand my obsession for this guy! Orlando, u dont understand im not crazy im just in love with you Help me out and enjoy your life whether or not you choose to get married to this girl i will still remain your ultimate fan!!!!!

That is so cute but i love orlando but he is cute with kate bosworth. He is the cutest man on earth!!!!!!!
She is pretty but she is slightly too skinny but it is probably just her body type so never mind. T__T waaaah!!! I wanted to marry him!!! Just kidding. If you ask me I give them my blessing. Have at it you two!

Hey girls! I'm from Brazil, and i noticed that in USA or UK, they dont really aprecciate a cute and big ASS! jajajja
I'm just saying that, cuz here, in Brazil, she wouldnt be successful with men!
I mean, if Orlando was a brazilian guy, he would NEVER date her!
I hate her! I deserve him!
ps: Sorry about the bad english!
kisses ;**

hey i think if his going to marry anyone it shouldnt be her but who knows i dont really like him though like i dont think he is hot sorry no insult but i dont think they would make a good couple

Nooo Way!!!!!!! They soooo do not go together, they should find seperate partners. Although, i would looooooove my ass to be squeezed by Orli!!!!!

Yes... as much as we'd all love certain body parts squeezed by Orlando... chances are that's not going to happen.

I'm not sure how I feel about Kate. She certainly has potential to become a huge star, and she seems really sweet and grounded from the interviews I've read. I say, let them be happy. :-)

Ilove orlando bloom and kate bosworth dosnt deserve him she is a fake and will hurt him!!

ok well, i think that they are a little bit of a cute couple but me n him would be even better!!!!! lol he is soo gorgeous! personally i dont think that she is for him...not just because i like him but truley..
<3 :) love you orlando :) <3

hello im zana from kosovo
orlando i love you very much
because you are a beatiful man and good actor ,about kate i hate her

ps sorry about bad english
love zana

I guess those two a a cute couple, but O.M.G. KATE BOSWORTH EAT SOMETHING NOW YOUNG LADY!!! I'm seriously scared about her being so thin. I ain't naggin, I'm just sayin, don't get any skinnier. I suppose I should be slagging K off but hey, who cares? Of course I think Orly is hot stuff, but he's too old for me and I probably ain't gonna meet him anyway. 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000:1 chance :D Well, I wish them every happiness, and I'm one of Orlando's nicest fans :D


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