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Jessica Simpson’s Crank Calling Kristin Cavallari!

Jessica Simpson’s Crank Calling Kristin Cavallari!

It seems that although Nick is no longer dating Kristin Cavallari, Jessica Simpson (his soon-to-be ex-wife) is still quite worked up over the fact that she was part of his life.

Nick Lachey meanwhile has allegedly found himself a new girlfriend, American TV host Vanessa Minnillo. The pair were spotted "getting hot and heavy" in New York earlier this week, and didn't seem to care who saw them. "I saw tongues on skin," tells an onlooker at Underbar. And it appears the incident wasn't just a one-night fling, Nicky and Vanessa dined together the following evening, too.

According to Star Magazine, Jessica got especially upset after she saw her photo right next to Kristin’s in a magazine, says the source.

“She was furious. She thought it was insulting and embarrassing to be lumped together with Kristin! As far as Jessica is concerned, Kristin’s a nobody -19 year old reality tv star who has just been using nick for free publicity.��?

In no time, “Jessica got hold of Kristin’s cell-phone number and got a real kick out of making crank calls to it.��?

Though a rep for Jess denies the story, the source claims: “She’ll ring Kristin up and just say nothing or try to order pizza or Chinese food and talk in different accents! She’s even gotten some of her friends in on it. The pranks are harmless, but I think Jessica likes knowing that she’s irritating Kristin in some way.��?




it is illegal to make crank calls or stalk someone on the phone in California.. I hope she knows that..

Oh wow d.c.-that being illegal makes a big difference!

How old is Jessica again? And she wants to adopt a child? RIGHT.....Anyways Jessica let's not forget you were a nobody when you started out as well. And you were the one who "dumped" Nick by email real mature. Get over yourself and let him move one to bigger and better things.


let it go people. she had reasons to leave nick no matter what either email or phone or in person who cares its her life and kristin's a slut she admited it in season 2 so big deal jessica isnt. i personaly like both of them but im only admiting whats true here.

i hate jessica simpson for wht she did to kristen, cus kristen is so sweet and jess is just a jelous cow!














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