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May 22, 2006

Lordi, revealed

Lordi, revealed

Lordi, a Finnish "death metal" band whose motto is "Europe Get Ready to Get Scared", were the unexpected winners of the Eurovision Song Contest .

Lordi have been hailed as heroes in their home country after scoring Finland's first ever Eurovision Song Contest victory reports BBCnews
President Tarja Halonen congratulated the band in a telegram after their song Hard Rock Hallelujah won in Athens.

Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat proclaimed: "It's official: Hell has frozen over. Finland has won."

Helsingin Sanomat wrote: "Years of humiliation, frustration, and 'zero points' were wiped away as the Finnish entry blew everyone off the stage in Athens.

Lordi, a foursome from the small town of Rovaniemi just north of the Arctic Circle, do not appear in public without their latex horror masks.

They claimed on their website before the event to be "the most rocking Eurovision entry since Abba's Waterloo".

Meanwhile, the sun uk has scored some images of Lordi without the horror makeup.

The Finnish hell-raisers startled viewers with their gruesome stage outfits, which they wore all weekend as they romped to victory in Athens.

But, as the Sun's picture shows, they look a lot less hairraising without their Lord of the Rings-style outfits.

Lordi notched 292 points, 44 ahead of Russia in second place. British entry Daz Sampson, 32, could only finish 19th out of 24 countries with his effort Teenage Life.

The rapper, from Salford, Manchester, said: “There were some very good songs in it this year. I thought mine was one of them — obviously Europe didn’t agree.?

A highlight of the show was Silvia Night. Night is a fictional Icelandic pop star Here's her performance at Eurovision which led to boos from the audience.

UPDATE... so I think its safe to say the image above is not of Lordi. POP BITCH SAYS THIS IS LORDI BELOW





The picture that The Sun has 'found' isn't Lordi at all, It's their ex-keyboard player who was asked to leave the band at the end of last year, and Alexi Laiho and Henkka Blacksmith of the band Children Of Bodom. Research your facts before you publish stuff like this.

Claire is so right. Those two fellas are from Children of Bodom for sure, everyone from finland will regonice them (those who listen metal music :E).

You are fucking losers why ad the real photo of lordi...
It's rune the image of lordi by you.
Why they have masks?

Message out Holland

Thats not Lordi, its Hennka Blacksmith (middle) and Alexi Leiho (right) from Children of Bodom. The woman played keyboards with them before COB was formed.

That isn't even Lordi. Good going, SUN!

lordi are not a "death metal" band
they are very far from being one

Fake, you said it, Claire...they're tryin to get people...

a bit desperate....

And they don't play "death metal"...it's just heavy metal, you bastards...

those guys are from children of bodom, not from lordi. BAAAD mistake.

their masks are their image, like slipknot, mushroomhead etc, its what they're known for.
+ they're faces aren't in the newspapers all day, cause APPARENTLY THEY DON'T KNOW HOW THEY LOOK

Hahahahaa, good laugh! The funniest thing is by far that other papers bought it.. and POOF! That is front page cover on billions of papers!


Ur review is great. And i m just so... excited that LORDI WON!! With that great show... there was no chance to lose.
LORDI is just great, and i definitly gona buy their next album.

Are u guys some fucking idiots?!?!?! If tehy don't wanna show their faces for people, why u guys are showing then in some fuckin picture?!?!? u fuckers have no life? Try get some for fuck sake. Fuckin idiots. They don't wanna show their faces and thats it. U guys are so fucking stupid. Why did u guys take those pictures?

lordi rules!!!
very good song text:
Hard Rock Hallelujah!
Hard Rock Hallelujah!

The saints are crippled
On this sinners' night
Lost are the lambs with no guiding light

The walls come down like thunder
The rocks about to roll
It's The Arockalypse
Now bare your soul

All we need is lightning
With power and might
Striking down the prophets of false
As the moon is rising
Give us the sign
Now let us rise up in awe

Rock 'n roll angels bring that Hard Rock Hallelujah
Demons and angels all in one have arrived
Rock 'n roll angels bring that Hard Rock Hallelujah
In God's creation supernatural high

The true believers
Thou shall be saved
Brothers and sisters keep strong in the faith
On the day of Rockoning
It's who dares, wins
You will see the jokers soon'll be the new kings

All we need is lightning
With power and might
Striking down the prophets of false
As the moon is rising
Give us the sign
Now let us rise up in awe

Rock 'n roll angels bring that Hard Rock Hallelujah
Demons and angels all in one have arrived
Rock 'n roll angels bring that Hard Rock Hallelujah
In God's creation supernatural high

Wings on my back
I got horns on my head
My fangs are sharp
And my eyes are red
Not quite an angel
The one that fell
Now choose to join us or go straight to Hell

Hard Rock Hallelujah!
Hard Rock Hallelujah!
Hard Rock Hallelujah!
Hard Rock Hallelujah!

Rock 'n roll angels bring that Hard Rock Hallelujah
Demons and angels all in one have arrived
Rock 'n roll angels bring that Hard Rock Hallelujah
In God's creation supernatural high

Hard Rock Hallelujah!

pfff u suck! those in d pic are children of bodom. the first one is erna siikavirta, in the very early beginning of CoB. she used to play as a session keyboardist for lordi and CoB, at that time known as inearthed and consisting of alexi ((lead guitar/vocals)appearing 3rd in pic) and henkka (bass), 2nd in pic.

It's The Arockalypse?
Are you kidding me? This bad makes me think of Spinal Tap. But of course Spinal Tap are a gazillion times better. That fake singer should have won, at least she was funny.

yea.. they're not Lordi but COB! It is also written in the official site of Children of Bodom.. How can I forget Alexi's face :) For the first glance I said "wow the guy on the right looks like Alexi". And then it turned out to be him :)

onko nuo lordi

Eipä ole.

Extra.Spoko że zwyciężyli.Najleprze jak te skrzydła się otwieraja.Zapraszam na mojego bloga tych którzy znają polski. :D Pozdrowionka.

Lordi = Death Metal



Check out the entry for the 22nd of May. QED.

Very nice that you found out about things before posting this here.. But of course something like THE SUN is a trustable source, huh?

Now how about you make a little edit in this "article" and make it say that it actually isn't a picture of Mr. Lordi or anyone else of the _current_ band.

just to agree with everyone - definately Henkaa and Alexi. And I also gotta agree that Arockalypse may be the dumbest thing I've ever heard

why does everyone wants to know how they look without their mask? is it SOO important?
It's also a big mistake to confuse Lordi with COB!!
& also it's a HEAVY metal band.. Far away from Death metal!
it's because of all this gossips people don't know anything right about metal or gothics!..
Maybe only the people that know something about these music have to post or say anything about it!
It's a shame!..
I'm proud of finland with their lordi.. They are the winners .. like it has to be

in lithuania (6th place.. still we are the winners ) on friday the will be a show about eurovision and lt united has braught some their videos.. in which there will be real lordi without costumes.. yee-haa

Ei noi ole edes Lordi!
Mua vituttaa oikeesti miten IDIOOTTEJA OOTTE!
Ja sitä paitsi MITÄ SE TEILLE KUULUU millaset pärstät Lordin jäsenillä on!
Minkä vitun takia haluutte pilata toisten uran?!

dudes what the hell is with that picture that you think is "lordi". if you actually knew music, you would know that that picture is actually and old picture of the band Children Of Bodom with their ex keyboardist. from a very angry children of bodom fan.

duuuudes that is soo fucking GAY!!!!!!!!! thats not even fucking lordi you jackasses!! its Alexi Laiho and Henkka Blacksmith from Children Of Bodom!!! if you dont belive me then go on www.cobhc.com and find out for yourself you gays. Children Of Bodom rules and lordi aint even death metal, they are shiiiit!!!!! do some research before you post stuff like this jackasses!!!!!!!!!!

yea yea nice..

some agressive metalheadz, your reputation is clear now :P

i liked that song very much and i would say that it sounds a bit too melodic for "heavy metal" :)

Lordi doesn't play heavy metal, it's only hard rock but i like it!
Greetings from Finland

Jenny, they ain't agressive, their just mad for this gay show that 'sun' gave them... Lordi ain't gonna take of their masks, so don't put other band pic's on your cover's freacks...

Miksi kreikkalaiset yritti vetää Lordin pois kisasta? Miksi lehdissä julkaistaan kuvia Putaansuusta? Miksi Lordia haukutaan satanistiksi?

Tässä on kysymys kateudesta. Lordi on niin perkeleen hyvä!!! Kaikin tavoin yritetään tahria mainetta, kun bändissä ei oikeasti ole mitään vikaa.

Saisitte hävetä!

Och samma på svenska:

Why did greeks try to prevent Lordi's appearance in Eurovision? Why does magazines publish pictures that pretend to be Mr. Putaansuu? Why do people accuse Lordi for being satanist?

This is all about ENVY! Lordi is is so damn good!!! They are trying to spoil his reputation every way, even there is NOTHING wrong with the band.


Lordi is the good one - this phenomenon only brings out the bad ones, the idiots who blame and scorn Lordi.

And you know what? All of this just makes Lordi even better and better.

Pinnat Lordille!!! H.R.H!!!

And in the other pic is acctually Finnish singer Topi Sorsakoski in his early days. Check it out


How the hell anyone can say that lordi is Death metal.
Do you even F*****g know what the h**l Death metal is?
And those guys are not Lordi.

+Second best laughter(Best was When some paper revealed "The secret's of all" metallists/headbanggers
and claimed them to be satanist(So they just told the Usual stereoptype about them).
-For everything else. You suck.
Hope Your lives will suck.

Assfuckers. Is it that much fun to publish Tomi's real face? He must be so goddamn happy when you can't even obey his only wish in return for his gig.
Every fuckin' magazine which published Tomi's face should be burned. Can't stand people's envy and childish act against Lordi's winning.

And why am I saying this? well because I'm from Finland myself and Lordi kicks ass. And no, I didn't start listening to their music after their winning, I started to listen to Lordi in the year of 2002.

This thing has everything wrong:

First, The Sun's picture is of Children of Bodom! Get owned foolish website!

Second, Lordi are NOT death metal they are symphonic rock/metal whatever, but not death metal. Seriously People need to get thier fucking genres of music right.

Also, they're Satanists I hear? I dont think so, Check it out for yourself www.churchofsatan.com I think you'll find its not the stereo-typical preconception everyone has. Us satanists are nice people really >:]

Oh and by the way I wouldnt belive anything the sun has to write about, you know the articles in the sun have to be able to be read by an 8 year old? need I say more.

Lordi are fucking bitches. They´re just a bunch of losers that don´t wanna show their faces because they´re so god damn ugly!!!

Bitches, why would reveal them without masks?! Lordi rox and face it!
Shout out from Slovenia ;)

Doesn`t Sun magazine know what happened to the finnish shit-paper seiska when it published that so called Tomi Putaansuu photo(that can easily be a fake)? People got really angry and have now started campaigns against it! So good luck with your arrogancy! You are just bad losers and try to blackpaint a good band! I also think that it is wrong that 4 countries always buy their way to the finals and don`t have to go through semifinals, but it seems that they should go there because now they just embarras themselves in the finals every year! :D What a bunch of wossies! You know you couldn`t even get through the semifinals so you pay your way in.

Are you kidding Luis?

And to all this pissed off people here:
We read it 5000 times, that this picture is from COB and that Lordi is NOT death metal.
Are you able to read? Doesn't seem like this Oô

Does anyone know a link to a bigger picture of the richt one? http://www.laflecha.net/storage/images/1/3/lordi_bg.jpg

Please post it, I wanna drool, whoever it is xD

<3 Jenny

If they aren't satanists, why do they have lyrics like they do that suggests they are? It isn't just the media playing into the stereotypes, it's the band too.

It's all a gimmick, the costumes, the masks, the lyrics, the whole thing. And if you rely on a gimmick that might mean that your music ain't worth shit.

lordi is the best! :)hallelujah! ;)

idiots :D..those are not lordi :D:D those are children of bodom you dont know anything of lordi

you f********************************************* nooobs, that isn't Lordi, it's Children of My Bottom. that's alex and henkka blackShit. They f******************** rule so f******** much that you can't f******** believe it, you f*************** 's !!!!!!!!!!!

and lordi isn't death metal, it's techno! yeah techno!


---------------------------- Just stating the obvious ONCE AGAIN but having a good laugh at it ;)
Don't take all this picture posting stuff too serious, people. You're all getting awfully excited/angry over nothing.

PS: metal rules, techno sucks ;)

...and Satan is my bitch :p

what? i'm child?? you don't know what is the best songs! lordi is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They dont even look close to the hair behind mr lordi's makeup! I dont believe this is real

what's the deal with trying to know what's underneath the mask!!! u really should find somethind else to do instead publishing useless information which turn out to be wrong... it's hilarious!!
anyways... lordi are great... glad they won the eurovision... rock rulez!! :)

Sh*t P*ss F*ck C*nt C*ck Sucker Mother F*cker Tits Fart T*rd And Tw*at

I F*cked Your Mum

Lordi own u all stupid bastards who know fuck all u just jealous cos u cant play instruments as good as lordi and u all suck this is lordi how wud u know bitch they have masks on

stomme fuckers eje gieder da nu echt nie deure?? aje da heavvy of death of zefst metal noemt zieje gieder da nie da da geweune hard-rock is?? onnozelaars.
Stupid fuckers don't you get it? if you call that heavy or dead or even metal thats just hard-rock. retards!!!

You know, from left to right on the pic below -> Erna Siikavirta, Henkka Blacksmith and Alexi Laiho. A very old pic of the finnish metal-band "Children Of Bodom". Erna was helping Children Of Bodom during their tour when their own keyboardist couldn't come with them. And Henkka is basist, and Alexi the front figure and also one of the worlds best guitar-player. Lordi? NO. WELL DONE!

We are a heavy metal/ rock groupe. I, do not like my picture on here and I would like it to be removed. Now. Without the costume I am not Lordi, and as this is mainly about Lordi I suggest you remove it and put a picture up of Mr. Lordi! Thanks to all of you fans out there!

Mr Lordi

Well, if you aren't a fake mr lordi, and if you are fake, you are a massive fan :), then i agree with you. Good that i dont own this site. But this means it's a real photo... you're a fake! >:(

how can they be satanists when in the lyrics of another song they say "The Devil is a loser and he's my bitch." Isn't satan the devil? I don't think they'd be satanists if they thought satan was a bitch. btw.... LORDI ROCKS!!!!!

lordi is the best band of the world and tomi is the most cute guy of the world!!!!!!

u twats r all stupid just die
they ent fucking black metal
u nob hole.............god ur fucking stupid

Fuck all those people who say they're not Lordi...Keep it up LORDI!

i wonder how many more of you sad-ass metal fucks are gunna say thts bodom.... your all so original that in reading all these comments i established that your so individual you all shit in unison, you bunch of sad bastards.

lordi are dead poppy. i can't take them seriously, and to be honest im indifferent. Whether they have their masks or not, its the same band in my eyes.



I am Mr. Lordi, not a fake. Just to clarify, we do not support the devil in anyway at all. Please remove those pictures. That is COB. Thanks to all of you fans.

Mr. Lordi

LIES youre not mr lordi lmao and wtf who are the people at the 3 guys at the bottom O_O

Lol you're so stupid.

Enary was the Keyboard of CoB... She just made one tour with CoB, but the pics you found are one of the 3-4 easyest pics to find about Lordi, but aren't lordi's pics.

Bye bitchs.

who is the blond man in the picture?


its a woman lol

I asked about the picture with the writing "grand-prix- monster". Does anyone know who is the blond man in that picture?

Yeah, i would like to know that too.. Who's the blonde dude ?

Ps. stop with the fake Mr. Lordi things.. nobody will believe you are Lordi anyway so you're just wasting your time..


I'm still waiting for more professional pics of Tomi Putaansuu like this in big!


oi yer lordi rule may not be totally hard metal or whateva u want to call them but i love thier music and i can tell you that im a rock lover so fuck you all the people out there dissing

hey u cunts stop dissing lordi they can play a hell alot better then any of you fucking mortals mawhahahaha

leave lordi alone you fuckin cocksmokers! they have done alot for rock n roll this year so just stop and mind your own fuckin buisness..take slipknot and kiss for an example!

lordi rule i like metal but i pushed indie music to the side just to let lordi in :D:d


well ... it's obvious SOMEONE is trying to make metal look bad ... why be jealous of a good band winning Eurovision for once? I don't get it ... Lordi rocks, that's for sure and I'm really glad that FOR ONCE the judges gave a fair decision

straight from Romania ;)

u suck.. :l


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