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June 22, 2006

Vanessa betrayed Jessica by dating Nick

Gossip, Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey

Vanessa Minnillo betrayed Jessica Simpson by dating Nick Lachey

In the split between Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, the sympathy of the public has clearly been with Nick. But that may be about to change. Vanessa Minnillo used to be close with Jessica Simpson. But in a Denise Richards/Richie Sambora turn of events, she’s been getting cozy with Lachey. Could this betrayal end up being positive for Jessica’s reputation?

According to In Touch Weekly, Jessica befriended Vanessa at an MTV event in 2003. The pals used to go out to dinner together and enjoyed many “girls’ nights out.? An insider for the magazine even says, “When Jess and Nick were falling apart, Jess confided to Vanessa.? Vanessa allegedly convinced Jessica that she was making the right decision to leave Nick.

But as soon as Lachey and Simpson called it quits, Minnillo swept in. Vanessa starred in Nick’s autobiographical video “What’s Left of Me,? portraying a character believed to be Jessica who broke Nick’s heart. A source said, "Jess was bothered by [the viedo], but she was willing to let it slide because she knows how badly Vanessa has wanted to get into acting."

Now that Vanessa has been photographed sharing intimate moments with Nick off the set, though, it’s unlikely Jessica will ever be able to forgive her. One of In Touch’s sources explains, "[Vanessa’s relationship with Nick is] painful and hurtful, but it just reinforces [Jessica’s] decision to leave Nick."


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Vanessa is no better than Denise Richards. All along Manillo has been in the picture - Nick only whined about loving Jessica to get publicity for his new CD. Probably was dating Manillo the whole time. Nick made his loving statement about the time he and Manillo were seen together the first time. So much for his marriage.

I hate girls that do that.
That's why I never do that to
anyone because I know what it
feels like.
They really are not your friend if they want to be with
your guy.
But, I do believe that what you do to others will come back to you, so the same thing
vanessa is doing is going to happen to her by one of her friends

i do not think nick is serious
about vanessa. joe simpson was one of the problems in nick & jess marriage. jess should have told her dad to stay out of her marriage, especially when joe simpson scheduled jess to perform in atlanta on her wedding anniversary, and nick had made secret plans for jess. nick told jess, "bab i made plans for us and only the two of us and jess told nick, "i am sorry but i have to be in atlanta and jess told nick after she finish performing they can go on there surprise get a way. jess put her dad before her husband. a christain knows the lord comes first and the spouse is next. jess was married to nick , not her dad. nick is dealing with a lot of pain. he wanted to try to save the marriage, jess wanted the divorce. i do not think no one has nick heart except jessica. it is very obvious he is in love with jessica. i think joe simpson thought everybody was going to feel sorry for jess but it did not work that way. i wish the best for nick and i love his cd!!

When i heard that nick and jess were getting a divorce i was so sad and shocked i couldnt believe it. They made such a cute couple and in the Newlyweds they always claimed they woukd be together forever like when they made there Valentine's budget. Nick was Jessica's first she should try to save there marriage and talk to him. Don't let someone you love go. A workd of advice Jessica don't hand over what you had with Nick to another women you guys have so many memories with eachother.

I used to love the TRL host vanessa Minnillo until she was casted in his vidio, and then their relationship started. I was shocked that Nick and Jessica split, because i idolized them. They were the perfect couple and so ment for each other. Vanessa should just go back to Derik Jeter, beacause NIck dosn't even really have feelings for her. To me it looks like she is just a way to get Jessica off of his mind. She ruined the whole thing and i just want Vanessa to host TRL fulltime and leave Nick and Jessica alone so they can do whatever it takes to become a couple again. Hollywood just isn't the same.

I was so in shock when they annanouced their split. I ruined my Thanksgiving. I loved them together, but no body can blam Nick. Jessica is the one who wanted the Divorse, Jessica is the one who didn't have time for him, and Jessica is the one who looked like she loved her job more then her husband. SO much for being a devoted Christian and a former Ministers daughter. I really hope that Jessica returns to her old self and realizes that her and Nick were perfect for each other.

i just heard an interview on the radio 3 weeks ago and it was ryan seacrest interviewing jess. he said you sound very happy in your new album. she replied i didnt make an album for people to feel sorry for me and i am very happy now. i wanted to call and say i hope your happy you are the one that asked for the divorce and anyone who has ever been broken hearted can totally relate to Nicks new CD. I am sure he has relized its not worth loving someone that doesnt want to love you back. I hope he finds someone that loves him as hard as he loved jess. she is a spoiled bratt and i am sure her dad will keep it that way. who knows maybe she will never get married again. who would put up w.her? GO TEAM NICK

OH PLEASE, WHO CARES!! Jessica Simpson was the one that filed for divorce, and decided to leave him. I think Vanessa Minnillo is very gorgeous, and I don't think anyone can pass judgment on them. They make a cute couple.

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