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Mariah Carey's tits

Mariah Carey's New Years Performance

I love me, some Mariah Carey, she can do no wrong, OK sometimes she goes overboard...

I fell for her around the Loverboy era, so I appreciate her slutty outfits ... speaking of slutty... check out Beyonce's Slutty new video...

Last night for her New Year's performance... Mimi was in true Long Island slut form ... it was freezing outside, yet Mimi made sure her assets were on display. Watch Marey Carey perform in New York

I think she looked amazing ... it would have been so much better if she had just worn that glitter outfit in black without the frills ... but that is the Long Island in her ... anyway her tits looked so good. Like really yummy....

Other people thought she looked like trash but hey the world goes around because we all think different.




I love her a little fatie

I think Mariah's performance was great but her outfit was a little over board.

Some people just cannot recognize real talent. Mariah Carey is the best singer in this generation. Stop hating. She looks awesome. At least she doesn't have to shake her a** like Beyonce to display her talent-her voice.

I am the greatest preener of the era! Look as I preen!

Man she needs to wear more!! Okay, I'm a fan of hers, but facts are facts man!! The woman needs to wear things that are more than just a one-piece suit with frills. She can sing, no questions there, but girl needs to wear something. If she listens to me, I'll be happy, but it's her life so whatever.

she should dress more like a librarian. mhm.

That beyonce video is not very new. It has been on blogs for weeks now. GET UP ON YOUR GAME, bosh!

she get's on my damn nerve! as long as i'm not looking at her, i'm fine. an amazing talent that is truly being wasted.

Mariah I think you look absolutely gorgeous you have one of the best voices in the world and i know if i had a body like yours i would be wearing that dress. Girl its damn cute!














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