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MK and Nicole may attend "We Hate Paris" party

Mary Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie may attend "We Hate Paris Hilton" party

You really know you’re a star when the backlash is in full swing. Considering the fact that some Hollywood insiders are throwing a “star-studded��? "We Hate Paris Hilton" party, Paris must be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

Rumored to be attending the bash at the end of the month are Hilton haters Nicole Richie, Mary-Kate Olsen and Bijou Phillips, reports the UK website Digital Spy. “Guests have been encouraged to dress as the hotel heiress, perform her song ‘Screwed’ and vote on her most cringeworthy moment of the year,��? says the site.

Not everyone is getting a kick out of the idea, though. An insider told British newspaper, the Daily Star, "You can't help feeling a bit sorry for poor old Paris. They are even considering filming the party and putting clips of it on the Internet."

Still, you can’t help but think the airhead heiress deserves some of the jibes. Over the last year Paris lost her Sidekick, causing many celebs to have to get their cell phone numbers changed. She broke the heart of Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis. She ditched her “beloved��? Tinkerbell for cuter, younger pets. She stole Mary-Kate’s boyfriend Stavros Niarchos. She was named PETA’s worst dressed female and she was voted the worst celebrity dog owner. As Jessica Simpson says, “Karma’s a bitch.��?




These people are just jealous and it shows.

I like Mary Kate but she is behaving like a pathetic looser. She did not own Niarchos, they weren't even engaged - no one "stole" her bf. MK needs to stop wa-waaing.

The whole idea of dating is to see if a couple is compatible, and I guess Niarchos decided he wanted to date Paris Hilton. Maybe he got tired of having sex weith a midget.

There is something mentally unbalanced about a girl who dresses like a bag lady,smokes, and has an eating disorder.That's probably what drove the guy away,she did it to herself.

As to Nicole Richie - is she back on Heroin and is that why her bf dumped her? She sure looks awfully skinny.

Paris Hilton seems like the most together and business savy of all of the party set, no wonder they're eating sour grapes.

Paris is having a kick out of life while they r eating her dust. they are soooooo jealous and lindsay that bitch she wants stavros she is no friend just a big anorexic UGLY MEAN girl.
OH and MK get over him U heard him he is having great sex with Paris they r over anyways.














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