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April 13, 2006

Eminem left devastated after one of his best friends was shot dead

Eminem left devastated after Proof was shot dead .

Eminem was left devastated after one of his best friends was shot dead reports FemaleFirst UK. The star was seen in tears after hearing rapper Proof - who was part of
Eminem's rap collective D12 and was best man at his wedding in January - had
been gunned down.

Proof - real name DeShaun Holton - was pronounced dead on arrival at
Another man was also shot in the gunfight and is in a "critical" condition.
According to Detroit police spokesman James Tate, both victims were shot in
the head during a row in the early hours of the morning.

According to Police, Proof fired the first bullet.
The victim, Keith Bender, 35, was shot in the head at 3C, a bar located on the city's famed Eight Mile strip. Police were called to the scene around 5 a.m. after reports of gunfire and fighting at the venue, which was operating illegally after-hours.

According to police spokesman Sgt. Omar Feliciano, detectives are currently trying to determine who in turn shot Proof, who was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

A posting on D12's Web site, D12 Online, says, "Memorial service arrangements are still being made, and (Proof's) family and friends would appreciate privacy during this difficult time. Arrangements for fan remembrances are being planned, the details will be posted on Proof's official site, IronFistRecords.com."

The shooting is the second in three months to involve a member of Eminem's inner circle reports MTVnews. Em protégé Obie Trice was shot and wounded New Year's Eve while riding with his girlfriend along a Detroit freeway; police have yet to make an arrest in connection with that incident, which remains under investigation.

Eminem - who recently announced he was divorcing wife Kim Mathers for the
second time - had been close to 32-year-old Proof before becoming famous.
The pair often performed together and co-starred in Eminem's film '8 Mile'
in 2002.

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always sorry to hear about someone who carries a gun getting themselves shot and killed with a gun. my mom was so right when she told me, Vitamin those who live by the sword die by the sword. Rest in Peace Proof. the rest of us living folks will try not to follow your example.

R.I.P Proof i know u lookin down on us we never knew u personally but we knew u through ur music Rest in Peace...Em keep ya head up...

OMG! i cnt believe wat appened 2 proof i was in tears he was da bst man eva n stil is! R.I.P PROOF MAY GOD B WIV U!! u wil neva b forgotten u will alwayz b in our heartz n dreamz 4eva!
OMG! eminem bbe plz ur head up i cnt image wat ur goin thro b strong!
lv ya jess Xx.. R.I.P Proof ..xX

R.I.P Proof!!
da news is da worst news eva i think it was effected everyone! my prayerz n hopes go out 2 his family ESPECIALLY Eminem n d-12 keep ur headz up cuz he wil alwayz be lookin dwn on u n wil b proud of u all!
eminem keep ur head up! al ur fanz n ur daughter r all ere 4 u n wil alwayz b bhind u 4 w.e u do!! EMINEM NUMBER 1 FAN ERE!!

proof all da way home dogg u well always be wit em and d 12 and in all r hearts proof 4 life

R.I.P. DeShaun Hotlon a.k.a. Proof!! You will be deeply missed!! My prayers go out to Eminem, Bizarre, Swift, Kuniva, and Kon Artis; and the rest of the family and friends of Proof!
....they say the good die young....R.I.P. PROOF!!

ey yo Em keep your head up mayne i had been trough these times when one of my familly members died well proof is in heven right na and smiling at ya'll saying don't worry my D12 i'm safe here.

PROOF, u r still in ma mind ma soul u'll neva b RIP.cuz u r still rhymin' in 10 million fans' minds.U can now c how much ppl miss u ....... i hope u r now with lord jesus in yo life after death.1

R.I.P Proof i have not got a lot to say because i miss him to much well eminem,d12and family he is u right now when i am righting this he is miss u like mad i no who it is to loss a good friend well a best m8 he dead in a car crash he was only 21 u might of hurd of it his name was rob ans sturt in the papers well R.I.P Proof we all miss u

Proof, in the end every one will meet up agian but the fight still remains to stay alive. R.I.P- Aaron


R.I.P proof
u were a sikk artist u will be misted and d12 wont the same with out you

R.I.P proof you will be remembed for ever

The News came as a shock, i dont think anyone saw it coming, the good really do die young. R.I.P Big Proof, you will be sorely missed.

R.I.P. Proof My prayers go out to his family friends and group members and especially his wife kids and eminem this is a tragedy may he REST IN PEACE...MUCH LOVE....JOEY

Proof Youre like a toy solger youll always be missed mostly by me...

Rest In Peace PROOF...
pour l'un des meilleurs rappeurs de DETROIT CITY...

R.I.P proof u were ems best friend and i agree with anutha comment 'they say the good die young' thats tru ur deeply missed proof !!!!

R.I.P Proof, we luv n we mi$$ u...
keep ur head up ma HoMie Em.
yo, peace out

r.i.p proof.u b sadly missed. u alwys in our harts.eminem hod up ur hed nd b strong coz thts wat he wud want u 2 do.....

R.I.P Proof..

Barely raised by my dysfunctional fam
Here I stand as a dysfunctional man
Quick-tempered, short-fused, and pissed at God
Demons pullin at my soul 'til it's ripped apart
Secret's out momma that fire I started it
Fuck the fireman logic of the closet by the wire shit
What's positive about a father that bust nuts then wussed up
And a momma that don't show her son enough love
Shit, that's why I run from my first son
And force these chickenhead bitches to get abortions
I'm married to game, my mistress is fame
My girl Paq the closest, she know I ain't gon' change
Go insane in a world evil as ours
I done shot at houses, people and cars
The deeper the scars, the worst is the history
God you ain't gotta forgive me, just don't forget me, you hear me?

R.I.P.Proof.you are deeply missed,and you still live in our souls an minds,we still hear your voice and rhymes.Em keep you head up ,i know it's hard when you lose someone who's been a such a big part of your life for so long,but just try it.your biggest fan-Dale

R.I.P.PROOF! This has 2 stop! all of the best rappers are taken away by such petty things & its time that ya'll stop walkin about wit ya gunz and stuff, cause it always ends up in tears.
Thank you proof 4 giving me what you have through ya music, i'll always have ya C.D's, so ya always gonna be heard!
Em,Swift,Bizzare,Kuniva & Kon Artis keep all ya headz high, Thank you guyz 4 givin us PROOF!

ok who the fuck is this white negro moda fuka is dead this nigga aint rela esse

God how could you let this happen, we lost another soldier who for us was rappin' I feel like i lost someone i have known for so long cuz this what happened to Proof was so f****n' wrong, But i hope that he'll be safe up there, and we'll never have no rapper like him-NOWHERE!R.I.P PROOF

damm stilkl cant bealive it r.i.p. proof ur ma faviorite of all the rappers in d12..u and eminem ....god may have mercey on ur soul...always will be remberd ...i feel for ur friends and family now...especially eminem....u guys were like brothers...a am from detroit to homy...6 mile ... i still rember seen u perform with eminem bakk in da day..yea i was there............R.I.P. proof ull always be remberd..

another black guy died

proof was ma nigga! hope the basstard died who shot him.! we will hunt him down and make him pay. we lost another soilder. God be with proof!!!!!

keep ur head up em
i am soo sad
rap music will nvr b the same
but god had a plan and that was part of his plan
god bless ya proof
we miss u badly
mwa mwa

silly mother fuxker thats what u get proof haha

r.i.p proof cant beleive your gone but still your probally entertaining god with your rhymes and having a laugh. eminem and the rest of d12 stay strong and get out of this gun crime cuz if you dont you no whats goner happen cuz its jus happend and you cant turn back time to change things. BE STRONG and commonsense is a virtue


OMG man i can't believe what's happened. Proof i always fallowed your music man and i looked up to you dog and look what happened. I am prayin for you and your family dog! Em keep your head up man and like you and D12 said " THEY SAY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG" RIP BABY:-(

r.i.p proof great loss sorry eminem your like my fucking idol we all miss u proof


If you get this Em or anyone out there please write back to me

After I heard Like Toy Soldiers release
I knew En that in your heart you were truly fighting for peace
You had nothing left to hide
Giving it all of your emotions inside
But now things have been inflicted
This hip hop war has gone too far as you predicted
Things were about to explode
When a fight broke out at Club CCC on 8 Mile rode

It was God’s plan for DeShaun Holton to leave
The whole hip-hop world began to grieve

This is a story to be told
Gods plan to unfold

This hip-hop was has escalated into violence
These fake ass gangsters have broken the silence

50 cent been shot 9 times
For just spitten out his rhymes
Three times in the chest
Could have been put to rest
Maybe this is God just setting them as a test

There’s this book in my shelve
All about you and D-12
When I heard about the killing of DeShaun
I dropped to my knees to morn
Crying like a baby
Broken inside no Mr. tough guy Slim Shady
When I heard about a blood killing rapper episode
Down at Club CCC on 8 Mile Road

This is my message to the republic
To the whole nation and the Detroit public
Whoever shot Holton
Will spend the rest of their life Bolton
For a long time this hip-hop war has been catapulting

You were a big part of your life for so long
I’ve mourned but now I need to keep my head strong

I pray you made it to heaven somehow
You may not be with us now
But there will be not a day will go by without your spirit
It’s so real I can almost hear it

Oh it’s so sad to see
Like Toy soldiers foretold tragedy

Suspected shooter Mario Etheridge
I see him up the street look 50 that’s him
Ohh it’s too late the weak bitch has turned him self in

Bitch you going to get around
Take a look around
You’re going down
Six foot under the ground

Early Tuesday morning
The world found out and started morning

Look what we have come toward
The guilty give your selves up come forward

The violence from here on ends
I’ve lost too many close friends
To this hip-hop war violence
I have spoken and broken the violence

The hip-hop nation
Left in devastation

your dead hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hope ur dead and u maybe proof but u aint bullet prooof hahahqaha

I'm from romania and i love Proof's music.But we should have loved him before he died, because now he's gone and he can't hear us anymore. Just like 2PAC, isn't it??? R.I.P. Proof and from where you are now,remember that somebody will allways love you...

to mi nigga proof man shit krazi... i feel you nigga i feel you... rest in peace watch down on all them bangin ass rappers who think they right u there next to you... shed soo many tears

Rest in peace DeShaun you were one of the best my feelings go out to DeShaun's family, Eminem, and D12 your music will always inspire me i wish things didn't have to come to an end that way but for family and friends keep ya head up Proof will be forever in your hearts and in the hearts of his fans

keep strong2proofs fam n friends he prob still livin it up wid da big man in da sky R.I.P

Rest.In.Peace Proof... When I heard about the news about Proof I got chills and whoever shot him should rott in hell! What is this world coming to anymo? Em keep yo head up he's lookin down on u smiling! I jus wanna say that my prayers are wit his family and friendz and em and d12 keep yo heads up! Thats all you can do anymo in this fucked up world!

R.I.P proof

Proof will never be forgoten....but we gotta go on, we gotta keep our heads up high, this world is fucked up..... why would you shoot such an amazing rapper.... yo em fuck who ever shot him up.i no u will ........

Rest in Peace DeShaun aka Proof we gon miss you baby matter i'm gon try to write a rhyme for u!
1 love baby R.I.P

Yo Proof ur lost is hard
but we'll move on, we wont forget ur ja rule diss songs
U tell shit real, u tell it great,you was em's friend back in 88
You new em had something in him, to rap about life and take u in.
U was the reallest shit ive ever heard, hope the motherr fucker goes to hell and burn.
This is all about you and u'll never stop
Tell us, how is biggie and pac?
come to em in a dream or vision, tell people it's ok just keeep liven

Yo Proof

You go with the greats
Biggie Smalls
Easy E

Funny how, now that Proof is dead, all a sudden people come out of the woodwork claiming to have been fans of his work. Some of you people are so fake.

The fact is, Proof killed somebody, and got killed in turn. Eye for an eye.

If you send your blessings to the family of Proof, that's fine... But people are ignoring the fact that two people got murdered, not one.

OMG...RIP Proof...MY thoughts go out to Emienm and the gang...He will be missed....

R.I.P you will b missed Homie!

we will always rember u it will not be the same with out u

RIP proof

R.I.P dawg you was a legend man and your song Girls with a boom was class man..Much love xoxgee11xox

R.I.P proof
EM i know that is so hard for u to lose such a great n clause friend like proof but man plz keep on makin ur moves n try ur best to fuck up the mothefuckin bitch who made that fuckin shit.
peace proof i'll never ever forget u man.
EM ur were da best u still da best n u will still da best peace man.
by the way man i'm ur biggest fan.

R.I.P Proof.

One of the best eva in da buisness, my thoughts and prayes go 2 all his boys in da hood, especially D12 and Eminem. Be strong playas, proof watchin ova all ov us @ da moment and tellin not 2 mourn coz we's gone. R.I.P Proof, u will be missed like hell.

Lv WoZzA

if anybody has this information please answer me.how tall is eminem??

Rest in Peace Proof, you'll always be missed.... Eminem, Dre, and family: he's in a better place so keep ur heads up.... and the mother fuxkers who who think "another black guy died" shuold all got to hell, Proof was the best.

Rest in Peace my man

its sad..i lost my best friend to a little over three years ago...im a bgi fan of eminem and D12 and things wont be the same with out Proof..R.I.P. Proof...he will be missed

RIP proof. its always the good rappers who get killed....Y?????????????? he one one of my fave rsppers of all time his music and himself will be missed. xx

RIP proof ur a legend u gna go dwn in histry!!ur alwayz gna b in our hearts n neva 4gtten!eminem babe keep ya head up n stay strong i no wt ya goin thru i jst had 2bury 1of ma bst m8s n i no it ent easy!stay strong babe were all ere 4u
rest in peace proof xxxxxxxxx

we luv EMINEM and PROOF. p.s

rip another nigga who is next to ride wit the gs in hevan
rip proof

i neva knew proof but i started to listen to his music
and he died already..
that mofo who shot him shud suck a dick
that fag

RIP Proof, my heart 2 ur bredrins and fam.
RIP Vinnie
RIP Sandy
GDM Klik, BMA Gangstaz

my heart goes out to proof's family and friends especially eminem and D12. proof was a great rapper and he will never be forgotten especailly by all his fans so proof R.I.P man we love you and eminem come back to australia we love you and your music so please come back soon

RIP proof we all miss u

jesse ur a fag proof was a true player still is hell is full of people like u!!!

R.I.P Proof
Eminem stay true

rest in peace jmj,tupuc,proof, notorious big cmonnn!! he was proudly the best..god in the flesh..he'd blow ur heart outta u chest and chest outta ur vest...soo yall cats can keep talking..lol...proof man.....u the truth in detroit...rip homey

rip proof damn another d12 member dead rip bugzzzzzzzz

:((((( R.I.P Proof :(((

Propa fukd up!!!He shudnt av went.He was gr8. Em luv ya, just fink ov da gud times. Iv been through the same fing, loosin ya best friend iz da worst fing dat can appen. just rememba ya will see each ova agian. My thoughts are wit ya.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

yo r.i.p proof sorry u gone man u will be missed ur lenged dawg always remembered neva forgotten keep it real em i no u gone strike back with a hevey tune my heart with proof , em ,d12 and all family n frends of proof r.i.p nuff love $ trueman $ reppin bs2 to the fullest brrappp

this is one of the crazyest shit i ever heard.How can Eminem predict the fucken future.The same thing happen to proof in the "like toy soldiers" videohe got shot and died in the hospital.fuck it man shit happens.R.I.P DESHAUN HOLTON

i can't believe it..
everyones comment..
is just..
alot of people said "keep your heads up" or "hes in a better place now"
but..wouldnt you think they already know that?...
and that on guys rap is really good..i liked it..
i agree with that one dude that said he predicted the fture or something..
with like toy soilders..
good die young..
i love both of those songs..
and i still cant believe it..
im crying right now..
i just found out a few weeks ago..
because i NEVER thought he would die like this..
yeah..i loved his music..
he had mad talent..
i cant say anything else..

R.I.P proof. the greatest d12 rapper yet. :):):):):)

Why do people have to be cunts. proof did fuck all n u lot cussing him down muvafuckers r.i.p proof ur music lives on with us all

I can't believe your gone, and so early too. I was shocked when I first heard you got shot, and it felt like no one else in Australia cared 'cept me and my friend. It's a shame I only got really into ya work 'round the time ya died, even though I loved D12 when I heard them the first time. You were an inspiration. I hope for the best to your family, friends and fans. May your spirit live on for ever.


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