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After 'Da Vinci'

ROBERT LANGDON WILL BE BACK for another adventure and obsessed fans are already playing the guessing game. The last book not only sold record numbers, it blurred the worlds of fiction and bible myths -- for me, questioning religion in a new way. As Brown called it, "what we read about Religion is the story of the winners in history." -- and if you didn't believe the popular way you were eliminated.

The New York Times reported some juicy bits that will only stir up rumor mill on the upcoming title.

- First, the article says that author Dan Brown "revealed earlier this year that the "Da Vinci Code" book cover contains clues about his next novel." - I pulled out my book jacket and see the famous painting by Da Vinci. It's a reddish color, "blood a lot of blood will be spilt."

A second comes in the title of the new book: "The Solomon Key," (the yet-to-be-published third novel by Mr. Brown will include Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor of religious symbology who follows trails of clues from one murder to the next). Will it spur a fanfare of Da Vinci code, it's got some big shoes to fill, eh.

According to the article the book's primary focus is expected to be "the Freemasons, the secretive fraternity that has included some of the nation's founding fathers, and it will be set in Washington." -- Secret Fraternity, yea baby how about we have the most secretive president in the White House now. What is Brown trying to tell us? Did he watch Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911? Finally someone will uncover the truth behind Bush.

Last spring, Mr. Brown "mentioned that the architecture of Washington is rich in symbolism, something that he is using in the novel. The author has been holed up at his residence in New Hampshire for months working on the new book." -- Yes, you can draw some parallels to Da Vinci; people in Washington have hidden much from us, "thinking we can't handle the truth." -- The lies and deception has me frothing at the mouth. Look for the clues, "they are right in front of you dammit."

Keep writing Dan, before they try to muzzle you; the evil government will cover up their blood trail to keep you from knowing the truth.

I got two words for you: "Jimmy Hoffa," they still don't know where he's buried. The truth is out there.

By Henry Cruz














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