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Military man claims he had affair with Clay Aiken

Military man claims he had affair with Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken had better contact Tom Cruise’s lawyer. The former “American Idol��? contestant has been outed by a former Army Ranger in the National Enquirer. Says the Ranger, John Paulus, NSFW Pictures - Clay found him via a personals ad on a gay website and contacted him using the screen name “valleyprettyboy.��? Paulus claims they met up in January for a steamy sex session.

John says Clay initially wrote him this message: “Hey man, [I] see you're online. I'm 26 years old from Raleigh and would love to talk. I have pics but I have a very recognizable face and I can't post the pics. I would be happy to send them to you if you can promise absolute discretion." He and Aiken e-mailed for about a month before Aiken told him that he was looking for a "discreet bf."

The pair decided to meet at a Quality Inn in Garner, N.C. “Within five minutes [of meeting Clay] started to feel my arms and put his hands on my leg,��? says Paulus. "We started to mess around and Clay said he wanted to have sex with me. Before I knew it, we were having unprotected sex. He kept telling me, 'We're going to do this many more times.'"

Though the Enquirer claims that Paulus has passed a lie-detector test and saved his instant messages exchanges from Aiken, Clay’s fans are still not impressed with the story. In fact, they’ve gone after Paulus with fury. "He is getting death threats from Clay's fans," one of John’s friends told Page Six.




Why would Clay fans even be surprised unless they were closet dwellers themselves.

Can we please get a picture of this allegedly hunky ex-army ranger?

Is there anyone out there who DOESN'T think Clay is gay? Who cares. What n ass this guy must be to do that to him.

i really hope that clay isn't gay but if he is who cares it isn't like he is the only gay man in show business but i think it was his place to out himself not some guy loking to make money off of a story that i find hard to believe the things that he said clay said to him doesnt sound like something he would say i personally don't believe a word that guy says

I want the guys number so I can interview him on my podcast.

Gee, that's a shocker. My gaydar went off before I even heard of him.

And who, exactly is suprised?
People have pasts. Become famous (sort of) and it is open season on your life. And the guy probably is after what? Money!!!!! Oh really? So surprised!

Clay should've known his "secret" would start to leak out once he moved back to NC. In the Hollywood homosexual community, it was never much of a "secret" that Clay was known to meet guys off of the internet. But the Hollywood "gays" (to borrow Kathy Griffin's term) are pretty insular and known for protecting one another's penchants.

Joe Mama, you posted the exact same thing on a bunch of blogs. Why so desperate to get your slams heard? I don't believe this scum, Clay is the kind of guy that would say he was gay without apology or hesitation if it were true. His life would be a lot easier for the last 3 years if he was gay. The fact that he puts up with this shit proves to me that he must be straight. Why go through it if you don't have to. His fans wouldn't care one way or the other.

Wake up Claymates, this isn't the first allegation of Clay's internet trysts. (Try googling Mario Cruz + Clay Aiken) Why stay in the closet? Who knows. Ask Liberace or Rock Hudson, Richard Chamberlin, or any one of about thousand other famously in-the-closet men. Stay tuned though. With this latest news come to light, more will soon follow.

Ho Hum..Yawn............... The guy is a LIAR, plain and simple.It's been proven Clay was in New York City at the time this idiot claims to have been with him. Poor research to say the least.Maybe it's a good thing actually, only HUGE STARS get that kind of coverage in the tabloids. Oprah has been accused many times, as have Tom Hanks,Richard Gere, and John Travolta to name a few.All accused and all proven false, all HUGE STARS.Clay Aiken is in excellent company.Much ado about nothing.I'll bet The tabloids are going to be very disappointed at the sales they don't get. People that love Clay Aiken and his voice will continue to love Clay Aiken and his voice.This fool and his lies won't change that.It has been said many times, any publicity is good publicity.

[Oprah has been accused many times, as have Tom Hanks,Richard Gere, and John Travolta to name a few]
Don't forget Tom Cruise, and Stedman Graham,(Oprahs longtime boytoy),when the tabloids started questioning why he wasn't proposing to Oprah, they ran it that he must have a secret gay life. That didn't work, so they targeted Oprah herself.
This John Paulus, is scum of the earth.
The ONLY one that would know if Clay is gay, is Clay.
There's no way in Hell, that if he were, he would peddle himself to the scum of a gay website.
I don't believe he is gay, never will.
Here's to not caring.
I hope that this scumbag realizes just how much damage his lies are possibly doing to Clays future as a teacher,if he were to choose that profession. The damage has been done, and cannot be taken back.
Who knows what losses Clay will suffer because of this creep? My heart goes out to Clay, and his Mom, and grandparents who are beautiful people. They don't deserve to be going through this either, and I pray that John Paulus has a sudden change of 'soul', and admits his lies.

This is so rediculous it is laughable ! Consider the source...THE ENQUIRER! Consider these points:
1. Clay has said he DEFINATELY IS NOT GAY ! Why do people persist on disbelieving him by what some PERCEIVE him to be??
2. The scumbag reporting this also stated it was 'unprotected sex' which just proves that this lowlife is an idiot. Clay would not have unprotected sex ...he is not stupid .
3. A "Quality Inn" ...ya it maybe this scumbags hang out , but Clay has a lot more class and only goes to the best of places.
4. Clay is cognicent of even getting a kiss on the cheek from family members for fear of it being report in error and gossip mongers having a field day !
6. Clay , in speaking is very eloquant and would not and has not put the word Hey man, in his manner of speaking !!!!!!!!! It is just not his style of speaking .
7. Lie Detectors are NOT admissible in a court of law and people's tones and inflections can be adujusted to squew results so saying he took a lie detector does not prove diddly !!
8. If someone is going to spew untruths at least get the age right .. Clay is 27 not 26~!!

Claymates making death threats , (although I doubt that too) it is too quick for this low-life ! How about haning him upside-down by the testicles with a tweezer!!!!!!

Whether Clay is or is not , it is HIS BUSINESS and his alone ! HOW DARE someone be judge and jury and think it is their mission in life to disrupt a person's privacy!

Clay has done so much for those less fortunate. He is a man of character who has proven over and over again he is who he says he is . HE IS THE REAL DEAL!

I just don't understand why people would want to believe blatent lies rather than really take a long look and understand the fantastically beautiful gift we have been given in Clay Aiken!!

Clay is a Christian and God-fearing, One reason he doesnt allow to get interviewed by Gay publishers is because he believes in the Bible & the bible doesnt condone gay lifestyle But he doesnt want to be offensive. So, he just avoids the subject. No way he'll even go to quality Inn. He's got too much class for that. Besides if he chooses to have a rendezvous wouldnt it be easier for him to book in first class hotels. ALSO, Clay is always surrounded by people & doesnt go especially to stranger's places alone. He is not stupid.

This is just nonsense, everyone can say that if they steal clay's underwear, and done some kind of Yoga that makes lie-detectors jam. He's just claiming his money and his 15-mins fame. Don't worry, everything'll be fine. Another thing, if Clay IS really gay, he'll be looking for better man rather than dangerous internet dating.

I think the most important aspect of the story was overlooked. I want to know how Clay appeared in New York and North Carolina at the same time! Is he hiring a look-a-like to avoid the public? Or does he own alien spacecraft? Beam me up Scotty!

First of all, I am always amazed when some Gay Basher comes out of the woodwork to try and make himself famous off a famous person. I have met Clay, let me repeat.... I have MET CLAY. I am not Gay, but wanted to comment about this all the same. I am in the Music Biz and have been a long time. I am NOT stepping up to the plate for Clay, Who really cares if he is Gay or NOT?
If he is, fine by me, more power to him. Elton John is Gay and one of the best in Rock Music. I understand that the majority of Clays Fans are Females. There is a whole secret world of Clay Fans out there , I think it's something like "ClayNation" or "Claymates" out their.
I bet anything, the next thing this guy who claims to be "Clay's One night Stand" will be releasing a CD.
People out there are stupid, obsessive and just simply lost.

I don't care if Clay is Gay, I don't think anyone would judge him for that. "What ever floats your boat". But I know Clay would not sneak off to a Motel and get it on with a stranger. When I met Clay, there was strong security at a nice restaurant in NYC. Clay has money, fame and family he respects, not to mention fans, and even if he was a "Gay SEX FREAK" he wouldnt handle it this way. Why people are judging him over this I'll never know. Ricky Martin never to my knowledge came out as "Gay". Had he, he could have attracted a whole new audience.

I always heard he had a nice relationship with his hairdresser/make-up stylist?
Perhaps he is a homosexual, but does it matter. NO, it doesnt.

Seriously Clay is a Not Scummy Cock Chaser at Sleezy Motels from an ex GAY Military Man with a head problem. I would expect the man or woman CLAY chooses to have 90 minute sex with would at least meet him at a Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons Hotal. I doubt Clay has a thing for Military Jar Heads with an Ass Fetish.
I admit Clay is feminine, but that doesnt means he's Gay.
This story will probably die soon, and perhaps Clay is Gay, who cares, if your a fan, you love his music, love him, but perhaps wouldnt vote the way he votes. Continue being a fan and forget about his sexuality.
Clays fans should continue to love him as their favorite singer, artist, whatever. Don't let this one ex Military Butt Fucker change anything. He has already achieved more credit than he deserves.
I doubt he even exists.
Rock on Peoples.

This Paulus guy is just some scumbag trying to promote his porn career. Ignore it.

I only hope Clay has better judgement than this. His life could have been on the line. We must remember that all people are sexual beings and possibly he has been hounded by a bunch of gay men
and just fell into this trap before he thought of the consequenses. I still see Clay married with children in the future. Lets hope he is not crucified in the press to the point where his new CD doesn't sell. They are death on gays in the south, a bunch of bigoted fools. If we continue to pray this too shall pass. We just can't loose him. So many people's
lives have been changed by him. Another one won't come along in my lifetime for sure.

He is a puff. Always has been. So am I. Deal with it, get a life and move on.

Nothing like dragging things on.

This is now in...

"John Paulus, NE sued for $100 million dollars each for defamation of character, slander by AI pop star Clay Aiken. John Paulus of Dunn NC sued in addition for libel, attempted sexual assault, stealing CA identity, receiving stolen material. Perez Hilton and Billy Masters also named in lawsuit, sued for deflamation of character, and slander for $10 million each. Their websites and assets have all been frozen pending trial date."

"Mr Paulus attempted to sexual assault Mr Aiken in the Re/Max office while Mr Aiken was using the restroom. Mr Aiken's bodyguard intervened. Mr Aiken told Mr Paulus boss about this, he was immediately fired. Mr Paulus claimed that he would "get back at Clay" for this and that is when the salacious story was made up."

I am so happy to read that
Clay Aiken is suing John Paulus. I think this Guy is
the lowest person that exist.
To try and ruin such a wonderfull, talented person like Clay, is behond me.
Im looking forward to Clay
new CD that will probable come
out May 9, 2006. I have all
of his CD's. I just love him,
and it really hurt me that someone would go after him in such a disgracefull way...
All Clay's fans are behind him.Proud to be his fan

Awesome blog. Peace out until next time TabathaOster














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