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May 10, 2006

Will Britney surprise Kevin with divorce?

Britney Spears, Divorce, Gossip, Kevin Federline, Pregnant, Sean Preston Federline

Will Britney Spears surprise Kevin Federline with divorce?

Is Britney Spears about to pull a Denise Richards? Richards surprisingly filed divorce from Charlie Sheen in 2005 while pregnant with their second child. Reportedly Spears - who confirmed her second pregnancy to David Letterman yesterday - is considering kicking her husband, Kevin Federline to the curb.

Life & Style Weekly claims that Britney has met with her family and her lawyer about the possibility of leaving Kevin. An insider said, “Brit’s been very unhappy, and I think she needs to find some peace. Once the Spears family gets its game plan together, the idea is to spring a divorce on Kev without warning.? They better hope K. Fed doesn’t read L&S or the secret is out.

Another source claimed that it was Federline’s immature behavior and constant partying that has gotten to Spears. She’s gotten sick of his antics and is putting her foot down. The source says, “[Britney]’s not going to let him make her feel like a guest in her own home anymore. The new rules include no smoking or drinking, since secondhand smoke is bad for the kids.?



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so NOW the dumb biatch puts her foot down about secondhand smoke? everytime i read about her, i shake my head at what a waste of good air she has become.
she gives all of us white trash biatches a bad name.

She's just a kid, who had a kid. Okay, once, you'd think she'd learn. But two... with this guy who is, like someone wrote, just a grifter? She's a fool. Just because she's got a cute face, a cute body and was in the right place at the right time. There are hundreds like her in Hollywood and there'll be hundreds like her after.

I think this is the saddest marraige in Hollywood. Britney married as she did the first time for publicity..and I believe she did the same with Feder-want-a-dime.Then she found herself pregnant and I think she really now is in love with the guy. I feel sorry for her as her own stupidity got her into this situation, unfortunately the children will be the ones to suffer as has been shown that at such a young age Sean is already suffering a great deal. Ferder-a-line is only in it for the money! So sad..three children..(Brittney pays the support for his other two) and now another on the way? Her song is aptly named.."Oops, I did it Again" She needs to get out while the getting is good or she will not have a cent left to raise her children on. It's a sure thing Feder-a-line won't be paying any support. Her Mother needs to take custody of the children..or if not possible I hope something can be done to help those children.

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