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Jessica Simpson seeks psychiatric help

Jessica Simpson seeks psychiatric help

Pop singer Jessica Simpson set off a paparazzi frenzy when she headed into a Beverly Hills doctor's office, sparking speculation that she was consulting a cosmetic surgeon reports The ENQUIRER.

Turns out Simpson, went to see a psychiatrist.

"No one knows for sure what Jessica discussed, but it was clear that she was seeking help for something very troubling," said an inside source. "Her hand was trembling as she reached for the door, and she looked like she was desperately trying to fight back tears as she went back out to face the world."

Added another source: "It's anyone's guess what the real issue is."

"Jessica's definitely not over Nick."

"And then there's her father. Joe Simpson single-handedly put Jessica on the map. She's fighting hard now to assert her own independence — and that's not easy for a young woman who's been told all her life what to do, what to say and what to wear.

"Whatever her issues, Jessica should be commended for seeking professional help. It's the only way she can truly become her own woman."

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan has blasted tabloid rumors she's feuding with Simpson following a snub at a party that left the pop star in tears.

Lohan insists the story is far from true and she's actually one of Simpson's biggest supporters as she struggles through her divorce from Nick Lachey.

So Jessica, why see a psychiatrist when you can talk to a fire crotch

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she shold have thought about her marriage when she was banging Johnny Knoxeville and Adam Levine WHILE she was married. I don't feel an ounce of sadness for her, just disgust.

she needs to see a psychiatrist to find out why she keeps going to the plastic surgeon!

She is just trying to get nick to call her and feel sorry for her. She can't stand that he has a new girlfriend. And that Asslee is copying her image.

Coco......let's not forget about Nick being with the strippers and god knows who else. It's both of their fault, not just hers-

I so wish Nick and Jess would get back 2gether, I think they both look lost without eachother. I think they got divorced too quikly,one minit they were together then they were divorced. I'm worried that Jess didnt kno wot divorce actually entailed and just sed i want a divorce.

No one can really say whos fault it is. Divorce can be a bad thing not that i know but i'm sure that it is a bad thing to go through. Especially if you still love that person. Obviously nick is the one that wanted it he's had what like 3 girlfriends since the split. I just have to say to jessica i fully support her go out there you could have any guy you want.

Jessica was always totally unappreciative of everything Nick did for her, unless it was buying her jewelry or having a closet built for her gazillions of clothes she only wants to wear once.
There's also the time he built the recording studio in their home and couldn't wait for Jessica to come home and see it cause "Jessica's gonna love this!" and what did he get when she finally did come home..."I don't wanna see it" in that whiny voice just cause that couch she didn't like was in it.......
Or even all that work Nick and Drew did putting that grass sod down while she was gone. And that time he put the arcade games in that room upstairs and bought that one especially so she could play it with him. After much convincing, she finally played it and couldn't even pretend she was enjoying it.
She was always whining when she didn't get her way and could never even ACT happy or glad for anything Nick did unless it was specifically done for her.
A simple "Oh that's great honey!" goes a long way. She even got the dog she wanted after whining and pouting enough.
It takes the patience of a saint to put up with that crap. I don't see how anybody could ever doubt his love and commitment to her. Hers, on the other hand, was always questionable.
Some public opinion has turned against Joe Simpson because of all the comments that he has made, concerning his daughter having sex and the size of her breasts.
Normal fathers do not make those comments.
She's a spoiled daddy's girl who does not see anything wrong with her own father making those comments about her. Her only concern is making daddy happy and staying the favorite daughter.
She does not have the maturity to be a wife. She lets daddy run all aspects of her life, including marriage and the decision about whether to have children with her own husband.
Daddy will always be the first man in her life, and she will put him first above her own husband. Thanks to daddy, no other man will want her now, except only to use her for sex and publicity.

I for one believe Nick cheated on Jessica. We SHOULDN'T forget all the flirting and screwing around he did with PORN stars and Strippers WHILE they were together, BEFORE any infidelity reports on Jessica's part. Let's ALSO not forget Nick is milking this divorce for all its worth. HE'S the one using it to sell albums and get interviews, because he is such a HAS-BEEN and uninteresting person that magazines don't want to interview him about anything OTHER than the divorce. I think the only thing Jessica is guilty of is being spoiled. Nick is a disgusting individual and I can't wait until this all dies down and he fades back into obscurity. Serves him right. Jessica CAN and WILL do better!

I love how people say "Jessica's a spoiled daddy's girl," "Nick was with porn stars and strippers," and "Jessica was banging Johnny Knoxville and Adam Levine." You all are so gullible and believe everything that's written in tabloids and reported on magazine shows. Why comment on celebrities' personal lives when none of you know them personally? You only know what you see or have been told by 2nd or 3rd parties. Who knows what happened in their marriage...and frankly who cares? You'll never know the real reason anyway. That's the way of Hollywood. They only tell what makes them look best in the public eye.

I totally agree with Get A Life's comment. Why are you all so interested in people you will never meet? Why are you emotionally invested in their lives? Go on and live your own lives. Stop living yours through them.

Because we are fawking losers and we need individuals like you "Pablo" and "get a life people" to remind us...

Thank you!














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