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Pregnant Angelina Jolie testing Brad Pitt's patience?

Pregnant Angelina Jolie testing Brad Pitt's patience?

Hollywood Star, Angelina Jolie hates being pregnant screams a Star headline. The Celebrity Weekly draws on some events via a secret source at the Pitt residence to add some weight to headline. In the end the piece really doesn't prove Jolie hates being pregnant, but if she was ... we would understand ... morning sickness, stretch marks ... , etc., so not glamorous... On that note... I think one of the most amazing processes in life is a pregnancy.

One recent afternoon at their seaside Malibu mansion, Brad Pitt rounded a corner in the kitchen — and bumped smack into his pregnant girlfriend, Angelina Jolie. "Angelina grabbed her stomach and moaned, 'Oh, the baby!'" a friend of the actress tells Star. "She said he turned ashen, but then she laughed. 'Did I ever mention to you that I'm an actress?'" Unfortunately, sources say, with Angelina four-to-five months pregnant, their relationship isn't always so playful.

Star reports Jolie is battling hormonal surges that leave her short-tempered and weepy — and testing her lover's patience! "One minute she's purring about how happy she is; the next she's bursting into tears," says a source close to the couple.

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oh angelina u r such a witch that u stole brad from jen(most wonderful woman in the world).brad u'l soon realize ur mistake.

"One minute she's purring about how happy she is; the next she's bursting into tears,"

And this is newsworthy? Sounds pretty much like typical pregnancy hormones to me.

she's incredibly sweet and beautiful, and would love freely and openly if the world would let her .. you can see this incredible expanding-love and incredible generosity in her soul and clear depth of her hopeful eyes.

I agree. Sounds like a typical pregnancy to me if it's even true. I doubt those statements are because they would have had come from inside their home. Angelina is a beautiful woman and her gift to Brad is a true act of love and devotion to making him happy. Something his ex wife couldn't figure out.

Angie is not a witch but Jen is otherwise she wouldn't disclosed her private matters to national tv. Loser Jen.

I just wanted to say to everyone who posted on Angelinahor's behalf that I hope that your significant others cheat on you because apparantely you don't see it as a problem.

All these sites with comments about Angie vs. Jen are such a display of Love (Angie and Brad) vs. Fear and Insecurity (Jen). I used to be like Jen -- wasting my time and energy dwelling on a relationship that wasn't there anymore. It took me a long time to realize my truth: Why on earth would I want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with me? It's so self-destructive -- and so are any thoughts of revenge. If you are angry with someone because they're in love with someone else, you're only hurting yourself. You can't MAKE someone love you, and you'll only make yourself miserable trying. And if you try to make anyone else miserable, how selfish and immature is that?? Angie is so truthful and beautiful inside (as well as outside). I'm so happy that she and Brad have found love together. If people really care about Jen, they should encourage her to move forward and find someone who really wants to be with her, instead of being spiteful and bitter about the past. I've been like Jen, and I've been like Angie, and I'm a lot happier being like Angie! And I'm not talking about infidelity -- just the opposite! It's about being faithful to yourself and your feelings, and being with someone because both of you want to be together, instead of trying to stay in a relationship that one person wants out of.

i had always been a fan of angie even before she got involved with brad pitt. she reminds me of myself and i think a lot of people dont really understand her which doesnt really matter as long as she's happy with her life.

I don't mean to bad mouth them, Angelina and Brad. I find Angelina an inspiration and very intelligent and I like her wild ways and her beauty.

But I do it because I feel strongly that what Brad and Angelina did was very wrong and should have been forthright about it, instead of lying to the public, to their fans, like that. It's their personal life, but we're watching. You can't stop the basic human instinct to observe, perceive and watch. By not being forthright, they've become like a forbidden fruit now. People want more and more of it to see what happens next, like their favorite soap opera or drama. It's not right, but you're not gonna stop it.

I bad mouth them cause I know they can handle it. Cause I know Jen didn't deserve what she got, no matter how many "haters" put her down. She's the one who deserves the sympathy right now, not them.

they look great! their happy...I am very sure....they even hold each others hands sign of love, care and trust....brad loves her it shows...jen, can't give him enough....angie is more than enough..:-)

1) A person can't be "stolen" unless s/he wants to go

2)The only thing I see Jennifer doing is whining and making bad movies. How does that make her wonderful?

3) Brad and Angelina seem very happy.

I wish them all the best

Good on you Ange!!! You wanted and you got. People can't make other people do anything which they don't want to do, everyone's got a choice!!!

Angelina is physically gorgeous, but she has no mind, no ideas, no smarts to bring to the party. That was pitifully obvious at the UN conference when she couldn't answer any questions intelligently, and all the seams of her improvised air of mystery showed. She and Brad are smirking when caught off guard, and pose for the cameras with concerned, attentive looks, bleeding for the world. All these headlines are spin created by her and her publicity team. The most pathetic was how she had to reprimand the UN people to stay focused (spelled 'focussed") (she probably wrote it herself) on the issues, and not her. That's delusional.

Angelina and Brad show TRUE LOVE,not Hollywood fabrications.Why are you so bitter about them?Freedom of choice,KNOW YOUR RIGHTS-this is what our modern world proclaims.We don't live in middle ages.And Aniston spied on their every step-sleeping with Vaughn for info on the couple..How sad.Seems the Pitt-Aniston marriage was out from '02-'03,remember??Why should they stay toghether and be unhappy?Aniston orchestrated the biggest PR move-without this pity-party,her movies would have flopped even worse.Honest, who in Hollywood ever talked about her?Now she got to present an Oscar just because she is the one left behind??Other celebs were left in same way(remeber Kidman?Berry?Jolie(BBT)?)Did they go to every magazine available and made a foll of themselves,just for the sake of mediatisation??Why can't Aniston do some charity,instead of using drugs,being a bitchy woman,spying on BAMZ,wxing her bikini-line,drinking and such??She could have got more sympathy that way.And she is a tv actor,good just as part of an ensemble.Remmember that.














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