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Keira Knightley claims Johnny Depp is a better kisser than Orlando Bloom

Keira Knightley claims Johnny Depp is a better kisser than Orlando Bloom

Keira Knightley claims Johnny Depp is a better kisser than Orlando Bloom.
The stunning actress gets to smooch both of the heartthrob actors in their new film 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest' - the sequel to the first instalment of the swashbuckling franchise, 'The Curse of the Black Pearl'.
Earlier this week, Orlando praised Keira for her fantastic kissing technique, saying: "She's a great kisser and a lovely and very funny person. She's absolutely gorgeous."

It seems the 21-year-old actress is not as impressed with her co-star's smooching skills as he is with hers.
When quizzed on who she thought was the best kisser out of the two actors, she told InStyle magazine: "Johnny Depp certainly wasn't bad."
Despite Orlando's gushing praise for Keira's kissing technique, he did admit he found it "peculiar" locking lips with the 'Pride and Prejudice' star, because they are such good friends.
He said: "Kissing scenes are a bit peculiar. It's like you play at it."

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I would certainly think that Orlando would be the better kisser even though he doesn't have much experience.

who cares who the better kisser is they are both HOTT!!!!!!

johnny depp is d sexiest man alive of course hes a better kisser and hes a real man not like that pip squeak

jonny depp is de hottest most sexiest man aliveeee!!!!!!! i bet hes wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy betterrr..

For once, I have to thank Keira. She's told off all those Bloomin' crazy fangirls by telling us what we Johnny lovers knew all along <3

He's delicious. Don't deny it!

I feel bad for Orlando, I think Keira doesn't appreciate him as much as he does her. Orlando is so nice, I just want to give him a big hug, I feel very bad for him. I think he is way hotter than Johhny!

Johnny Depp was only ever good looking as Captain Jack, in my opinion. =]

But Orlando Bloom is a very good actor.
I like them both.

i have read numerous articles where kiera has raved about what a good kisser Orlando is.. this is odd. i mean just b/c she said johnny was better doesnt mean orlando wasnt still really good. and that was also the first time i've ever heard orlando saying kiera was a fantastic kisser.

I think that Orlando bloom would be the way better kisser even tough hes no that expereioenced! and in oirates she and orlando didnt have that much of an involved kiss then she did with johnny so how can kiera make that nuch of an like thing without seeing wut orli can do

it is hell true, he is a way better kisser than that orlando, but 2 b honest wid ya, i lyk em both, but johnny is hell hotter and hell better, i would love 2 b his wife one day, but it'll probably neva happen, also that orlando doesn realli have an experience on kissin, so keira shoodn realli b puttin pressure on him, the poor bugger, but i also agree keira is pwtty, i woodn mind bein her, she also gets 2 kiss em both!!

Johnny depp is the sexiest guy ever my frend thinks orlando is but no way is he more gd lukin dan johnny, im not suprised keira sed dat.

Weeeell dugh Johnny Depp is a better kisser than Orlando Bloom. I mean just look at his lips. :P

I wish I were Keira. : (
Johnny Depp is the Sexist Man Alive!

I think Johnny depp is the most hottest guy on this earth! I also like cheese and dogs. Plus my 3 fav. movies are Pirates of the caribbean 2, anchorman and moulin rouge, oh ye my friend lynz thinks orlando is gud lukin but boy is johnny depp 10 times better lukin, and by wat kiara said, a 10 times better kisser!

Well i think johnny depp is hot but come on where is BRAD PITT in this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i would think johnny depp is a better kisser cuz if orlando wuz a better kisser he wuld have had more girlfriends!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg orlando bloom is SEEXXYY i mean look at him!! keira knightley must be liek alien r sumfink cause no way wud sum1 like old man johny depp to orlando bloom!Oh yea and to all johny depp lovers he is MARRIED WITH KIDS SO THERE!!!!!!! he wouldnt luk @ ne1 but his wife twice!

I wish i could kiss Orlando Bloom he is so cute and i love his acting skills.He seems like he would be a good person to play a role with.He so cute and i love all of the movies that he is in.

Orlando is sooooooooooo much hotter than that twinkle-toes of a johnny depp.

keira knightley would be a good match to johnny depp! Especially in the movie "Pirates of Caribbean"! Johnny is also hotter than orlando!

Johnny Depp is the hottest guy in the world!I would so kill to have his bandana and hat sighned!!!!!!!!!

Orlandos girl 1your so totally out of your leage and2nd Johnny Depp shouldn't be refered to Twinkle Toes and I don't care what you here other people say because its there judgement not yours!!!

WAT!!! Kiera said at the end of the first movie that she would love to kiss him again coz he was such a gd kisser! Orlando is WAY hotter than Johnny will eva b!!! Also, Orli's NOT MARRIED!!!!

Ok...lets just settle this in the easiest way possible,there both hot,and gud kisssers ....even if johnny depp may be a bit hotter........lol!

orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp are the hottest guys on the planet!!!!!!! I would not mind being married to either of them.

jonny is the hottest man on the planet and orlando i think ur way hotr than him so dont worry

keira may say jonny is a better kisser, but orlando is way hotter!:)

OMG in pirates of the carribean they r both soooo hot!! i dno but i dnt think jonny depp is tht hot not in the film but in the film HELL YE!!! n every1 hu keeps sayin orlando duznt hav as much xperience in kissin how the fuck wud u no?! lol anyway they r prob just as good in their own ways!

ORLANDO IS SOOOO MUCH CUTER...BUTA I HAVA THEORY...maybe she like didnt get to kiss orly the way she kissed johnny; like she made out with johnny bu romanticly kissed orland0...its not the same

Oh my gosh Orlando Bloom is so sexy!!!!! oh man! u know what?! get johnny depp OUT OF THE PICTURE! orlando bloom gets all the girls anyway!! like duh!

i think that jonney depp would be a better kisser but i would love to kiss them both ...lol

ok. look at the picture. Orlando was meant to have Elizabeth. orlando was meant to have all the girls. look at johnny depp. he's just lookin at them with those jealous little eyes..... BECAUSE HE KNOWS THAT ORLANDO BLOOM WILL ALWAYS BE SEXIER!

Johnny and Orlando are equally HOT!!!! It is so hard to choose who I LOVE most... (shrug)

PS- if anyone who sees this message go to google images and type in Derek Jeter. He is another Cutie Pie!!!!

I understand you all think Johnny Depp is hot, and so do I but Johnny is getting soo old.. The only time he was cute was in Pirates of the Carribean. I mean Johnny is in his 40s, and has had many sexual kissing sences with many other girls. But Orlando has not and from the reviews it said that he was very nice and respectful to all the girls when they did their kissing sences. I have also heard Kiera say Ordlando is such a good kisser and blah blah blah. Well then he must be.. and hes not experienced.. So in conclusion.. give orlando a break.. Johnyy is wayy older orland is only 27! I think in the future Orlando will pass up Johnny Depp by farr!

Hello my name is holli. I think they are both fit and but Johnny (no offence orli) is a way better kisser coz he has had more girlfriends. Orli i still love you!!! i wouldn't mind being married to either of them!! oh n btw BRAD PITT is UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for lettin me express myself holli xoxox

hi ty jessica but ORLANDO is nearly in his 30's so who cares and your saying my mum n dad r old coz they are the same age as Johnny depp n i am only 6!!! JOHNNY DEPP IS THE FITTEST MOST SEXIEST GUY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so stuff urself JESSICA!!!

Thank God! Carolyn you understand me! Orlando Bloom is the coolest person on earth! nice and hot, perfect combination!

OMG!!! Orlando Bloom is way HOTTER than Johnny. Johnny is so old. I mean it's just the beginin for Orlando. Johnny is old news and he like never has looked hot, ecept for in like pirates. So all you Johnny lovers... sry ... but u suck along with him. Orlando Bloom is way hotter and a much better kisser.

orlando bloom is new johnny is older with more experience

orlando bloom is new johnny is older with more experience

OMG!!!!peopes johnny is soo old and ugly i hate him orlando u got me on ur side!!like peopes just look at him he's fine!!!and smokin!!!dat Bosworth girl is da luckiest girl eva!!!!


OMG johnny depp is way better like seriously i don't know wut goes through those orlando bloom fan heads like seriously but i half to admit orlando bloom is on my list maybe 10000 guy because johnny depp is 1-900000 and orlando is 100000 and johnny is just lookin at them sayin i guess there a good couple lol bye people

Johnny and orlando are both totally sexy and I really don't care whose a better kisser. I just think Kiera is freakin' lucky cause she gets to kiss 'em both!!

i think that both ORLANDO BLOOM!! AND Johnny Depp are HOT! and very good actors i wish someday when i am a Famouse and rich actress i get to play a role with one of them. i still cant believe how hot they are!!!!!!!!! :)

I dont care if Johnny is a better kisser than olando. i think there both drop-dead HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! suckerrrrrrrrrrrr!

Peopes We all have different oppinions but screw oppinions Orlando is soo hot look at him!!!!!!just look there's no1 cuter than him or hotter or more sexy in this world soo peoples just get it ova with!!!and also Johnny is married to Vanessa Paradis and has to kids sooo give it a break!!!!peopes seriously u should get it through ur lil heads dat orlando is soo hot and Miss.Bosworth is sooo lucky we should praise her!!!!!

Johnny Depp is the sexiest man alive!!!!!
every time i see him i go funny!!!!!!!:0

johnny depp is only hot as captain jack, but orlando is ALWAYS hot!! go Orlando!i bet that he is a better kisser anyway

kiera nightly was sooo lucky to kiss both of them she shouldn't have to choose btwn them.

but i would choose orlando couse i think he is hotter

I think they are both hot. But I think Johnny Depp is only hott in the movie. Where orlando Bloom is just hott.

They are both amazing actors.

i think johhny depp would be better i mean look at him yea orly's alrite but johnny ooh lala in mi opionion there both hot and i would kill to be keira lol

Well First I Think That Johnny Depp Is SOOOOOOOO Hot And But Then I Think That He Proablly Has More Expirence Becuase He Lost His Virginity At 13 So Hoenstly I Can Understand That And He Is Only Hot In Thos One Movie And Orlando Is Kinda Of Hot

Johnny Depp is so hot, but so is orlando bloom. i am the biggest johnny depp fan in the world, i meen reely i woodnt mind kissing eithr one of the 2, keira knightly is just a anerexic evildoer............i cant stand her!!!!!!!!! but reely i think she needs to get a life, she's lucky to b kssing eithr one of the 2














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