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April 21, 2006

Brad Pitt has been voted one of the world's unsexiest men - because he smells so bad

Brad Pitt, Gossip

Brad Pitt has been voted one of the world's unsexiest men - because he smells so bad
Brad Pitt has been voted one of the world's unsexiest men - because he allegedly smells so bad. The hunky 'Troy' star, who was once dubbed 'the sexiest man alive' has hit rock bottom by having been named on a list of the 100 Unsexiest Men in the World.

The 42-year old actor - who has dazzled audiences with his good looks in
Hollywood hits like 'Fight Club' and 'Legends of the Fall' - has made the
shameful list because of bad hygiene rumours.
The unflattering poll, which also includes Jerry Seinfeld, 'Tonight Show'
presenter Jay Leno and Osama Bin Laden, is topped by the US comedian Gilbert
Britney Spear's hubby Kevin Federline also managed to make the gruesome list
coming in at number 99 - one spot ahead of Pitt.

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I remember hearing rumors of his being 'unhygenic' before he married Aniston...

Jay Leno on the list? Why not let Lettermen win this one, too.

Brad's bad smell? It's about what he eats. He need to go vegan or better yet, fruitarian, if he wants to correct his problem.

Nothing a nice hot shower and some soap won't fix

Who gives a flying fart if he stinks or not .... are any of us ever gonna get close enough to find out for ourselves ? Legends of the Fall and Interview w/a Vampire and Troy proved to me that Brad is a sexy ass man !! Reporters need to stop crushing the unfamous people's fantasies of the famous with ridiculous stories such as this one. In all that being said ....... c'mere Brad, I'll get ya some Armani smellies and fix you right up darlin.

This is more typical BS, it all boils down to Brad leaving Jen in an emotional wreck. Where exactly was this poll conducted anyhow?

-----this poll is silly. On E! there was a special with the 50 sexiest actors..........Pitt was way up high on the sexy list. Jolie was voted most sexy female.
missing from list was Jen...............ahhhhhhhh

who eva said that is jealous because Brad Pitt is a fine ass nigga and was voted and is still the sexiest man

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