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September 30, 2005

Brad and Jenn's Divorce -- The Long Wait is Over


The Bosh encourages all its readers to celebrate this weekend with gusto: uncork the champagne, blow your party horns, Brad and Jen's divorce will be complete and final on October 2.

Ever since the golden couple's relationship tarnished like a penny left in an infectious gutter, rumors have abounded: if it wasn't that Jen didn't want babies, it was that Brad realized the difference between a movie star and a sit-com actor. If it wasn't that Jen was using cocaine all the time, it was that Brad's gay.

Wait a minute, wait just a minute. The Bosh has evidence that Brad Pitt is absolutely not gay. Right here in our copy of Celebrity Living magazine it says that Brad went to Julio's Barrio, a Mexican restaurant near the set of his Jesse James film in Edmonton. Ordering vegetarian chili, Brad told his hunky waiter: "I don't want any meat put in front of me." Even though that wouldn't exclude meat being put behind him, we nonetheless feel reasonably sure it means he's not gay.

From The Bosh to Jenn and Brad; thanks for divorcing! You've given us so much to gossip about. (By Scott Rose)


September 30, 2005

How Broadway Relaxes


Today's New York Times carries an article on Broadway dancers who love to surf. John Selya, the Tony-nominated lead in "Movin' Out" says: "We grew up watching and analyzing videos of Baryshnikov and Nureyev frame by frame. Now we watch Tom Curren and Gerrry Lopez that way. They surf with the grace of dancers. They respond to the wave like we respond to the music, yielding to something more powerful than yourself."

Along with Alexander Brady and Lawrence Rabson, likewise from "Movin' Out" and Andrew Asnes of "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," John shares a rental house in Long Beach, N.Y. The Bosh understands.

Seriously, they go out there in late September to enjoy the big ones; waves, that is. Though their directors worry about them getting injuries from spiny sea urchins, these dancing men are not afraid of a little prick. (By Scott Rose)


Your Own Piece Of The Nobel Prize


Let's say you've done so well at the horse races lately that you want a new betting challenge; why not put money on who's going to win the next Nobel Prize for Literature, to be announced next Thursday?

Ladbrokes makes betting on the Nobel fun and easy. Will it be Cees Nooteboom or Jean Marie Gustav Le Clezio? Eeva Kilpi or Inger Christensen (not a good bet; Ladbrokes odds on Ingie are 25 to 1).

It matters not if you've never heard of these writers; the point is that their work has illuminated humanity. (By Scott Rose)


A Family Stay At Betty Ford's Place?


The recent news that Jeb's son John Ellis Bush was charged with public drunkeness and resisting arrest got me itchin' to review the story of John's sister Noelle.

Sweet little Noelle has been in all manner of drug-related trouble; she tried to pass off a fake prescription in a pharmacy and she was caught with crack.

As Arianna Huffington pointed out in her article "A Crack House Divided," though Jeb Bush wanted to handle his drugged-out daughter's problems in a private fashion, and did so by sending her to a posh rehab center, he also opposed legislation that would have allowed 10,000 troubled people in Florida to access rehabilitation instead of going to jail.

What's wrong with that picture? If you want to see Noelle's arrest mug shots, go here.(By Scott Rose)


Mariah Carey goes after Keira's man


Mariah Carey goes after Keira's man
Mariah Carey is on the prowl. The "heartbreaker" is looking for love in London, a source tells Jeanette Walls of MSNBC's Scoop. Instead of hitting Harrods and TopShop, Mariah is going "shopping for men" while overseas promoting her latest album. "She's heard that British men are complete gentlemen, and she's ready for some of that," the insider says. But Mariah may be in for a catfight. Apparently she has her eye on Kaz James of the Bodyrockers. James has recently been linked to actress Keira Knightley, who plays a bounty hunter in her latest film, Domino. Mariah Carey may have weight on Keira, but chances are she doesn't have Keira's combat training. Carey had better watch her back. British women are notoriously scrappy.

By Kate Lanahan


Cameron and Justin planning Christmas wedding?


Cameron & Justin Christmas wedding?
In a land of bed-hopping Lindsay Lohans and Ashlee Simpsons, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz have one of Hollywood's most enduring relationships. They've stood the test of time and gotten through the regular entertainment industry ordeals like distance and temptation as well as more trying obstacles, like false allegations of infidelity. Perhaps their secret is the fact that they keep their relationship to themselves. Unlike the Paris Hiltons of the world, they choose not to flaunt their love. So it's no wonder that these two are rumored to be tying the knot. According to British tabloid, the Daily Star, they've planned a secret Christmas wedding. 150 of the couple's close friends have been invited to Hawaii to "celebrate their romance," but many of the guests suspect the real event is a wedding. An insider told the Star, "[Cameron and Justin are] not saying if there's going to be a marriage but said it will a time of new beginnings." Looks like Justin's about to make his senorita a senora.

By Kate Lanahan


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