AMD Vega to be released in August!

It appears that AMD has led us all down the garden path with its new Vega graphics card that the company first announced more than a year ago. It was widely speculated that AMD would release the GPU at this years Computex event but at the event AMD has chosen to not release the card… AMD did however release some extra information but it wasn’t what people wanted to hear…as AMD has just announced that the new vega cards will be released at SIGGRAPH that is being held from July 30th to August 3rd. Unlike rumoured release dates that have been circulating around the internet this date has come from the horses mouth.. This means consumers will have to wait another 2 months minimum to get their hands on one. At Computex apart from a few teasers of the vega graphics card AMD did not give out any new information on the new graphics card either. This news means amd has FAILED with its promise to release vega with Q2 and have left many wondering what the point of the vega series is and if it is worth waiting for especially when the cards are  meant to compete with nvidia’s YEAR old pascal series graphics cards but  nvidia is set to release new even more powerful Volta series graphics cards at the start of 2018! Is vega really worth the wait?

It is really disappointing that AMD are not set to compete with nvidia as competition always benefits the consumers in the long run. With no real competition in sight it look as though nvidia will continue with its monopoly unchallenged letting them price their gpus as they see fit.

If you have stocks in AMD it maybe worth keeping an eye on your stocks as these latest shenanigans may affect AMD’s stocks. This years AMD’s stock price have  been climbing rapidly after successfully releasing its ryzen cpu but AMD’s stock prices have tumbled after announcing poor earnings and after misleading people on contract with intel.


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  1. The really stupid thing is that if you held off buying a nvidia grahpics card waiting for the amd vega the promotion offer for free games for the nividia graphics cards has expired. AMD SUCKS!

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