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Britney Spears may be putting her unborn baby at risk!

Britney Spears may be putting her unborn baby at risk!

Former pop princess Britney Spears may be putting her unborn baby at risk (really tiny bit) by dying her blonde hair jet black reports ChinaDaily. At six months pregnant, Spears critics point out, that she might have been better waiting a little longer for her makeover. There are concerns that some hair dyes contain chemicals that could cause birth defects.

According to the Daily Mail, Professor James Walker, of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said: "It depends on the sort of dyes that she uses, but most modern hair dyes are safe as it's very hard to absorb a lot into the skin."

Last month Spears was photographed almost dropping her baby on the pavement while holding him. She was also caught by paparazzi sunbathing her bump for two hours in the 80-degree heat near her home in Malibu, California.

In other news, Britney Spears has attacked tabloid editors for misleading their "ignorant" readers into thinking she is a bad mother reports sfgate.com/ .


Spears resents being judged by people who don't know the full story.

She says, "You would think that the editors of the magazines have children and that they wouldn't go there. It's really distasteful.

"You look at it and think it's absurd but the public don't know what really goes on and you feel weird because you have to defend yourself to these ignorant people."

SPEARS also confesses she was shocked when she discovered she was pregnant with her second child.
The singer admits it took the approval of husband KEVIN FEDERLINE before she could get excited about the prospect of childbirth again, less than a year after son SEAN PRESTON was born.
She says, "I was shocked because it was so soon and I was a little scared at first. Yes, I was very surprised.
"He (Federline) was a little shocked too. But his shock turned to excitement and he said, 'Let's just go for it.'"

Meanwhile, Britney’s hyper-virile hubby Kevin Federline has been a busy bee. With three kids and another on the way, the wannabe hip-hop star can’t stop spreading his seed.

The scary notion of more mini K-Feds made July’s Blender ask readers the burning question: What’s another use, other than making babies, for Kevin Federline’s super sperm?

Survey says:

Cheap alternative fuel source: 68%

Curing male-pattern baldness: 12%

Super food, like algae: 10%

Rebuilding rainforests: 10%

It’s highly potent stuff!

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One Bosh reader just posted that the other day, good point-

Actually, there are several natural hair dyes that do not have ammonnia or peroxide. Also, there are ways that you can dye your hair without applying the dye on the scalp.

Give me a break!!! Stop picking on her. Look at all the other mothers! Gwen's roots wouldve been a foot long if she didnt do her thing too. Give me a break!

GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SOOOOO LEAVE HER THE HELL ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omfg. leave britney the hell alone. she didnt mean to do that. she didnt know it would hurt it. she is a normal person like us but a singer so leave her alone. she needs to live life like she should be able too. with a second baby on the way i bet she is excited and wanted to try a new look. i think it looks great. she is a great mom and she will be better with this one too. i hope it is as cute as sean preston.














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