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Fat Retraction: Mariah Carey is F'ing Hot


Here at we pride ourselves in correcting mistakes when pointed out, for the past 2 weeks we have slammed Mariah Carey for growing to Aretha Franklin Proportions.

The pop diva probably taken back by all the fat jokes, hit the beach while on holiday in a sexy, barely there two piece bikini. Mariah frolicked in the water while posing for the steamy shots.

Yes she is a little thick, but some men reportedly like this.... something to hold onto from what I hear... this is certainly not a Chanel outfit type body... but Mariah Looks amazing....

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your girl ... what size is she and how can i look like that in a bikini?????

She's working that camera like she's in one her music videos. She'd look good if she wears a bikini her own size. Other than that, keep sucking in that tummy!

she DOES look good! go mariah!

mariah looks hot and great in the bikini..we are bombarded by so many emaciated women that we have forgotten that REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES.

She looks gorgeous here, like she used to. She should fire her costume consultant.

Hey, this is definitely a Chanel body, what the hell are you talking about?

I'd hit that shit 16 times a day even if she gained 200lbs on a snickers diet!

are you kidding? thats so photoshopped....

hot, I'd hit that.cushin'pushin MINE.

Mariah looks great! Skinnywood is so full of botox lipped, silicone boobed fembots that the world has forgotten real women have some meat on their bones. Some actresses look great with skinny bodies, however, the majority of readers and purchasers of current fashions do not wear a size 2.

Gwen Paltrow, Stefani, Aniston, Lohan, Hilton and many others look like something the cat dragged in with no body fat, very little muscle. While it is great to look at, it is not the standard nor the correct ideal that we should be pushing to the young ladies in this country. Kids are dying from anorexia and bulimia, buying over the counter meds to lose weight to look like these people.
Way to go Mariah!

Mariah looks great only if we
can have more women in Holly Wood that looks like that

if have a higher percentage of body fat counts as 'sexy', count me out.

She's unhealthy.
Not to mention a disaster to look at.

Mariah looks absolutley fantastic in this bakini. Ther should be more celebrities like this. Women have curves they are not stick people. If every women looked as good as Mariah did in thi bakini then no one would be ashamed of there body. People should quit with the fat jokes, you can obviously see she is NOT fat she has a good figure and if i ever got to meet her i would tell her that and ask her how she got it. I would LOVE to meet her in person i am a huge fan and think she is a brillinat role model for younger girls who want to be like celebrities. it shows them they dont have to be skinny they can have a good figure while still eating healthily and normally! Go Mariah! Keep It Up You Look Great!!

Ummmmmmmmmmm why are people hating on mariah for, yall know she looks good there.....THATS A DAM 'PERFECT' BODY!!
And i think yall are forgetting something, mariah is BLACK! females have azz and curves thats wat peple like!! who wants to be skinny thats horrible
ANYWAY! everyones knows mariah is hot tamale and any one who thinks otherwise is just jelous.....think about it!

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