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August 23, 2005
Jude Law on the Psychologist's Couch

Jude Law on the Psychologist's Couch
The Bosh brought you a peek-a-boo at Jude Law's flaccid member and now it brings you one of his flaccid psyche.

Julia Sokol, who co-authored "Men Who Can't Love" told Star magazine "Chances are very good that he will cheat agan. Maybe he just can't control his impulses. This kind of personality likes the chase, the thrill and newness of it all."

Sokol goes on to say that Jude's having gotten down and dirty with the nanny "doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings for her (Sienna). There is always hope. But something drastic has to happen."

There are tribes that extend the length of the earlobes as a sign of beauty by attaching painfully heavy weights to the lobes. Maybe the "something drastic" that has to happen to Jude is Sienna attaching a nice weight to his flaccid member. (By Scott Rose)



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