Horror Movie Review: "Saw"

"IMAGINE 'FEAR FACTOR' ON STEROIDS -- and you have a few bloody pieces of the movie "Saw" -- which actually does have someone having to Saw their own leg off. Here's the basics: "two captives, each shackled by an ankle to a rusty pipe on opposite sides of a filthy subterranean bathroom," -- one of them has a deadly mission to do or die.

They follow hidden clues left by their abductor on a micro-cassette recorder-- the Gory game slowly emerge.

NOT FOR THE FAINT AT HEART: "Moral reprobates who need to be taught, in the harshest possible way, to value life," is the set-up. Would you kill someone to save yourself? Do you value life around you? No? -- then you need to be taught a lesson

MOVIE HORROR GOLD: "Saw," directed by James Wan from a screenplay by Mr. Whannell, "conveys the panic and helplessness of men terrorized by a sadist in a degrading environment," says one review. But, it's the story, told in flashbacks with a series of twists and in-your-face "twisted morality" that gives this movie a step above any horror movie I've seen in recent time.

On a scale of one to ten I give it a "ten" (because it goes there and keeps you guessing).

CUTTING EDGE MOVIE: From a pure "what would you do if..." this movie uses "torture," and "humiliation" and keeps enough freakiness into the mix that throws out the formula -- and gives you that creepy crawling feeling in your spine.

Who's the killer? What will happen next? Why is this happening? -- all going on -- and making for a fun-scary-time at the movies.

By Henry Cruz














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