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Vince Vaughn stormed out on girlfriend Jennifer Aniston

Vince Vaughn stormed out on girlfriend Jennifer Aniston
Vince Vaughn stormed out on girlfriend Jennifer Aniston after the former Friends star told him she was having second thoughts about their relationship, The National Enquirer reports.

This is bad news for Jennifer, who looks like she has morphed into trash to fit in with Vince's recent look .....

Insiders say the two had a bitter late-night bust-up because Jennifer is determined to have a baby by the end of the year — but Vince doesn't want to start a family yet.

Now friends say the couple are heading for Splitsville. They met while filming an upcoming movie called, ironically, The Break-Up! "Vince is totally in love with Jen but he's not ready to start a family," said a pal.

"He's pushing for a commitment, but the bottom line is that Jen doesn't feel ready for an all-consuming relationship so soon after divorcing Brad Pitt."




Jennifer is only on the rebound this is just a test for Vince she really wants Brad back she still loves Brad but who wouldn`t he is HOT HOT HOT

"Jen doesn't feel ready for an all-consuming relationship so soon after divorcing Brad Pitt."
But she wants a baby by the end of the year??? She has been dating Vince since last summer but doesn't want an all consuming relationship- that is funny.
What the hell is wrong with her????

Aniston appears desperate and almost as if she's just RACING Brad & Angie to have a baby.

She was with Brad Pitt for 7 years, and never had children but in the space of not even one year after they've separated (and NOT coincidentally he and Angelina are expecting a child) - she's suddenly in such a big ol hurry?

In the same year mind you, that she planned to do more than 6 films, on various locations complete w/ all the press hype and publicity to go with them? Something just doesn't gel.

It seemed like she had scheduled all of these films and work when she was married to Pitt - he divorces her, she's still got her dance card filled with crap movies, but now she's trying to squeeze a baby in there.

It seems the only thing motivating her, is the domestic life Pitt now has with someone else.

If she does get pregnant, that kid can thank Brad and Angie for gettin here. lol

...and Vince is right to run, because it looks like all Jen wants is stud service to race Brad & Angie. Better a movie star stud like Vaughn, who's now getting paid about 10 mil per film himself, than just any ol' donor. Jennifer may not have Pitt anymore, but she isn't about to go slumming.

I wanted everything that Jen had, the normal marriage, adoring fans, Brad, and all I got was FAT & PREGNANT. MAKE THAT DUMB FAT AND PREGNANT.














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