America has only accepted 7 Ukrainian refugees so far!

Nearly a month since Russia started its invasion millions of Ukrainians have fled Ukraine. However it has been reported that America has only accepted 7 refugees in total from Ukraine since Putin’s genocide began. Furthermore 5 out of the 7 refugees have been detained in immigration detention centres as well. This appalling figure is a reflection of Americas general lack of compassion and help that it is giving Ukraine.

It would seem Joe Biden is so cowardly that he is refusing to accept Ukrainian refugees because he doesn’t want to upset Putin.

By refusing to impose a no fly zone, blocking the transport of polish fighter jets to Ukraine, not providing sufficient military equipment and simply refusing entry to refugees it makes you wonder which side America is actually on?

Vladimir Putin is inflicting unimaginable death and destructions on the innocent Ukrainians. He is committing genocide but America simply sits back and does not even help get them to safety?? This is sickening.

In my opinion Joe Biden and the democrats should never be in power. They are refusing to help Ukraine in any way just like Obama did in Syria when ISIS began their horrific rampage. Having such weak incompetent and corrupt leaders in the Whitehouse makes NATO look pointless and empowers and spreads evil across the whole world.

What do you think?

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