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February 23, 2006

Pray For Britney Spears, She's Reportedly Pregnant Again

Britney Spears, Gossip, Kevin Federline, Sean Preston Federline

Pray For Britney Spears, She's Reportedly Pregnant Again

Pop diva, Britney Spears is pregnant again reports PerezHilton.com. According to sources spilling to The Queen of all media, Britney has also dumped Kevin Federline ... reportedly for the last time. We reported this two days ago, but a confirmation from Perez, means its true.

He broke that Brad & Angelina dating story...

Britney Spears, currently vacationing at the Four Seasons Maui with her Mom and her baby boy Sean Preston Federline, has been frolicking on the beach in a black, one-piece bathing suit, looking larger in the midsection writes Hilton. Spears love to show off her body, the one-piece further fuels speculation on baby number two.

And, it was apparent to everyone at Will & Grace, that Britney is pregnant an on-set mole says.

Over the past 2 weeks, we have slammed the pop singer for growing to Mariah Carey proportions, a pregnancy could explain Britney's weight gain, so if Britney is pregnant, we apologize for calling her fat... That said, we always assumed Britney was smart, seems like we gave her to much credit.... So many questions....Can Britney afford to have another baby with Federline using all her cash for his upcoming bomb? ... what about her new album ?.... what about her figure?.... and why would she get pregnant during Angelina Jolie's pregnancy...why ... why Britney why?.... Let's all say a pray for Britney.... on the plus side... if she really dumped Kevin.... that should overshadow the pregnancy....

Though her publicist recently denied claims that Spears is pregnant, it will be hard to hide the truth much longer. For weeks rumors have followed the Toxic Singer, who recently said having a baby has helped her singing voice, just our luck...

Just last week, Britney was rushed to the hospital for "stomach cramps." Spears also suffered complications during her first pregnancy, having to be rushed to the hospital whilst vacationing at her home in Destin, Florida.

Also, earlier this month, one of the celebrity weeklies reported that Spears was pregnant again, stunning shoppers at a Malibu store by rubbing her tummy and announcing, "That's right, number two!" Plus, a friend of Brit's told the tab, In Touch, that "Britney is definitely pregnant again."

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Enough with the pregnancy speculations, she hasn't had enough time to work off the baby fat from her first baby! The best thing she could ever do is get rid of KFED!

This shows you the level of stupidity the media has. They write and I quote " frolicking on the beach in a black one-piece bathing suit"
Well if you enlarge the pictures it show Britney clearly in a black top & her signitaure cut-offs. If your going to write a story about someone at least look closer at the pictures that YOU are publishing.So maybe you can at least get that right.

If you look close enough, that's even her mom holding Sean.

That is NOT her mom holding the baby you idiot!! And that IS a bathing suit, why don't you look at the pic that shows it going all the way down as a bathing suit when her shorts are hanging down. Damn you all need glasses!!!

For god sakes leave the poor girl alone.

She does not looked like she has gained any wieght sinc ehaving sean and she is still losing weight from Sean.

Also if you look closly you will see she is not wearing a bathingsuit it is a shirt with a pair of shorts

Looks like she is wearing a one piece suit with shorts over it. And, as for people calling her fat and sloppy, I can only say that I wish I were fat like that! If she gets rid of her KF leach, she will lose the weight, shape up, and return to her career. Cut her a break in the meantime!

how tthe heck was britney in a reck

Where is her wedding ring at????? Even in the ocean you can wear it, geeze. The water isn't that strong, I know that since I live in Hawaii.

Shit man she got big but i guess is common since she took so much care of her image before whats da point now ? not like anyones after her anymore but shes still a very beaytiful person

Yeah I agree, She hasn't had a lot of time to work off what nature does to the body during pregnancy. So what if she is preggers again? She's young, beautiful and still has time to find a decent Dad for her two children. Get rid of Kevin, you're too good for him Brit.

I think Britney had just lost it. Barely 7 months, and now, baby no.2 is on its way.

I dont think she even realise that Kevin's such a loser until they both runs out of their (i mean, her)money.Breeding like rabbits doesnt make things any easier as well.

I guess when you got so famous(and the public knows you inside and out), you just continue to try and make headlines like before that she forgets one thing, life isnt about satisfying others, its about being in control with yourself. Sad to say, she is not in control at all. She lets Kevin runs her to the core and she disregarded everything else including her physique, her career and her common sense (Im referring to Brit's recent driving with Sean on her lap incident).

I agree with the writer on his "pray for Britney" article. I think we should pray for her. That she would wake up from her "I am A STAR, FOREVER" mindset and smell the coffee, she aint somebody no more. The reason why we are still hooked on to her "charades" is because she was hot chiq with sexy dance moves...but now, just a walking blob on the sidewalk of Hollywood.

Its not too late, Britney. You can still be the same person again (way back before Justin, forget about Kevin). ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS WAKE UP!!!

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