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BS: Britney’s Statistics

BS: Britney Spears Statistics

The Bosh is advising caution as regards reports that Britney Spears is the most searched for single entity on the World Wide Web. A Brit search on Google, for example, turns up 10,800,000 results pages, but a Paris Hilton search turns up 13,400,000, and Paris hasn’t even released her album yet. Must be that the sex tape decreased interest in her!

Michael Jackson also is ahead of Brit-Brit, as far as number of Google search pages in his name goes; the closeted bigot comes in with 11,100,000 pages. Wagging tongues have been comparing these two megastars; little noses, great dance moves, funny collections of animals; Britney and Michael are virtually the same person, they would have us believe.

Yet there is a personage leaving the others behind in the dust; George W. Bush, who gets 50,400,000 Google results pages. Outdoing him is that perennial favorite, God, clocking in at 153,000,000 pages. Here we can see that women’s lib has a way to go; Goddess only gets 17,100,000 pages, still more than Britney’s 10 comma 8. (By Scott Rose)













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