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Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Ashley Olsen Bikini Watch

Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Ashley Olsen Bikini Watch

Hollywood's it set headed to Jennifer Lopez's home base AKA Miami to ring in the New Year with the likes of Jamie Foxx and Cisco Adler

Definitely not an A-List crowd but the shrinking starlets, took some time out of their partying schedule to run around in oversized bikinis for the Paparazzi. On that note... I think oversized bikinis will be big in 2006.

Lindsay Lohan, the very serious new Chanel girl is pimping Chanel like it is her only meal ticket.

Super skinny Nicole Richie shows off her err.. curves in an over sized bikini. As you know, the starlets plummeting weight has been a cause of concern... even her enemy Paris Hilton is worried

Mischa Barton shows off her sexy curves in a bikini in Miami, FL. Boyfriend Cisco Adler looks on....

Ashley Olsen in a sexy bikini. She looks pretty good.... huh

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All of those amazingly hot apart from Nicole Ritchie who looks absouloutly disgusting i can not believe she is doing anything about the illness she has got becuase its obvious shes ill she looks a right state, i think its time for rehab get ur bloody life back looser cz thats what she is now its pathetic, misha or Ashley look the best

Like you have proof Nicole Richie has an eating disorder. Did you talk to her? Do you know her? No I dont think so. Don't speak until you know what you're talking about. You're the one who's the loser sitting here and criticizing people. You probably just wish you were that skinny.

if lindsay lohan is the most beautiful red head on earth then why does she have anything but?

that is a mean thing to say about nicole. you don't even know her.

i don't think she has an eating disorder.

people just aren't used to her skinny-ness. and look around, there are people as thin as her but no one's accusing them of having eating disorders, right? most of the celebs are skinny nowadays :p but we can't judge them. haha. so let's just not criticize and badmouth them 'coz after all, we don't know them personally :D

i think nicole's pretty and she can gain a few pounds but she still looks great :)














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