America BLOCKS Poland from delivering fighter jets to Ukraine

If the Nazi holocaust was happening right now would any NATO country fight to stop it from happening? We are now seeing another Genocide playout in Europe but NATO refuses to help.

NATO has rejected pleas from Ukraine to impose a no fly zone… now it seems they wont even get old fighter jets from Poland to fight Russia with themselves.

America has blocked Poland’s plan of delivering fight jets to an American air base in Germany that would then have then been handed over to Ukrainian pilots to help fight in the war and protect the Ukrainian people. “President” Joe Biden and the useless democrats are now not only just sitting back and watching Putin murder innocent people in Ukraine but they are also now thwarting efforts from other countries to help the Ukrainian people fight Putin’s barbaric army. This makes the American government in my mind COMPLICIT. Just like with their inaction in Syria where Obama chose to do nothing to fight ISIS Joe Biden is choosing to do absolutely nothing to stop innocent Ukrainian people from being bombed in their homes… not even supply the good guys with the equipment they need to fight and overwhelming enemy. It is SHAMEFUL.

Joe Biden and the democrats are more bothered about trans issues, black lives matter and killing unborn babies than stopping a genocide.

Everyday we are hearing about the horrors that Vladimir Putin is inflicting upon the Ukrainian people. Today a maternity and children’s hospital was hit by a huge Russian air strike in Mariupol despite Mariupol supposedly being a region that was meant to be under a ceasefire agreement between Russia and Ukraine. This Genocide cannot and should not continue. However weak western leaders are ALLOWING the genocide of the Ukrainian people to continue because they are totally crap. They are weak and pathetic and are more bothered about warping the minds of their own societies than they are with protecting the world from world war 3.

More needs to be done however NATO are simply unwilling to do ANYTHING to end the war and protect the Ukrainian people. The Americans say that they do not want to escalate things by getting involved but this is just a weak excuse one that will feed Putin’s Ambitions to go further because he knows that America wont do anything. America sucks it always has done including in WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Afghanistan or wherever they just don’t want to help anyone unless it benefits them in someway.

Do we really live in a world now where genocide unfolds before our very eyes but no country even dares lift a finger to protect them? Self serving western leaders have no honour, integrity or humanity all they are bothered about is protecting their own arses.

What do you think?

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