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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt : Breakup Before Baby?

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt : Breakup Before Baby?

Brad Pitt has walked out on pregnant lover Angelina Jolie just weeks before their baby is due.

Insiders say endless arguments over Ange’s inability to commit to a wedding date finally pushed Brad into leaving reports NW.

“Brad and Ange have been fighting like cat and dog,? reveals a source. “Over where to have the baby, over whether Angelina should continue to fly and also over her thinness.?

Meanwhile, sources tell Star magazine that Brad is sleeping alone- because Angelina Jolie, his seven and a half months pregnant girlfriend, has banished him to the living room couch into their rented $50,000-a-month Paris Apartment!

“Brad says that Angelina can’t bear him near her while she’s trying to sleep because she’s so uncomfortable,? a source close to Pitt’s family tells Star.

But the trouble between Angie and Brad is much more than just the distance between the bed and the couch. At least one friend of Brad tells Star the relationship may be doomed.

“They could even split before their baby is born,? the source says.

“From what Brad has said, the arguments have been intense in the last few weeks…the two big issues have been Brad’s desire to return to Los Angeles- and Angelina’s lack of common sense. .?

One source even reports that Brad’s homesickness for the United States-a feeling Angelina doesn’t share- may turn out to be the deal breaker.

“Brad says he wants to come home even if Angelina is determined to stay in Europe after they have the baby,? the friend tells Star.

“If they broke up and Angelina took his child away, he’d be heartbroken. This is everything he’s ever wanted,? the source adds.

Meanwhile, The Tomb Raider actress has been spotted doing yoga at a centre in Paris, as she believes that the heavy breathing excercise, "Om", will lower her labour pains and keep her calm during delivery.

"She hopes the Om breathing techniques will keep her calm in labour," the Mirror quoted a pal of the actress, as saying





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It's obvious what she's doing. She found the hottest man on Earth and took his seed. Now that its time to brood, she's over him and he's banished to the couch. It's over. She now has the most genetically blessed child in the universe!!!!!

such lies about them breaking up-the whole gang is now in Namibia in Africa - one happy family - please get your facts straight -

I prefer to believe this post then what has been written of course you want the whole bed to yourself when you are pregnant you are uncomfortable so I believe this quote. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT
such lies about them breaking up-the whole gang is now in Namibia in Africa - one happy family - please get your facts straight -

this is exactly how I thought it would end - a little quicker that I expected - Brad was just a quest for Angie - she should stay in Paris and send Brad back to Jen where he belongs!!!!!

Yeah, they're all in Namibia now.
C'mon, it's Star that's doing the reporting.
Luxury apts. in Paris rent for $5,000 but not for $50,000. Star went too far with that one.

Well, suprise, suprise suprise.
Any relationship, whether it be
well known or not will not survive simply it because any relationship based on deceit will never last. He was married, had a fling and fell in love with Angie.Then he didn't try to work it out with jen. He's such an egotistic loser.
may be pretty to look like but a real loser.

And to add one more comment.He shouldn't go back to Jen. She's too good for him.She's moved on to a great guy.. Once a cheater, always a cheater.
Then there's the nutcase we call Angelina. She's full blown bi-polar and will never be right in the head. Look at her previous relationships and especially her relationship with her father. She's crazy.Good to play with but not good enough to take home to mother.




BP... or who ever wrote the Brad Pitt comment... first if your not him get help. It just isn't normal to react that way. If you are him... get help. and can either of you drag Angelina along?...Maryanne was correct in that Angelina has had severe mental problems.. Hence why she adopted over seas. She couldn't in the states with being admitted to a mental institution.

Okey every one I now that you hate Ange, but you dont even now her and there for you people dont have any rigth to say all that nosense.... Its wrong! you people shoude be a shame of selves.. My sister is a good person and just whant the best for her chilldren...

Well I live in LA and over the past few years I've gotten to know Angie's asst. and Billy Bob was close friends with my dear dear musician friend Warren who passed away a few years back and I saw Angela around quite a bit back then. She's not crazy or insane or whatever mental disorder you want to tag on her. She does what she says and says what she does and lives her life the way she choses. I find it brave and righteous. Brad knew what he was getting into because she doesn't put on a facade. She is who she is and I know that she told him that when they got involved. What I find funny is if she ever does see this trite writing and observations about herself by people that have never been in the same room with; she'd laugh so hard that baby would pop right on out.

And to whomever said eww about Clooney, you just need to wait for your taste buds to come in to appreciate that man.

Okey every one I now that you hate Ange, but you dont even now her and there for you people dont have any rigth to say all that nosense.... Its wrong! you people shoude be a shame of selves.. My sister is a good person and just whant the best for her chilldren...

I just quoted the person that wrote that crapola. If Angelina is your sister, she should be appalled at your spelling. My skin is crawling reading all your ignorance. Learn how to spell!

good grief. i can't stand jen, and she appears to be 'such a princess' whining and pouting about everything. brad was right to dump her. angelina is another piece of work but at least she was never on that horrible 'friends' show.
and ..really, in the end, who really cares.

i love jen, she is so sweet and nice
angelina is a rude an arrogant girl
she just wanted to lure one of the hottest guys in the universe, take away his hottness, and then dump him. brad is so much better than vince vaughn i mean seriously EEEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

I'm just curious if any of you posting about these people actually work in the business or KNOW them? How would you feel if someone who didn't know you said these terrible things about you in a very large forum.

Jennifer is not a better person than Angelina or vice versa. My ex husband and I went to Coutney Cox's wedding and at the time Brad and Jen were very happy. But relationships change. They had a nice long trip together, 8 some years, that's damn good. On Average people marry twice in a lifetime and go through many relationships as well. Take a good look at yourself before you judge anyone else. And for you gossip mongers, they will be back in Malibu after the baby is born. She has a job to do in Africa and everything she needs. I think you're all just jealous really.

I always beleived that Brad Pitt should have met Angelina before he met Jennifer, strikes me that his marriage to Jennifer was boring and dull hanging around all those boring people,smoking and drinking , whereas with Angelina they are doing positive actions together by helping and drawing attention to the underprivilaged children of the world.
Jennifer was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Brad and Angelina forever!!!!
Keep up the good work the children of the world need you.....We here in Australia support Brad and Angelina for ever

I Loved Brad Pitt and I still think he's beautiful, although I have way less respect for him after cheating on Jennifer.
I Despise "Ange". She's a home wrecking skank. What kind of person beds with a man knowing very well he is married? Intenitonally hurting another person? A person like that cant have any kind of morals.
And what about all the starving and sick children here in USA! They need help too! "Angie" needs to move on to Africa and stay there!
I believe in Karma...what goes around comes around.
Brad looks totally miserable and falling back into his "grunge" daze. And Angelina will end up breaking his heart, if not already.
One thing I know is certain...If Brad showed up on my doorstep, I sure wouldnt push him off the porch! lol
I believe Angelina just played "want what you cant have game" and now that she's got him, she doesnt want him.
BTW, I never fall for gossip, rarely read this sort of crap, and have never bothered to voice my opinion, but Im bored today. So what the heck!

So've never cheated on anyone physically or emotionally? You've never selfishly hurt someone or ever done any wrong doing to anyone is that correct? The reason I ask is you're awful self righteous and assuming. Here's a fact. Brad and Jen were already seperated when he got together with Angelina. They stayed in the same house for appearence sake. I have to say, in my lifetime you're the first person who can point a finger at someone for hurting another without having to point the finger at yourself first.

u r all missing the point. brad looks like jon voight...her father.

Wow, that is true that Brad and Jon resemble each other. However, all the things that fact implies are only a part of the problems Angelina seems to have. This woman is not right and it doesn't surprise me to see it put as a 'lack of common sense'. That was evident a long time ago by some of the things she has done and said - and they were not rumors or gossip.
Actually, since I do not know either of them personally I admit I have no right to judge them as I won't. But I have the right to have an opinion about the things they have DONE, in the public eye, with the attitude that everyone (spouses, family, and even us john q. publics) be damned - they will fuckin' do what they want, when they want, and fuck everybody!! OK, so not judging the people as morally bankrupt, I will judge the actions and the effect those actions cause as pure destructive selfishness - covered up by the'love' for all the little children of the world. No thought put in to what happens when kids don't have two parents who are mentally/emotionally grounded and really in love, not in lust or just biolgically ticking!
They should fall apart now before it goes on very much longer. Brad would be better off for it, and as far as Angelina, she doesn't give a shit about anything or anybody and never will - those kids included.

Every one of you is weird
Wait until you are all out of highschool to try to figure out someone elses life a little self-reflection would come in alot more handy than this nonsense on my screen. The only reason I'm reading this is because Jolie is my favorite actres and the ONLY woman many straight women would ever do

Has anyone ever noticed how Angelina never refers to Maddox as her "son"? She always just refers to him by his first name. She never says, "my son." She treats him more like a little brother. Just kissing him and picking him up all the time, doesn't mean anything. I just don't see the mother in her. Maybe this new baby will change that. I don't know. There is something odd and not right about her. Something distant or cold. She never really refers to herself as a mother either, that often. And Brad looks awful. A man won't look so unkempt or start smoking and drinking at a restaurant or hanging out with other celebs or friends without his wife, after he becomes a father. Most men, normal ones atleast, don't usually go out without grooming themselves. And he looks so tired sometimes. Ashton Kutcher is one guy that looks unkempt all the time. Maybe it's the responsibility of becoming a father that's changed him. But I still don't see how being a father should change your grooming habits. If anything, you would want to be kept more well groomed, for your children's sake. I really don't get these people. You can say that we're studying them too hard, but outter appearances do tell alot. Trust me. I've been in the business of studying people, partly based on appearances and body language, and certain signs do reveal things, without a person having to talk. Maybe Angelina likes the rugged look and that's why Brad's changed a bit. Almost like Billy Bob.

Well, "Delilah", I must have hit a nerve...and the keyword here is "seperated". They were not divorced.
I never claimed to be perfect, yes I have made mistakes in my life. And NO, I have never tried to intentionally hurt anyone.
What Ange has done shows me alot of her character.
I feel any woman who lays down with a man SHE KNOWS is married, no matter what the circumstances are at home, is a skank. A person that would do that is someone with no class, no morals, no self respect, no self esteem and someone who is unable to commit.
And to answer your question, I have had plenty instances in my life where I might have been tempted, but then I grew up, my morals kicked in (because unlike ange, I have some)and I know it is flat out wrong and I wouldnt want another woman screwing around with my man, whether our relationship/marriage were in trouble or not.
IMO, "ANGE" has no morals.
There are way to many single men in the world to chase after a married man. It actually appears pretty patheic and desperate imo.

are you Angelina having a hard night and signing on under an unknown name? You sound very screwed up.


You need to get over being invited to a wedding of someone from California. You don't see anyone ranting we were invited to an actors home..
People ,like myself, from there who work in the industry do not appreciate your preposed self importance.

If brad and jen already separated then its kind of ok for brad and angelina getting together esp in hollywood.
Sometimes life is tough. thats the way it is when some relationships end. esp with brad, jen and angelina being stars its tougher for each of them. People will talk lot of crap and unfortunately thats the downside for jen getting more hurt than normal people.

I'm sorry but I think many of you are seriously misguided if you feel you have the right to comment on someone's personal life when you have no earthly idea what they do other than what the media tells you. A newspaper or magazines' only goal is to sell copy and we are never given all the facts so leave the poor people alone to live their lives how they see fit! If you think everything you read is the God's honest truth then our president is a crook and our Vice President a potential murderer in the making. Trashing people when you really don't know anything about them is about as low as they come.

Once the thrill of eating the forbidden fruit was so exciting for Brad. Now that it is accepted and he sees her day in day out, especially her naked ugly skinny body. I think he regrets it, maybe he realizes now that she manipulated him. She is made to look beautiful, her best asset are her lips and facial structure. At least Jen has a slender but shapely figure.

I'm gonna laugh my ass off when this kid is born ugly!

I saw an interview a couple of months ago where Angelina said she has a tendancy to fall for her co-star, its happened to her before (this including female co-stars) in my opinion this is what happened to her. She probably fell inlove with Mr. Smith (Brad Pitts Role) and he probably fell inlove with Mrs. Smith (Angelinas Role) and it was great in the beginning...but as they grew to know eachother a bit more they learned they weren't inlove with the real person...they didnt fall inlove with the actor, they fell inlove with the role. Everyone makes mistakes and I believe they did to. Im just sorry they had to drag defensless children in to it. As for Jen, shes really nice but if she and Brad got divorced she has to have had some blame. Im divorced and even though my husband was a lieing no good cheater it was partially my fault for thinking I could change him and having married him knowning before hand how he was inside.

i m very happy for brad and angie but look perfect. angie is dream come tru for brad.brad must be thanking god as now he is also known as savior ..jen ..u need to take care of ur wrinkles..angie you a real angle

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