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August 31, 2005

The Bosh Supports Rod Stewart


Rod Stewart
The Bosh is speaking out in unequivocal support of Rod Stewart in his legal battle with Harrah's Entertainment. The story is that back in 1998, Rod made his appearance at Harrah's Rio hotel in Las Vegas on New Year's of 1999 contingent on their giving him a contract for New Year's of 2000 along with an advance payment of $2 million. Turned out, he had to be operated for thyroid cancer and so could not keep his 2000 New Year's Eve obligation. He offered to do two later concerts without being paid any additional money, but Harrah's won't accept that offer and wants its $2 million. Everybody involved on the Harrah's side of this case should get thyroid cancer and then have people unwilling to be flexible with them about economic arrangements. I mean, Rod Stewart had to be operated for cancer. He later offered the company not just a make-up concert, but two make-up concerts. If he had been out on a caprice on New Year's 2000, you might think Harrah's had a case. But for them to come after him like this now just reeks of shamelessness and lack of human sympathy. (By Scott Rose)


August 31, 2005

When a Hairdresser Loves a Woman


Lindsay Lohan & hairdresser
Star is winking at its readers by reporting that Lindsay Lohan has been seen around and about with a "mystery man" thought to be her hairdresser. They say Lindsay looked radiant and healthy and kept bursting out in laughter as the two strolled along. Was she high? Nobody can say for sure.

If Lindsay is socializing with her hairdresser, The Bosh has a warning, for HIM. Listen friend; when Jennifer found out about Angelina and split with Brad, she turned to her hairdresser Chris McMillan for a shoulder to cry on. He gave her unconditional support; what did she give him? $1,000 per haircut, for one thing. But apart from that, Star also has a story on how Jen shacked up one night with Vince Vaughn in an exclusive hotel. Chris gave his "secret knock" at Jen's door the next day; no answer. Later, Jen and Vaughn were seen leaving the room, afterglow painting a pretty picture on their faces. Such is the sad fate of supportive hairdressers. They hitch themselves to a celebrity woman's wagon, but when it's time for the wagon to really move, they get left in the dust kicked up by its wheels. (By Scott Rose)


Will This Celeb Cat Fight End In a Dirty Kitty Litter?


Paris Hilton vs Nicole Richie
Star is just bursting with gossip about the hate affair between Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Their most recent report has words to this effect: If Paris and Nicole were out in a wild woods, and Nicole were bitten in her privates by a poisonous snake while she was taking a wee-wee, she would likely die, because there is no way in hell that Paris would suck the venom out.

Paris is said to be ticked at her little sister Nicky because Nicky has accepted to be a bridesmaid at Nicole's wedding to Adam Goldstein. And Nicky has upped the ante by accepting an invitation to Nicole's bachelorette party. There does not appear to be any truth to the rumor that at that party, Jack Black is going to jump out of a cake and fart.

Wagging tongues, however, also say that Lindsay Lohan is partly to blame for the cat fight between Paris and Nicole. Desirous of becoming a part of their inner circle, the little lush ran from one to the other, reporting on what nasty dirt had been scooped out. (By Scott Rose)


Like a Moth to a Flame


No small number of the titles of films in which Charlie Sheen has acted lend themselves to double-entendres in view of his notorious activities engaging prostitutes though married. "Grizzly II: The Predator." "Young Guns." "Tale of Two Sisters." "Men at Work." "Loaded Weapon." "Terminal Velocity." "Loose Women." "All Dogs Go To Heaven." "Money Talks." "The Big Bounce." "Deeper Than Deep."

I'm repeating that last one for effect. "Deeper Than Deep." Charlie, of course you'll remember, got himself in deeper than deep shit with his wife Denise. Star reports that she has not learned her lesson. Denise and Charlie are said to be gearing up for a "re-commitment ceremony" in December. We are talking about the man who dated pron star Ginger Lynn Allen and who "accidentally" shot his then-fiancee Kelly Preston in the arm. On the plus side of the ledger, it was (allegedly reformed) cocaine head Charlie who drove Ben Affleck to the Promises rehabilitation center when Ben had had one drink too many. With a knowing smirk on our face, we wish Denise and Charlie every happiness. (By Scott Rose)


Brad and Angelina to confess their love to Barbara Walters


Brad and Angelina to tell all
It's the moment we were all waiting for - about six months ago. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are rumored to be planning a special coming out interview for their relationship. The interview would be conducted by - who else? - Barbara Walters. Still, the confession seems a little dated. Anyone who has been following the couple knows that they are romantically involved, as Brad has been by Angie's side since the two started promoting their film, Mr. and Mrs. Smith in early June. Though they were once careful not to be seen too close to each other, Jolie has been speaking out about her love for Brad to anyone she runs into lately and Brad has been photographed taking tender care of Jolie's new daughter, Zahara. What would be the point of a televised confession now? An insider told The People, "[Brad and Angelina] want the public to know they're serious." When's the last time Barbara Walters covered anything serious? (By Kate Lanahan)


Haylie Duff hangs up on Lindsay Lohan


Haylie prolongs Lohan/Duff feud
Some feuds are meant to go on forever: the Hatfields and the McCoys, Ozzy Osbourne and the city of San Antonio, and Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan. In the case of the latter, it seems that no matter how many times each of these girls denies that there's a problem between them, they just can't seem to kiss and make up. The fight stems from their adolescent relationships with Aaron Carter in 2003. Lindsay dated him first and then Hilary supposedly stole him away. Though both girls have left Carter to fade into child celebrity obscurity, the feud lives on. The latest incident involves Hilary's big sister, hanger-on Haylie. According to Australian magazine, Lindsay recently tried to patch things up with Hilary, but Haylie wouldn't have it. "I called her last week," Lohan said. "I was like, 'Do you wanna hang out?' And her sister hung up the phone on me!" It's just another case of Haylie sticking her big nose in where it doesn't belong. (By Kate Lanahan)


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