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Military man claims he had affair with Clay Aiken
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Military man claims he had affair with Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken had better contact Tom Cruise’s lawyer. The former “American Idol” contestant has been outed by a former Army Ranger in the National Enquirer. Says the Ranger, John Paulus, NSFW Pictures - Clay found him via a personals ad on a gay website and contacted him using the screen name “valleyprettyboy.” Paulus claims they met up in January for a steamy sex session.

John says Clay initially wrote him this message: “Hey man, [I] see you're online. I'm 26 years old from Raleigh and would love to talk. I have pics but I have a very recognizable face and I can't post the pics. I would be happy to send them to you if you can promise absolute discretion." He and Aiken e-mailed for about a month before Aiken told him that he was looking for a "discreet bf."

The pair decided to meet at a Quality Inn in Garner, N.C. “Within five minutes [of meeting Clay] started to feel my arms and put his hands on my leg,” says Paulus. "We started to mess around and Clay said he wanted to have sex with me. Before I knew it, we were having unprotected sex. He kept telling me, 'We're going to do this many more times.'"

Though the Enquirer claims that Paulus has passed a lie-detector test and saved his instant messages exchanges from Aiken, Clay’s fans are still not impressed with the story. In fact, they’ve gone after Paulus with fury. "He is getting death threats from Clay's fans," one of John’s friends told Page Six.

Jude's new lady friend is neither a lady nor a friend
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Jude Law's new lady friend is neither a lady nor a friend

Jude Law is not taking too well to the news that his once-fiancée, Sienna Miller has taken her on screen romance with Hayden Christensen in Factory Girl off screen. According to Page Six, Law has, in the wake of their break up, latched on to a stripper.

The gossip column claims that Jude met the exotic dancer at the Sunset Strip’s Body Shop. "He's been going to the Body Shop strip club every night and hanging out with this nasty young brunette - she is really beat looking," said a source. The pair then reportedly make their way to Law’s room at the Chateau Marmont, where one can only imagine what they do next.

This isn’t Law’s first flirtation with strippers. He allegedly became very chummy with a blonde stripper while filming All the King’s Men in New Orleans in 2004 (around the same time as his notorious affair with his children’s nanny).

Kate Moss plans to stay in the US
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Kate Moss plans to stay in the US?

Kate Moss has allegedly enrolled her daughter in an American nursery -
fuelling rumours she plans to stay in the US.
The supermodel - who has spent a lot of time in the States following her
cocaine scandal - has also asked three-year-old Lila Grace's British nanny
to stay on in Los Angeles.
Kate has also reportedly told friends she may buy a house in Malibu.

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Britney Spears & Kevin Federline attempting to fix their troubled marriage
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Britney Spears & Kevin Federline attempting to fix their troubled marriage

Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline are attempting to fix their
troubled marriage - by ten-pin bowling together.
The young couple - who have a baby boy, Sean Preston, together - were
spotted laughing and playing at their local Los Angeles bowling alley.
Britney was overheard saying: "Bowling allows us to curse at each other in a
good way.
"It was recommended as therapy - a way to have something fun to do
The pop babe and her husband have reportedly had marriage problems since the
birth of their son late last year - due to Kevin's excessive partying.
Earlier this month, Kevin wants to open a nightclub.
He is planning to launch the venue in Las Vegas in case his pop career
doesn't take off.
A source said: "The last place Britney wants Kevin to be spending his nights
is in a nightclub, even if he's the owner. But he thinks it will be a gold
mine and that he'll make millions."

Copyright Bang Media . Images Hollywood Rag

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to do : Abigail's Party
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to do : Abigail's Party

On Tuesday, I ventured out to see Jennifer Jason Leigh spreading misery with Hors d'oeuvres, in "Abigail's Party." I will spare you a full review of the show ... since the New York Times says exactly what I want to say.

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Pregnant Angelina Jolie testing Brad Pitt's patience?
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Pregnant Angelina Jolie testing Brad Pitt's patience?

Hollywood Star, Angelina Jolie hates being pregnant screams a Star headline. The Celebrity Weekly draws on some events via a secret source at the Pitt residence to add some weight to headline. In the end the piece really doesn't prove Jolie hates being pregnant, but if she was ... we would understand ... morning sickness, stretch marks ... , etc., so not glamorous... On that note... I think one of the most amazing processes in life is a pregnancy.

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Jennifer Aniston writing a tell-all book about her marriage to Brad Pitt?
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Jennifer Aniston writing a tell-all book about her marriage to Brad Pitt?

Jennifer Aniston is rumoured to be writing a tell-all book about her
marriage to Brad Pitt.
The former 'Friends' beauty, who divorced Brad last year, allegedly kept a
diary during their relationship and wants to expose the truth about their
life together.
According to a report in Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, the actress also
believes penning the tome would help her get back at Brad for his romance
with Angelina Jolie.

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Lindsay Lohan' 'BREATHE'
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Lindsay Lohan' 'BREATHE'

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly had the word 'BREATHE' tattooed onto her wrist.
The young actress recently suffered an asthma attack and the tattoo is
allegedly a tribute to the scary experience.
A friend of the beautiful star is quoted by website as saying: "It obviously has a double meaning.
"It's about the asthma attack, but also a reminder to just slow down and
enjoy life."

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Halle Berry dating Versace model Gabriel Aubry?
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Halle Berry dating Versace model Gabriel Aubry?

Halle Berry has been spotted getting cosy with Versace model Gabriel Aubry -
sparking rumours they are dating.
The Oscar-winning beauty was reportedly "all over" the 30-year-old model at
a cast dinner for movie 'Perfect Strangers'.
An onlooker at the dinner - which was hosted by Bruce Willis at the Soho
Grand hotel - told America's New York Post newspaper: "Halle and Gabriel
smooched and touched each other during the entire meal."

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Joaquin Phoenix in LA car crash
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Joaquin Phoenix in LA car crash

Actor Joaquin Phoenix was involved in a car accident in the Hollywood Hills earlier today. ''His brakes went out and the car flipped over,'' the actor's publicist, Susan Patricola, tells Us. ''But he's doing fine. He may be very sore in the morning, but right now he is doing okay.''

Phoenix was driving eastbound on Lookout Mountain Avenue near Laurel Canyon Boulevard about 2:50 p.m. when he realized his brakes were not working, said Officer Jason Lee, a police spokesman.

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Jessica Simpson spends night with Maroon 5 man-whore Adam Levine?
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Jessica Simpson spends night with Maroon 5 man-whore Adam Levine?


The Chateau Marmont has always been a hub of clandestine Hollywood hookups, but the windows of the famed hotel must be fogging up with all the amorous action there lately. Our spy swears Jessica Simpson took a break from partying with Kirsten Dunst the other night to disappear into Maroon 5 man-whore Adam Levine's room - and didn't emerge until the next morning.

"She was picked up by her best friend, Cacee Cobb, that morning," our snitch tattled. Simpson's rep has steadfastly shot down rumors of a romance with the skirt-chasing singer in the past.

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Madonna, Madonna, Madonna
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Madonna, Madonna, Madonna


When Madonna showed up an hour late to designer Jean Paul Gaultier's couture show in Paris Wednesday, the claws came out. The Material Mom, masked in giant black sunglasses, was whisked through the crowd behind a phalanx of muscleheads, who steamrolled reporters on the way to her seat. Adding insult, she waived off questions about her reported split from Guy Richie and the sudden death of her ex-brother-in-law, Chris Penn. Of course, the Brits got their revenge: "Her skin was stretched taut across her razor-sharp cheekbones , and her chin was puckered in a most unflattering manner," the London Mirror sniped.

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Oprah Winfrey slams James 'Million Little Lies' Frey
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Oprah Winfrey slams James 'Million Little Lies' Frey

Oprah Winfrey confronted James Frey about his memoir of drug and alcohol addiction, A Million Little Pieces, telling him that she felt "duped" by the book that she helped launch onto the bestseller lists.

"I have been in television since I was 19 years old, and I have never been in this position," she said at the outset of the program. "To everyone who has challenged me on" the subject of the book's veracity, she later admitted, "you are absolutely right."

A Million Little Pieces hit stores in 2003 and enjoyed only moderate sales, then became the second bestselling title of last year, after Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, once Winfrey touted it as her book club pick in September reports People Magazine

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