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Angelina Jolie Pregnant (baby bump picture)

Pictured is the new issue of People Magazine with a very pregnant Angelina Jolie on the cover. The image is small but she looks like 4-5 months... she is due this summer which would put her pregnancy at 1 - 2 months ... summer for me is August lol.... OK .. I so don't know the offical start of summer... I tried to Google it and got May/June...

That said ... is it me of does it look like that image was photoshopped to enlarge her bump?

image via People Magazine

We will be all over this today... it will be Angelina Jolie Pregnant day here at thebosh.com

Full Angelina Jolie Pregnant Story




This is just irretating. How can they sit there and say that nothing is going on between them and then, boom, their going to baby. Why lie about there relationship. Now everyone knows why he left Jennifer Anistion. They both look like a**es now.

I read in another site comment boards someone saying that she is pregnant with twins which might account for the larger "bump" .... Also mentioned 3-4 months. The person posting supposedly works in the place she got an ultrasound.

Stop the hate. Channel your anger into buying one of Aniston's movie tickets. She needs you more than ever. I'm happy for Jolie-Pitts!

Oh please Faith. Angelina's baby will be still born.

wwwwhooooooo hoooo hoooooo


I think it is absolutely fantastic that yer doing your own thing!
F(^*%&)*^)*^ all the NEGATIVE shit...and F(*&^&*%&* Anistion (SHE HAD HER CHANCE AND BLEW IT!!!) >> SHE had her chance, but she put career before family!!! A HUGE MISTAKE!!!)

May GOD Bless you and your new family.

She's also tiny, which means she'll show sooner than a "normal" woman.

I wonder if Tom Cruise is pissed that he has to share the "pregnancy spotlight".

Posted by: ace | January 11, 2006 10:02 AM



How anyone could even think/type such a thing!!!
You pathetic piece of crap!!!

(Hey Jennifer...Vince is calling you back to the cave! Apparently you have a YOGA class/SPA appointment you must attend!)

People like "ace" are idiots and even Team Aniston doesn't want you as a member. I'm happy that Brad & Angie are happy. Baby makes five.

Congrats Brad and Angie!!!!

I think we all should be happy for Angie & Brad. We all know how much they both love kids. I think it's great and I hope their baby is healthy.

Congratz :)

My comment on the celebrity baby trend: the kids that are being born to all these "stars" lately are going to get great presents when they are older..going to moms house for christmas and then daddys and all...

(That means (for those who cant understand this )divorce will striketh all of them down because stars cant stay together to save their gucci lives..)

To Ace:

I can't believe that you can write that you hope the baby would be stillborn....out of all the craxy things.....gosh...that really hurts, I mean I know there are crazy people out there but too wish an innocent child to die even before entering this world......you need some help. To angie and Brad......Congratulations....You are already wonderful parents to Maddox and Zahara and I'm sure this new baby will now unite the both of you and you will be complete. Just ignore all the hate mail....they're just jealous.

Congrats to Angie and Brad! I know you will have a safe pregnancy and a happy healthy baby.

We need to stop hating because two beautiful people found each other. Jennifer wouldn't give him children so he divorced her. Having a career is not everything. And he wanted a family, is it so wrong to want that. And to find someone that wants a family too.????!!!???

I never really objected to their relationship... somehow, I think they're really cute... and they deserve to be together... If that's what makes them happy, then let them be... right? They saw in each other what they've been looking for and that's sweet... Hope they last long and I wish they won't be bothered in what other people say about them... Congratz for the Baby!!! ;p

You are disgusting and shameful for say that Angelina's baby will be stillborn.

Ace i think your sick to say that Angelinas baby will be still born go to hell you piece of shit

I think its great about Angie and Brad and Angelina beeing pregnant thats beautifull. They make a gorgeous family. I wish them all the best and i hope Angelina has a quick and easy labour.Good Luck

as for all the other pathetic comments ppl have been making all i can say is GET A LIFE PPL!!!!
I'm shore Angelina an Brad have enough shit to put up with, with all the bullshit the media spreads, for god sake they are just normal ppl trying to live their lives so let them at least enjoy their first pregnancy.......

Well i am really stunned that all of you angelina "molly" and brad"sit"....well wishers really should ask yourselfs this .........why are we congratulating people whome exploit the private lifes of their children for all to see with no regard for the emotional, mental problems this kind of excessive exposure the jolie and pitt union place apon these children whome i am sure are and will be anything but normal with parents whome run their own lives entwined in the sick demented mind of tabuloid lust for greed money and power. Sorry if Andelina and brads representation of kind , wholesome and real love in the treatment of theses children and the discusting manipulation of these childrens lives is anything to go on...........i think they should adopt out their adpotees....they are unfit, un kind and unworthy.

I hope Brad Pitt leaves that weirdo home wrecker Angelina just like he did Jennifer or vise versa - what goes around comes around!














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